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Jeffrey L. Aaron passed away on March 17th, 2008. He will be missed by the entire Glenbrook family.

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  • I've just stumbled on the fact that he passed now, 4 years later - was googling around trying to remember his name since he was such an am amazing teacher, one of the most memorable in my time at glenbrook south in the mid 90s... I really don't know what to say other than he made a huge mark on my life and I just wanted to voice that somehow. I hope his family is well and that they know he had a hell of an impact on a lot of kids out there!
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Jeffrey Aaron Memorial

  1. 1. In memory of Jeffrey L. Aaron 1955 - 2008
  2. 2. I have no best story about growing up in Jericho. I loved every minute of it and have spent my entire life in high school as a result. Jericho High School Jericho, New York Graduation - 1972
  3. 3. A week after graduating …in 1977, I packed all my worldly belongings into …my Fiat 128 and drove out to Evanston, Illinois, to attend graduate school at Northwestern. The graduate-school program got me a part-time job teaching mathematics at Glenbrook South High School ….
  4. 4. Two of us had part-time jobs that year. When they turned it into a full-time job the following year, they gave me the job … … and I have been there ever since.
  5. 5. Jeff’s first year at GBS…1977-1978.
  6. 6. Jeff in 1988… … and in 1999.
  7. 7. In addition to making math come alive for [our sons], you taught them about themselves as students and young men. - The Morell Family
  8. 8. His enthusiasm and generosity were contagious. Student comments from
  9. 9. I'll never forget when I was having a horrible day and missed class and instead of you yelling at me you asked me if there was anything you could do. You cared so much about each student, inside and outside of school. Student comments from
  10. 10. I just want to say that your will as a teacher and determination to keep me focused and dedicated as a student made all the difference in the world. Student comments from
  11. 11. Mr. Aaron taught more than just math in that room . Student comments from
  12. 12. Mr. Aaron gained the respect that he did because of his work not only in the classroom but in the hearts of each and every one of his students. -- Jeff Sontag, GBS Student
  13. 13. Mr. Aaron shined his charisma, intelligence, and well-being on others and is reflected by students, faculty and friends. Keep shining on us, Mr. Aaron, keep shining . - Chase Michalek, GBS Student
  14. 14. Congratulating Dan Vardijan in 1995… With coach Ron Harris in 1987…
  15. 16. In reference to his work with the GBS Gay Straight Alliance, Jeff said, “This is the most important thing that I do.” -Katy Hansen, co-sponsor of GSA
  16. 17. Jeff was genuine and constantly strove to do what was right for students. He told you how he felt and wore his heart on his sleeve. He had a great capacity for empathy and will leave a tremendous void in this school for a very long time to come.   -Phil Gartner, GBS Mathematics Instructional Supervisor
  17. 18. Jeff was impossible not to like.  It is no secret that everybody cared about him, but that was because he cared about everybody, particularly his students and his colleagues. - John W. McConnell, Ph.D., former GBS Mathematics Instructional Supervisor  
  18. 19. Glenbrook South Variety Show
  19. 22. “ Teacher” was only one of his many talents. He had the ability to give a father's advice, a brother's love, a coach's discipline, and a friend's compassion. No one person could ever replace Jeff Aaron. However, I look forward to sharing his legacy with generations to come.   -Joe Karlovsky, GBS Mathematics
  20. 23. Mr. Aaron may not have had anybody at home waiting for him, but that’s because we were all here....this was his home. He was in the exact place God intended him to be, those of us fortunate enough to know him know that he had a special gift with kids that he shared every day he came to GBS...he will be missed, but never forgotten!   -Mark Gallagher, GBS Mathematics
  21. 24. His was a private soul nourished and sustained by a public place. - Allan Ruter, GBN English
  22. 25. Glenbrook South has been my life… - Jeff Aaron
  23. 26. In memory of Jeffrey L. Aaron 1955 - 2008