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Sistema colaborativo LogDoc, a melhor maneira de organizar os documentos e o fluxo de trabalho da sua empresa.

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  • Your peers are using Novell Vibe to increase productivity right now. Let’s take a look at five ways that people are using Vibe right now: Work together and manage projects internally and externally Manage and share documents Create social intranets where real work happens Retain knowledge Automate business processes Project collaboration and document management are core drivers for customers who adopt Novell Vibe. This often leads to implementing a new social intranet where real work happens. Retaining knowledge and automating business processes are natural outgrowths of project collaboration, document management, and social intranets. Bottom line: Real customers are using Novell Vibe to improve team productivity in the real world, right now.
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  • Interact with documents from your Vibe workspace directly in Microsoft Office. The Novell Vibe Add-In for Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 lets your teams work with Vibe content directly in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Users can open and save documents directly into Vibe. It feels like they’re working in an ordinary file system, but they get the collaborative benefits of Vibe. Using the Office ribbon and dashboard, you can manage versions, add tags, see comment streams, and update document descriptions. Versioning happens every time you save the document in Office, and you can see and compare past versions right in Office. If someone changes a document while you’re working in it, Office will notify you that the document has been changed; you can use the Word document-merge capability to deal with the changes. The add-in also lets you connect to multiple Vibe systems. Stay connected to your team even when you disconnect. Novell Vibe Desktop lets workers sync files between their Vibe workspaces and their Windows computers (a Mac version will be available soon). This enables offline access to documents—particularly important for mobile users or when you don’t have an Internet connection. To get started, just install Vibe Desktop on your computer, connect to a Vibe system, and identify which Vibe workspaces or folders to synchronize to your computer. Versioning happens automatically in the background as long as you have an Internet connection. And if two people change the same document while disconnected, Vibe automatically versions all changes rather than automatically merging them. This means that no changes are lost, and the team can decide what version to keep. Bottom line: New features in Novell Vibe help your teams come up to speed on Vibe faster and stay productive regardless of where they are or whether they have an Internet connection.
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