Enterprise Data Architect Job Description


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Light introduction to responsibilities for an Enterprise Data Architect

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Enterprise Data Architect Job Description

  1. 1. An Enterprise Data Architects thoughts on… An Enterprise Data Architects’ Job Description …with main tasks and domains to masterLars E Martinssonwww.linkedin.com/in/larsmartinssonDisclaimer: Content and opinions in this material are those of the author and may not represent those of any prior, current or future employer
  2. 2. Presentation Goal• The goal of the presentation – Give a light introduction to what responsibilities an Enterprise Data Architect most likely should have in a software development organization• The reason for the presentation is two-fold – Remind people hiring Enterprise Data Architects what responsibilities and subject areas the person should generally be able to cover – Remind Enterprise Data Architects what responsibilities and subject areas one must have appropriate skills for
  3. 3. Our attempt at a Formal Definition • Define vision, strategy and principles for data mgmt • Define standards for naming, describing, governing, managing, modeling, cleansing, enriching, The transforming, moving, storing, searching and delivering all data within the enterpriseEnterprise • Serve as the liaison between data consumer representatives and data solution development, Data integration and governance teams Architect • Inform and interpret data project sponsors • Must understand how data is, or will be, used and implication on people, processes, products and technology
  4. 4. Our Informal Definition“The overarching responsibility for anEnterprise Data Architect is Risk Mitigation asthere is no bigger cost to a software companythan if the Data Architecture turns out to bewrong, incomplete or incorrectly used; allsigns it was not under proper control”- Lars E Martinsson
  5. 5. High Level Data Architecture TasksDefine and Implement • Enterprise Data Vision and Strategy • Enterprise Data Scoped Roadmap • Enterprise Data Standard • Enterprise Data Model • Enterprise Data Governance Functions and Frameworks • Enterprise Data Technology Use Map • Enterprise Information Analysis Maps • Reference, Master, Meta Data and Document PracticesSet Goals and Measure • Data Project Progress • Data Quality Improvements • Data Compliance LevelSponsor, Lead and Participate in • Enterprise Data Initiatives • Industry Data Initiatives
  6. 6. Data Domains To MasterData Strategy and Data Governance Data Content Management• Data Architecture Roadmap Evangelism • Reference Data Management• Data Store and Tool Vendor Evaluations • Master Data Management• Data Policies, Processes and Standards • Meta-Data Management• Data Architecture Reviews and Issue Resolution • Data Life Cycle Management • Data Quality ManagementData Modeling • Corporate and Regulatory Compliance• Conceptual Data Modeling• Canonical Data Modeling Data Asset Discovery and Access• Logical Data Modeling • Data Store Inventory Discovery• Data Object Modeling • Data Security and API Control• Relational Modeling • Data Languages• Document Modeling Data Analysis• Analytics Modeling • Business Intelligence ReportingData Store Definition • Predictive/Reactive Decision Support• Topology and Virtualization Modeling • Business Rule Management• Data Federation Modeling • Data Warehouses, Data Marts• Performance, Scaling, Caching • Data Migration, ETL, Archive
  7. 7. Augmentative Skills To MasterCorporate Strategy AnalysisStrategy, Project and Product Risk AssessmentEnterprise and Functional ModelingProduct Requirements InterpretationProduct Reviews and GovernanceCollaborative Project Team ManagementSoftware Development MethodsSoftware Release Life Cycle ManagementFoster relationships with key stakeholdersIT ManagementRelevant Industry Domain KnowledgePositive Passionate Influential Inspirational Leadership and Mentor AttitudeExcellent Written, Verbal, Virtual and Live Communication Skills
  8. 8. Must Keep Up With Hot Topics ** This page likely out of date and fashion at the point you read it
  9. 9. Must Keep Track of Hot Solutions ** This page is likely also out of fashion at the point you read this
  10. 10. Proposed Next Step Check out my “Data Architecture Deliverables for Software Development Orgs” slide deck • Lists over 200 Deliverables an Enterprise Data Architect should ensure are contemplated • http://slidesha.re/UrAwJyFeedback? Contact me through LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/larsmartinsson