Web of Science Cited Reference Search - 2014 Update


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Directions to help perform an author cited reference search.

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Web of Science Cited Reference Search - 2014 Update

  1. 1. Cited Reference Search in Web of Science Linda Galloway Syracuse University Library May 2014 The Web of Science Core Collection is the foundation of the Web of Science and continues to be the premier resource for research discovery. It is still comprised of 100 years of valuable research, and is fully indexed and cross searchable. The rigorous standards employed to evaluate, select and index this content never change.
  2. 2. Disambiguation…. Valid data = Valid metrics Accurate attribution of research products is the most important first step in a citation analyses. • Scholarly authors are assigned many identifiers such as Scopus Author ID, Web of Science Researcher ID, institutional ID’s • Scholars should register for an ORCID - Open Researcher Identifier – this ID is supported by many publishers & platforms. • Scholars can claim and make public their Google Scholar profile Linda Galloway
  3. 3. Choose ‘Cited Reference Search’ Enter author information in correct format (I should have also entered Parks, S* but this set of publications is too large to be useful. Published year(s) considered in citation analysis (optional)
  4. 4. Linda Galloway
  5. 5. Linda Galloway Select only those articles attributable to author – in this case, 26/61 citations and citation variants are this author’s work.
  6. 6. After selecting all citations & variants, ‘Finish Search’ Linda Galloway
  7. 7. Can Analyze Results or Create Citation Reports Linda Galloway
  8. 8. Linda Galloway Citation Reports
  9. 9. Linda Galloway Changed time frame to calculate citations received between 2009-2013
  10. 10. What do these numbers mean?? Linda Galloway 141 articles cited S.E. Parks’ works that were indexed in the Web of Science. These citations were received from 2009- 2013. Sum of Times Cited This field displays the total number of citations (cited references) to all of the items found in the results set. In this case, this is the number of citations that the articles citing Parks’ work have received. Note: This is not Parks’ h-index, this is the h-index to the publications that cite her work. Still waiting to hear from Thomson Reuters with a request for help performing an author citation analysis (5/16/14).
  11. 11. Various ways to Analyze Results
  12. 12. Questions?? • Linda Galloway, galloway@syr.edu • Web of Science tutorials: http://wokinfo.com/training_support/training/web- of-science/#recordedtraining Linda Galloway Syracuse University Library May 2014