Economic crisis


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  • Richard Quest, Maggie Lake (New York), Andrew Stevens (Hong Kong), Eunice Yoon, Charles Hodson (London)
  • Economic crisis

    1. 1. 2009 Economic Crisis
    2. 2. Main Media Highlights in 2009 • Obama’s Stimulus Plan (early Jan. -March) • TARP • Bailout of the major “players” (I.e. AIG, General Motors) • Whose responsible? • Bank Failures • Summits • Unemployment rates( facts and figures) • How is the administration doing? Too much too soon? • When will economy turn? – Is administration too optimistic? • China
    3. 3. Road to Recovery • CNN T.V. week long series in March • Served as a survival guide • “Make sense of it” (economic crisis) • What is the one thing you are doing to beat the recession? • Correspondents based around the world to give unique global view on global economy • Increased audience participation through interactive site, and other SNS I.e. Twitter, YouTube, etc. • Provides uplifting, personal success stories and global solutions • Discussed where may things get get better I.e. market
    4. 4. Opinion pieces • Obama’s Health Care effects on tax payers/ recession • “Black on America” • Faces of the Recession • Five turning points of the decade • Economic crisis hits property that may have sheltered Capone • UN: One billion face mass starvation worldwide – # has heightened specifically due to economic crisis
    5. 5. Educate • Tips on how to survive when laid off ( Dr. Phil, CNN Finance Editor Gerri Willis,’s Penelope Trunk ) • Advice on money and mind – Piece on how to cut additional costs I.e. car insurance • Behavior trends • What to do if job is doomed? • Inform on potential jobs (Health Care) • How to recession proof your job • Consumer tips • College out of reach
    6. 6. • Effective Progress Reports: – Obama’s handling of Economic recession – How Corporate America is faring? • Tony Harris extremely enthusiastic in it’s reporting •
    7. 7. Stories focusing on minority groups and reactions to recession • More in depth coverage on minority opinions, specifically Blacks and Latins
    8. 8. Stories focusing on minority groups and reactions to recession
    9. 9. • Obama’s push for green energy--> lead to job increase • Social Security checks •
    10. 10. Small Businesses struggling to get loans • Initiate piece with dessert store seeking to get loan • Congressional Democrats say on right track • GDP #’s have improved • Says no one wil be satisfied until we fully turn the corner • Republican critics
    11. 11. Anderson Cooper 360 • Give parties approval ratings • The London Summit 2009 on New World Order • Talks with Senior CNN analyst Clark Howard, Joe Johns Urging Obama to tone the “sky is falling” rhetoric • What they wish to hear from Obama • Individual spirit of enterpreneurs that has brought us out of Recession (like Reagan did) • What we as individuals can do to bring us out
    12. 12. Top Stories • Elliot Spitzer’s opinion • AIG outrage • New housing money for California • Human interest pieces • Bonus tax not the answer, some say – Interview Ron Paul
    13. 13. • Provided U.S. map of foreclosures by state
    14. 14. How effective? • Interview experts from both parties to discuss opinions of various issues & events (I.e • Talk to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, • Many leading questions
    15. 15. Conclusions • In depth coverage on unemployment rates, specifically on minorities that have lacked media airtime in past crises • Increased interactivity among users