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Cool Topics Presentation Final With Narration
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Cool Topics Presentation Final With Narration


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Spime, GPS Technology & The Pedantic Web

Spime, GPS Technology & The Pedantic Web

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  • 1. SPIME, GPS & THE PEDANTIC WEB: AN INTERGALACTIC EXPERIENCE Presented by: Laura Mikolaitis CIM 654: Knowledge Management
  • 2. •Section I: Origins of Spime •Section II: Examples •Section III: GPSTechnology •Section IV:The Pedantic Web •SectionV: Combining the Galaxies Spime, GPS & The Pedantic Web
  • 3. A futuristic look at technology through a sci-fi lens Section I: Origins of Spime
  • 4. Who am I?
  • 5. What is spime?  n. A theoretical object that can be tracked precisely in space and time over the lifetime of the object. [Blend of space and time.]
  • 6. Internet of Things (IoT)  Imagine if every object you own had a presence on the internet:  Your car  Your remote control  Your favorite pair of sneakers  Your football
  • 7. Why IoT?  Smarter marketing  Smarter manufacturing  Smarter consumer  “Peer to Peer” communications
  • 8. Blobjects: What are they?
  • 9. The Evolution of Spime Blobject • Object with curvilinear, flowing design • Designed on a screen with a graphics program • Period objects of our time • Very common Gizmos • Made and used by end users • Blobjects can be a subset • Extremely functional and designed on computers • Open-ended tech development project • Short life-span Spime • Imaginary object that is still speculative • Made & used by a “wrangler” • Precisely located in space and time • Historical, traceable, recordable, inventoried • Always associated with a story
  • 10. How to Recognize Spime  Conceived and designed within a network  Unique identification  Physically fabricated directly from its virtual plans  Can be tracked with geo location technologies  Can be searched out through search engines  Designed for disassembly  Historical: Metadata
  • 11. If spime were to exist… Section II: Examples
  • 12. Working Spime Spime is purchased with credit card Account information embedded in transaction End-user receives information pertaining to object Using RFID, the spime is able to update its data Spime is disassembled & recycled; the process begins again
  • 13. ioBridge
  • 14. Amazing technologies are like bright shining stars… Section III: GPS Technology
  • 15. GPS Technology
  • 16. CitySense
  • 17. What is this galaxy? Section IV: Pedantic Web
  • 18. Pedantic Web Q.What does pedantic mean? A. Ostentatious in one’s learning; overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching.
  • 19. Pedantic Web  More commonly known as the SemanticWeb  Nickname bestowed by XML developers  Extension of the world wide web  Help computers “read” and use the web  Fueled by metadata
  • 20. Imagine the Possibilities
  • 21. Imagine the Possibilities Now… With the semantic web you could:  Enter your preferences for yourViking Range into a computerized agent  Agent searches the web  Best option is found  Agent places your order  Agent opens your personal finance software on your computer  Agent records amount spent  Agent marks the estimated delivery date on your calendar Bonus:The agent also learns your habits and preferences, so if you had a bad experience it would know to cease using the site in the future.
  • 22. Aligning the stars…how does it all fit together Section V: Combining the Galaxies
  • 23. Aligning the Stars Object GPS Data Spime
  • 24. The End…hope you enjoyed the show!
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