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  • 1. By: Ravon Lingard, Louis Miller, Sherif El Sherif, Ankita Kanakadandila
  • 2. Our Mission Statement At Umami, we do what we do because healthy food is the essence of our being and we have a passion for making it. Healthy food is a right, not a luxury, and we wish to educate children on its importance
  • 3. Objectives To maintain the profitability of our business while increasing health- consciousness—particularity in nutrition—for elementary school children in St Louis To establish a healthy profit and enable the expansion of the Umami brand
  • 4. What We do? • Fast-Casual Dining • Specialize in Japanese Ramen Noodles • Customizability 3 Kinds of Grain 4 Soups and Sauces Toppings Rice ($4) Miso Based Soup (Free) Hard boiled and Raw Eggs (Free) Tokyo Wavy Noodle ($6) Soy Sauce Based Soup (Free) Marinated Beef (Add $1.50) Seasonal Noodle ($6.50) Clear Soup (Free) Seasonal Vegetables (Carrots, Pumpkin, Squash, Peas) (Add $1) Seasonal Soup ($1.00) Roasted garlic or pepper flakes (Free) Corn or grilled onions (Add $.25 for either)
  • 5. Economic Viability? • Estimate sale of 3,400 meals a month ($7.50 a meal) • Gross profit margin of 25% ($70,780)
  • 6. Demand • Who are our Customers? • Who are our Competitors? • Why Invest? ?? ?? ? ?
  • 7. The Obesity Epidemic • A third of Americans under age 19 are obese • Over 150,000 minors have type 2 diabetes
  • 8. Framing the Issue
  • 9. We will close the doors once a month to travel to schools to educate low income kids about healthy eating and offer them free healthy options. Our Solution?
  • 10. Umami’s 10 Year Plan
  • 11. How will we be successful? Our Mission Our Business Our Economic Viability Our Social Enterprise
  • 12. Work Cited • 5/moms-and-tots-arts-crafts-session-31st-july- 2010/ • and-improve-kids-drawing-activities/ • lesser-known-fast-food-joints-youre-missing/