A bite of hope


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  • Partner with PowerBarMake energy bars in USSell bars in USUse profit to make meal replacement bars in HaitiPut a select group women through a training classThose women sell the meal replacement bars at an extremely low priceLessen malnutrition
  • Nutritional benefits- help increase daily intake of important nutrients
  • Assume $500,000 profit a year, we would get 40,000 towards profiting A Bite of Hope
  • Scalability
  • A bite of hope

    1. 1. Molly Scott & Campbell Torchin
    2. 2. Summary• Energy Bar Company – PowerBar, CliffBar, Lu na…• Profit: One-to-One – Fund Haitian enterprise• A Bite of Hope
    3. 3. Goals• Create a good relationship with an energy bar company• Fund A Bite of Hope in Haiti (One-to-One)• Educate women on training/business skills• Sell low-priced meal replacement bars• Battle malnutrition in Cap Haitian, Haiti• Create a sustainable organization
    4. 4. Mission Statement “Our purpose is to provide a nutritious meal replacement bar to the victims of the HaitiEarthquake. Our bars not only give hope to the hungry, but are distributed to Haitian women who will sell them for a low price. By buying abar to give a bar, people will be able to feed the hungry while educating women in business”
    5. 5. Partner • Partner with a company like PowerBar/CliffBar/ Luna – “We’re passionate about sports and fitness, health and wellness” -Powerbar • Use preexisting fame and resources • Buy a bar to give a bar • Special sector of PowerBar that donates profits to A Bite of Hope
    6. 6. Customer• First Customer (US) – Everyday protein bar consumer – Buy a bar to give a bar• Second Customer (Haiti) – Malnourished people with low incomes 1 in 10 Haitian children die of malnutrition or preventable illness before kindergarten.
    7. 7. Product and ServiceHaitian meal replacement bar:Chocolate Peanut Butter• Ingredients:• 1 1/3 cup oats• 4 scoops of chocolate protein powder• 1 cup dry nonfat dry milk• 1/3 cup each: sunflower seeds, dried cranberry• 5 tablespoons peanut butter• 3/4 cup water• 1 teaspoon vanilla
    8. 8. Marketing • First (US) – Use preexisting marketing of energy bar company – Internet – News Station • Second (Haiti) – Model after Plumpy Nut – Handout Pamphlets – Set up a small shop around other food suppliers
    9. 9. Closer Look
    10. 10. Educational
    11. 11. Financing: Buy a bar to give a bar • Start up cost covered by PowerBar – 8% profit from bars goes towards A Bite of Hope – Estimated started up cost: $50,000 • Building, transportation, r esources, and labor in Haiti
    12. 12. Sustainability• Funding from energy bar company• Use women as a foundation- build their skills• Keep up supplies
    13. 13. Sustainability & Future (cont.) • Maintain relationship with Cap Haitian, Haiti, and energy bar company • Spread awareness of health (malnourishment) • Sell low cost meal replacement bars • Lower malnutrition
    14. 14. Bibliography• http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27826184/ns/world_news- americas/t/aid-workers-hungry-kids-dying-haiti/#.T5mhB6hH6YI• http://www.grocerycouponnetwork.com/community/powerbar- coupons-energy-bar-coupons/• http://www.powerbar.com/about/about.aspx• http://www.nwhcm.org/our-programs/childrens-nutrition• http://www.sciencephoto.com/media/416632/enlarge• http://www.nutriset.fr/en/product-range/nutriset-product- range.html• http://revista-amauta.org/2010/03/haitian-women-mourn-the- dead-recommit-to-the-living/• http://www.mobileapptesting.com/must-have-money-saving- apps/2011/04/dollar-sign/