Lisa's EC&I 831 Learning Summary Pecha Kucha


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..only not quite because it's more like 45 seconds per slide!

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  • Michael Wesch but also Leigh Blackhall, Graham Atwell, Wendy Drexler, Alan Levine,
  • questions go unanswered people  move on it's my house
  • spam Karl Marx cocomments
  • not just being nice to share public employee (Alec)
  • Mike's video Kara's posting about her feelings about moving
  • So many of the people in the teaching trenches are women and so many of the people who write articles & are keynote speakers and who make a living doing ed tech are men
  • but I still don't know who the Riders really are or why anyone would like hockey or what it's like to deal with snow in terms of feet int'l student services & study abroad invitations to tea/seminars
  • too many ways to aggregate too much input so important to focus, not just collect it all
  • I would not have learned as much if I hadn't pushback accepted
  • getting a Berlin in the 20s feel as people play with their friends in FB while the global economy collapses
  • and Ken Robinson should be knighted -- oh yeah, they did that
  • having them illustrate my lecture imitating Michael Wesch's RSS netvibes page to form collections
  • I would have enjoyed being a playwright in 17th c French neo-classical theatre (5 acts, verisimilitude, no magic, real time only) or a screenwriter in 1930s under Hayes Code
  • Lisa's EC&I 831 Learning Summary Pecha Kucha

    1. 1. Lisa's EC&I831 Learning Summary A pecha kucha presentation by Lisa M Lane
    2. 2. Blogging makes you see things differently
    3. 3. If you build it, and Alec tweets it, they will come
    4. 4. Blogging is good for reflection and bad for conversation
    5. 5. Comments are their own universe to Karl Marx from spam but mine can be tracked
    6. 6. Short communiques really can help people get to know each other
    7. 7. Sharing is a moral imperative Dean Shareski
    8. 8. My colleagues are brave and wonderful people
    9. 9. Gender and technology
    10. 10. Canadians (and their friends) are some of the best people in the world
    11. 11. Social media is a huge thing
    12. 12. Approaching these topics with a critical eye is good [Image: ]
    13. 13. Huxley was right
    14. 14. I don't want to be a coach Stephen Downes
    15. 15. Too much flashiness can detract from deeper messages
    16. 16. Words I don't like a nd some I do, like decontextualization  
    17. 17. There is no good free forum software
    18. 18. There's stuff I must try with my students
    19. 19. What did I miss? Quick, you've got 19 seconds...
    20. 20. The End