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Mobile app development for Android, HTML5, and Enterprise --all available on BlackBerry

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  • Now that your Android app runs better than ever on the BlackBerry 10 platform, you can take advantage of BlackBerry’s very app-hungry customer base.
    BlackBerry World is available in over 170 markets across the globe and over 5 billion apps have been downloaded to date.
  • We know apps are important in both a business and personal context. We’re engaging the developer community, including enterprise developers, to ensure they understand the value of developing on BlackBerry and also the ease of developing on BlackBerry.
    One of the things we’re doing is reaching out to key enterprise application vendors – companies like SAP, Cisco and to ensure we’re working with them to develop those key apps for BlackBerry 10. These apps are increasingly key tools that the enterprise needs to have in order for their mobile workforce to be productive and effective. We are also engaging with key personal app developers to bring a fantastic array of apps to BlackBerry 10 at launch – including games, news, social media and more.
    What we’re also doing is aligning with some of the most familiar and standard tools to make it easier for enterprise app developers to develop apps for BlackBerry 10 – for both internal and B2C apps. So no longer do you need specialist development tools and knowledge, but can use these standard tools to develop apps for BlackBerry.
    Enterprise Development relations, how are we helping enterprise move to BB10:
    We will help you build and convert your apps
    Move apps from BB7 to BB10 (we estimate there are over 10K corporate applications that have been built on BB java)
    We ran a series of JAM type events, focused on Enterprise applications (Behind the firewall)
    Dedicate resources to support enterprise developers
    Cascades for BlackBerry 10
    This tool helps you decrease time to market by quickly building visually compelling apps for BlackBerry 10 platform. Cascades has been developed by ‘The Astonishing Tribe’ - a company we acquired a few years back. They specialize in building incredibly rich user interfaces. With Cascades, developers who may not be experts in design, or the components needed to deliver these rich interfaces, can easily integrate these components into an application using the Cascades tool. This makes it much easier to develop rich application experiences to the enterprise and indeed to your customers.
    BlackBerry WebWorks/HTML5
    With Webworks, BlackBerry is future-proofing the BlackBerry 10 product by aligning with the HTML developer platform. More and more people are developing apps in this standard web-based protocol of HTML. So with HTML5 and Webworks you can now develop an app for BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry 10 supports open standards and open source tools so you can create fully-featured native, mobile web, and Android apps. You can use existing projects and continue working in your preferred environment.
    We give you the tools, guidelines, and technical support to help you port to BlackBerry 10, which helps to shorten your development lifecycle and reduce development costs. Also, our process of continual improvement in the development of fully tailored tools, guidelines and technical support is designed to make your port to BlackBerry 10 a seamless experience.
  • Blackberry implementation options
  • BlackBerry helps enable the success of our enterprise customers by providing integrated solutions that ensure seamless access to the information employees need to be efficient and make the best decisions in a timely manner. Our Enterprise Mobility Management solution provides organizations with multi-platform device, application & content management with integrated security and connectivity.
    BlackBerry is the leader in enterprise mobile computing with a long heritage of delivering integrated, scalable and secure solutions - with 90% of fortune 500 companies using the BlackBerry platform (both BBOS and BES as well as BB10 and BES10). BlackBerry has the largest global MDM footprint with over 90K enterprise customers – that’s over 10x the number of the next largest MDM vendor. The largest dedicated enterprise mobility management team of any vendor is testament to BlackBerries enterprise focus and continued drive for innovation.
    We have extended our excellence in device management, security, application and content management across multiple platforms. In doing so, we have created the leading multi-platform enterprise mobility management platform for customers with mixed device environments and who require varying levels of management and control.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 underpins the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities by delivering comprehensive multi-platform device management, security, application management and unified communications.
    Customers can extend their existing investment in BES to deliver seamless multi-platform management – all controlled through a familiar and intuitive centralized console for both corporate and BYOD users. All
    The robust and scalable BlackBerry Secure Infrastructure enables simplified and seamless integration between diverse mobile end points (iOS, Android & BlackBerry) and behind the firewall enterprise systems and applications – without the need for 3rd party connectivity or security solutions. Using a single outbound port (VPN-less) technology across all platforms means secure, fast, cost effective and highly scalable deployment.
    Customers have peace of mind with world-class BlackBerry technical support services included as standard with optional services available to meet the needs of all customers and environment.
  • BES10 Enterprise Mobility Management delivers comprehensive device management, security and application management for corporate and personal-owned iOS®, Android™ and BlackBerry devices. Delivered through a single end-to-end platform in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, it provides proven BlackBerry security and controls designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes with mixed mobility environments.
    User experience: a guiding principle for BlackBerry is satisfying both user and corporate needs without compromising on either. The user retains their ability to access and use personal content and apps with complete privacy while security and protection of enterprise content is assured.
    Device Management – BES10 delivers comprehensive management and security controls and settings across iOS, Android and BlackBerry – allowing the administrator simple, familiar and intuitive management from the unified console.
    Information Security – reinforcing the simplified admin experience, data leakage prevention is incorporated as standard across platforms (through Secure Work Space for iOS and Android and BlackBerry Balance on BlackBerry devices)
    App Management & Security – mobilizing and deploying apps is critical in delivering effective enterprise mobility. BlackBerry makes this easy with comprehensive yet simple built in tools to enable secure app deployment to catalogues across all managed devices. Apps leverage the BlackBerry secure connectivity model to interface with backend systems sitting behind the firewall. App management and compliance reporting ensure enterprise requirements are met for work apps deployed – all without impacting the ability for users to download and use personal apps.
  • Mobile App Dev Android, HTML5, Enterprise and More

    1. 1. Larry McDonough Principal Evangelist @LMCDUNNA Developing for BlackBerry Android, HTML5, Enterprise & More! 1
    2. 2. Let’s look at some numbers… Over 30,000 BES 10 commercial and test servers installed globally Over 250,000 BBM Channels globally created since launch Over 40 million newly registered BBM iOS/Android users in the first 60 days A mobile device management leader with global enterprise customer base exceeding 80,000 There are more than 665 carriers and distribution partners offering BlackBerry products and services in more than 175 countries around the world 2
    3. 3. Broader Reach BlackBerry World is available in 171 markets around the world More than 5 billion apps downloaded to date 3
    4. 4. Global Top Partners – Gaming
    5. 5. ( UK) Published Media Sports Multimedia Global – Top Partners Photo Editor Ultimate Life Church
    6. 6. Global – Top Partners Business and Productivity Social Networking
    7. 7. USA – Top Partners BlackBerry Travel
    8. 8. Canada – Top Partners
    9. 9. UK – Top Partners BlackBerry Travel
    10. 10. France – Top Partners
    11. 11. Middle East – Top Partners Kitabi Quran Mojawad UniDic Muhammad (PHUH) Al jazeera English Al jazeera Arabic Sahih Muslim Sahih Bukhari Anghami Al Arabiya Trix Tarneeb Balot Arabnews Asharq Al Awsat Sayidarty Al Eqtisadiah Lamsa – Children’s Ebooks Emirates NBD Grand Cinema MAF Carrefour Al jazeera Sports mTadawol WeChat
    12. 12. ANZ Region – Top Partners
    13. 13. China– Top Partners AutoNavi QQ -Tencent Sina Weibo WeChat Great Wisdom Kuaipan
    14. 14. Strong & Growing App Ecosystem C/C++ Native SDK Wide choice of programming languages Java Android Runtime C++/Qt Cascades Broad range of app dev libraries and personal appsManaging corporate... HTML5 BlackBerry WebWorks™
    15. 15. BlackBerry 10 supports open standards and open source tools and provides enabling technologies for your choice of development environment A Platform of Choice… C/C++/Qt Native SDK & Cascades HTML5 WebWorks™ Apache Cordova Java Android™Runtime Jelly Bean 4.2.2 15
    16. 16. Mobile Development from 20,000 feet 16 Native C/C++/Qt Application Developers Web Application Developers Community and Content Developers UI Framework Platform, device and cloud APIs BlackBerry 10 OS Multi- threading Memory mgmt Security BlackBerry Cascades HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Graphics …. Android Runtime Gaming Platforms
    17. 17. BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps  Open-source Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2) Application Framework running on top of BlackBerry 10 OS and Libraries  Enables repackaged Android apps to be installed and run inside it  Deep integration with BB native framework to make Android apps indistinguishable from native apps  Repackaging your Android app can take as little as 3 minutes 17 Dalvik VM WebKitC++
    18. 18. BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps 18 Increased Compatibility: Over 80% of converted Android apps work without any changes to source code Support for Android Native, Accessibility, Bluetooth, MapView v1, Share Framework, Spellcheck, Wi-Fi Scanning Broader Reach Integrate with the BlackBerry ecosystem and get access to the BlackBerry World distribution channel, more customers, and additional revenue opportunities.
    19. 19. 19 The Android Runtime In Action► Songza
    20. 20. 20 The Android Runtime In Action► Flipboard
    21. 21. 21 The Android Runtime In Action► Deezer & WordPress
    22. 22. 22 HTML5 Standards Leadership… Check on your phone right now:
    23. 23. 23 HTML5 Performance Leadership… BlackBerry: 1.55s “The next closest competitor in terms of mobile browser speed takes nearly 5 seconds to load the same page” --Venture Beat * February 2014 *
    24. 24. BlackBerry – Built to Keep Your Business Moving • Delivering industry leading multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management • Device, application & content management • Integrated security and connectivity • The leader in enterprise mobile computing • The largest global MDM footprint with over 80K enterprise customers globally. Over 10x the next largest MDM vendor • 30K BES10 test and commercial servers installed globally • The largest dedicated enterprise mobility management team 24 • The trusted enterprise mobility partner for over 14 years • The gold standard for multi-platform security, management and control
    25. 25. Multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) • BlackBerry makes it simple to manage corporate and BYOD users in multi-platform environments (not only BlackBerry) • A simple, scalable and cost effective extension of existing investments in BES • A single, secure connectivity model across platforms • Renowned global support services now as standard Centralized & simplified management through one platform Personal Owned/BYOD and Corporate Deployed BlackBerrySecureInfrastructure Device Management Security App & Content Management Unified Comms & Collaboration BlackBerry® Technical Support Services BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 25
    26. 26. Management for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices For organizations of all sizes with company owned and BYOD users 26 • User experience – enable employee success with seamless access to secure corporate data without restricting their personal experience • Device management - comprehensive management and security controls across platforms all from one unified console • Information security – built-in data leakage prevention (DLP) to isolate and prevent work data from leaking into personal channels • App management & security – fast and effective application deployment to corporate app catalogue with seamless management and security
    27. 27. 27 Thank You! Learn more @ or Visit our booth