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Small Screen Gaming Experiences
Small Screen
The State of Things
Game Experiences
The Small Screen World
A Small Demo
Sky Gamblers
Party Mode
iPhone + iPad + AirPlay
A Small Revolution
Paradigm Shift
In Mobile
Small Screen
Second Screen
Second Screen
First Screen
Platform is ready
New Capabilities
New Experiences
Thank You
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
Small screen gaming experiences
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Small screen gaming experiences


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  • We're talking about:
  • Where are we today?
  • In terms of perception, small screen is still perceived as a toy platform by the majority of people. Angry Birds is seen as the flagship of mobile gaming.
  • The market is huge and ready, we'll talk about it later, but it's a unique market from a creator and consumer perspective. Cheap development, easy access to games.
  • The offer is still composed in great part by casual games, but there is already a significant share of richer experiences.
  • There is a good demand for these new game genres on this platform, and people are demanding, expecting parity with other platforms in terms of experience.
  • So, what are these experiences made of?
  • Sound is clearly important, you can even center your game around it.
  • Graphics are also important, sometimes crucial to tell a good story, convey expressions and emotions. Walking Dead, Modern Combat 4 or many other games are good examples of what can be achieved on this platform.
  • Real Racing 3
  • Modern Combat 4
  • Wild Blood
  • Lili
  • Lili
  • Another important factor is the story. Deep, meaningful stories create a good emotional response, long lasting experience. Games like Walking Dead demonstrate how they're possible in this platform, uses sound (good voice acting, sfx, ambient), graphics (detailed character expressions) to tell the story.
  • Modern Combat 4
  • Orc: Vengeance
  • Galaxy on Fire II
  • Walking Dead
  • Tintin
  • Controls, this is where this starts to get interesting. You can’t play a game you can’t… play. And this platform has some unique challenges that require new approaches, it’s not a direct transition, there are no physical buttons. That’s not necessarily an issue, games like Sky Gamblers, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Spider-Man, Galaxy on Fire, Need for Speed, are good examples of how you can solve this problem well. The lack of physical buttons means there’s room for error correction and flexibility, adaptive controls, where areas and patterns describe the player’s intention. Patterns have emerged and specific game types have specific control ‘standards’. Direct manipulation also makes a big difference (next couple of slides):
  • Direct manipulation
  • Mass Effect: Infiltrator
  • Or gameplay. Spider-Man is a good example of rich gameplay, you can complete the main story/mission, or you can upgrade your character, complete side-missions, free roam the city. Final Fantasy has made its way into this platform, another example of complex mechanics (battle system, character upgrades, etc)
  • So we've talked about how this platform has no impediments to hosting a rich gaming experience but does it have anything unique to it? It does, so lets to through them.
  • It has a fully digital distribution channel. No physical medium, just tap to install. App Store.
  • It can sense the world like no other. All of these devices feature cameras, gyroscopes, compasses, GPS, just to name a few. You have more to play with, you can create new game genres.
  • Turns out, these devices actually pack a punch. They can be always connected, have plenty of storage, multiple core processors, plenty of ram. They're very capable devices.
  • These devices are always with you. That also enables new game genres, and being always online, you can play anywhere and talk to your players at any time. Best example of this is obviously causal gaming, but imagine you want an item to appear only at 8pm, or the player needs to be in a dark room to reveal something in the game.
  • Is cheap. There's no special hardware, SDKs are free, testing your game can be done by sending an email (TestFlight), gathering feedback is also painless. All this opens the door to indie game developers, which leads to innovation through democratization, and doesn't require you to compromise your story for something that sells since you can release episodic content, a pilot, tv-series-style. Game Center/etc
  • So lets look at one of these experiences.
  • The game is Sky Gamblers, console quality.
  • And let's focus on its Party Mode, where up to four players can use their mobile phones to control their plane that's displayed on an external screen, over the air.
  • We'll be using an iPhone, iPad and AirPlay to stream the game over to my laptop.
  • This will be fun.
  • Small screen gaming will change a lot of things.
  • This is a paradigm shift
  • It amplifies and centralizes what we use our small screens for.
  • A side note, but this will also change TV, and what a tv is. Content consumption on small screens, pushed to the larger screens.
  • So, it is just a small screen?
  • So, it is a second screen?
  • Maybe not.
  • Maybe it's a first screen.
  • All of these fit in your pocket, so does your tv, console. Dedicated hardware doesn’t seem to prevail. Phones have shorter lifespans than, say, consoles or set top boxes, with some people getting a completely new device yearly.
  • Unique market, easy to develop for. There’s demand.
  • Unique sensors, hardware, software features (push notifications, airplay).
  • This enables new approaches to gameplay, controls, episodic titles, indie, always-with-you-personal-hub that can push content over to a second screen.
  • Small screen gaming experiences

    1. 1. Hello
    2. 2. Luis @lmjabreu
    3. 3. from Planet Earth designer, developer, ninja whistler
    4. 4. let's talk about Small Screen Gaming Experiences
    5. 5. Small Screen
    6. 6. Phones
    7. 7. Tablets
    8. 8. The State of Things
    9. 9. Perception
    10. 10. Market
    11. 11. Offerings
    12. 12. Demand
    13. 13. Game Experiences
    14. 14. Sound
    15. 15. Graphics
    16. 16. Story
    17. 17. Controls
    18. 18. Mechanics
    19. 19. The Small Screen World
    20. 20. Distribution
    21. 21. Sensors
    22. 22. Hardware
    23. 23. Personal
    24. 24. Development
    25. 25. A Small Demo
    26. 26. Sky Gamblers
    27. 27. Party Mode
    28. 28. iPhone + iPad + AirPlay
    29. 29. Fun
    30. 30. A Small Revolution
    31. 31. Paradigm Shift
    32. 32. In Mobile
    33. 33. In TV
    34. 34. Small Screen
    35. 35. Second Screen
    36. 36. Second Screen
    37. 37. First Screen
    38. 38. Platform is ready
    39. 39. New Capabilities
    40. 40. New Experiences
    41. 41. Thank You
    42. 42. Thoughts? @lmjabreu
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