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Social Media Marketing Course 2011 at GSU with Jake Aull

Final Group Project on Zappos

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  • •CEO Tony Hsieh one of first on Twitter - period.          .• Twitter is Zappos' main communication medium between customers & company• 8 people on zappos_service
  •  . Welcome tab - customer focused          . Like gate - Grab customer attention by baiting them with exclusive content           . Share your experience transparent WOM          . Fan of the week engagement          . ~180k likes, ~13k talking about
  • Zappospresentation

    1. 1.  Established in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn  3 Locations: Los Vegas, Kentucky, and San Fransisco (hometown)  Number of Employees: 2,500 and growing  Specialties: customer service, eCommerce, apparel, and footwear  2009 merged with  Company Growth and Sales for 2010"Zappos and Amazon sitting in a tree..." - Tony Hsieh,CEO of, Inc.
    2. 2.  Females ranging in ages 18-49 who already shop online. Most have a college or graduate degree Annual income of $100,000+, No kids Customers main concern is election and customer service Customers less concerned with price
    3. 3. Powered by offersonline customersUnparalleled service,selection, anddelivery for almostall their shopping needs.
    4. 4. 1. Deliver WOW Through Service2. Embrace and Drive Change3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-minded5. Pursue Growth and Learning6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Customers7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit8. Do More With Less9. Be Passionate and Determined10. Be Humble
    5. 5.  “To offer the best customer service in the industry” To “wow” every customer To create emotional connections with customers (becoming a social friend) Create word of mouth (social media)
    6. 6. @Zappos_Service - customer@Zappos (Tony Hsieh): servicetweets about the company account •~10,500and its culture followers• ~1.8M •Klout 54: topics incl. customerfollowers • Klout service blogging,61: topics incl. customer style • 8 diff peopleservice, tech, SoMe who answer and theyre very personable@Inside_Zappos - tweets about @ZapposHowTo - niche accountcompany/office that helps customers do specialculture • things/empowers~5,600 them •• Klout 41: topics incl. ~162 followersbusiness, beauty, breast cancer • Klout 12: topics incl. video
    7. 7.  21 Blogs on CEO and COO Blogs  28 Posts since 2008
    8. 8.  Quantcast Findings Over 9,600 visits vs 9.3 million in 6 months No other channel directs towards blogs readership
    9. 9. Benefits of Types of Video Metrics YouTube  Highlight  Founded March  Low Cost Videos 2006  Showcases  Behind-the-  2,500 Subscribers Products Scene Videos  Engage in  Clips  230,000 Channel Communication mentioning Views  Build Loyal  2.5 million Customers  Style Videos Upload Views  Job Recruitment  Employee Office  229 Uploads Videos  Spoof Videos  Commercials
    10. 10. Site Categories•••••••
    11. 11.  Job Postings Has facts about Zappos employees  Common skills of employees  City they live in  Level of education  College they attended Recommends Zappos family companies Company Awards and Recognitions Shows what other sites were visited
    12. 12.  What is it?  Created to help business people with their company culture and customer service Who are the members?  Group Creator and Leader: Christi Scott  162 members  $40 a month subscription to a video service that lets them ask Zappos employee questions  Offers 2 day boot camp where participates visit the headquarters and have meeting with Zappos executives
    13. 13.  Twitter is Zappos main communication medium between customers & company They have created a B2B model from their success in B2C Social Media /Customer Service (Training business) Weakness in blogging and organization Needs to elaborate from customer targeting