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Class 3 Class 3 Document Transcript

  • Kenia Álava
  • INTRODUCTION TO JAVA CONCEPTSJava and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems. What is Java JDK? JDK stands dejava Developers Kit is, toolset to develop (applications) incountless classes Java.Existen accompanying the JDK that is installed in order to getstarted programming in JAVA. What makes it different from the other JAVA programming languages? Whatdistinguishes Java from other programming languages is its conception of departure, inwhich language is to create a road that can be used to program in all types of operatingsystems and processors. One of the most important features is that the programs"executable", created by the Java compiler, are independent of the architecture. Runinterchangeably in a variety of microprocessors and computers with different operatingsystems.Is the language is compiled or interpreted? Java is compiled when the source code is translated into an object called machine code (binary, bytecode) and is interpreted because the machine code can be run on any platform which should be an interpreter executing it in real time. To run it, you need an interpreter, the JVM (JavaVirtual Machine) Java virtual machine. Thus, it is possible to compile the program on a UNIX workstation and run it on another Windows using the Java virtual machine for Windows. This JVM is responsible for reading the bytecodes and translate them into executable instructions directly on a particular microprocessor. Kenia Álava
  • The Java Virtual Machine (JVM).The Java virtual machine is the revolutionary idea of language. It is the entity that providesplatform independence for Java programs compiled into byte-code.BLOCK OF QUESTIONSWhat is the purpose of the JVM?Being a byte-code translator to make the same program in byte-code can be run ondifferent platforms to transform the native machine code on which it runs.What is a bytecode?It is an intermediate between the Java programming language and the final machine code.Why Java is not compiled into machine code, like other programs?Precisely to allow it to run on any computer on the Internet, it has a microprocessor80x86, 680x0, PowerPC, Alpha, MIPS, etc ... Kenia Álava View slide