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Direct Response Presentation and Offer

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  • Pt 1: We all know the power of a peer set in influencing opinions, interests and purchases of consumers. As the trust in big brands continues to decline, showing the authentic sentiment and action of people ‘like me’ will greatly influence the perception
  • Socialmedia d rv3.1

    1. 1. Newly Released Study Demonstrates Brand Lift and CTR Increase when Display Ads are “Socialized” What does this mean for you? 1
    2. 2. Most ads are ignored or irrelevant— This can be changed quickly and easily! • Add relevancy by connecting the audience to something unique, relevant, and immediate within their social grid. • Add the novelty of real-time information to draw the audience in to the “message” of the ad. • Improve ANY existing display add with a “bolt-on” enhancement that increases its appeal and relevancy. Improve the performance of any campaign in less than 24 yours, without doing any work yourself.
    3. 3. Presents: “Social Momentum” • A proprietary social ad product that lifts CTR by 100- 500+%. • A proprietary social ad product that delivers positive peer influence by converting standard ads into dynamic, user- targeted social endorsements. • A proprietary social ad product that “bolts-on” to your current creative-- regardless of the ad unit, the media placement, or your current ad serving or ad targeting choices. You change NOTHING in how you run, traffic, or measure. 3
    4. 4. “Social Momentum”— the easy solution to “socializing” ads Background: • Consumers are compelled by the endorsements and actions of their communities. • Advertisers can NOW deliver customized social endorsements directly through ads, in real time. • Social Momentum ads dynamically display the optimal community data to elicit the desired user action. Results: In a series of A/B tests with leading brands and publishers; the Social Momentum product dramatically boosted performance. – CTR: additional consumers to landing page – Branding: higher ad engagement, time spent within ad 4
    5. 5. How it works • Relevant social data is automatically layered on top of your existing creative • The relevant social data will create peer influence and community endorsement that will increase performance • The data is updated in real time, and is relevant to the audience to which it is shown (different ads shown to different communities) SocialMedia.com5 Bubble Expands
    6. 6. Examples • Each message is optimized by selecting from a series of communities to which the consumer belongs and by sharing the consumer actions that display a community’s endorsement for the product. • The social data can be chosen based on each individual’s dynamic profile-- such as location, contextual affinity and demographic targeting. • The consumer actions can come from user engagement with the ad, data from the advertiser or data from other portions of the campaign. 6
    7. 7. Recent Case Studies Increased AOL’s Kitchen Daily performance by up to 500% SocialMedia.com7 Increased 1800Flower’s performance to 80% Increased GameTap’s performance to 300%
    8. 8. Case Study: Harrah’s Hotel and Casino 8 Advertiser: Harrahs Publisher: Valueclick Network Date: June – August 2010 Budget: $30K Impressions: 6.0 million Results: Initial impressions showed that the non-gender specific message of “People in US” performed 130% higher than the message targeted to males and 50% higher than the message targeted to females. Campaign was optimized toward “People in US” creative and overall campaign performance increased 150% to a CTR of 0.25%.
    9. 9. Results: • Pairing traditional creative with the Social Momentum ad-enhancement unit resulted in CTR boosts of 300-800%. • Success spans multiple categories, various targets and placements ranging from premium to remnant inventory • Brand Recognition and Preference was lifted as a result of “socializing” the display ads to add a degree of relevancy to each recipient
    10. 10. The Offer (you can’t refuse) • Test campaign: – 10M minimum impressions – A/B testing on creative and placement – Sharing of any back end conversion metrics for optimization If there is not a minimum of a 100% improvement in CTR over the control ad, you pay NOTHING. 10
    11. 11. Appendix: Research Summary 11
    12. 12. Internal Benchmark • conducted an internal study to benchmark Social Momentum performance. • Worked with 6 different advertisers to lift CTR of the following control ads.
    13. 13. Internal Benchmark • Paired self-optimizing Social Momentum ads with control ads to test a virtually unlimited number of creative combinations. one of millions
    14. 14. Internal Overlay Benchmark • Trafficked control and overlay pairs on hundreds of sites via Google Ad Exchange 2.0
    15. 15. Internal Benchmark Each statistic represents a progressive optimization in the ad’s visual representation and/or content classification, resulting in a new generation of tests. 90% confidence interval used to determine generational successors