Riverbank Masterplan


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Riverbank Masterplan

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Riverbank Masterplan

  1. 1. Project Steps and Timing
  2. 2. Historic Context1837In the original Light-Kingston plan theRiverbank precinct was a cohesivewhole.The west was as significant as theeast.The Grand Victorian EraFor 100 years (1836-1936) theRiverbank was developed as the focusof civic identity.Grand gestures (tree boulevards +open spaces) linked activities andplaces.The Suburban EraThe last wave of major Riverbank worktook place during the height ofAdelaide’s 1960’s suburban expansion.Much of the landscape and pathnetworks we see today are from thisera – small in scale and unable tosupport varied gatherings of people orcombined uses such as cycling andwalking.The Urban EraAs Metropolitan Adelaide grows inpopulation the Riverbank could attractmillions more visitors each year.There will be a focus on regeneratingexisting urban areas to reducesuburban sprawl bringing moreresidents closer to the Riverbank.Original Intent of Light’s plan It was a Metro Park It is a Suburban park It could be a great urban park
  3. 3. Major Current Public Investments – A KeyDriverConnecting and leveraging existing investment and creating integrated destinations
  4. 4. Creating Adelaide’s great park
  5. 5. SA Brand
  6. 6. Four Major Routes
  7. 7. North South Connections
  8. 8. Four Key Opportunities
  9. 9. Old Royal Adelaide HospitalContext- Economic impact on the east end- 470,000 out patients per year (1250 per day)- 80,000 in patents per year- 5500 staff- Associated medical facilitiesRelationship to Precinct implementation Plan- Key opportunity is to link site to Adelaide Universityand the core entertainment precinct via the CentralPath- Develop north-south links to city and river- Tie east end, Botanic Gardens and educationprecinct together
  10. 10. Core Entertainment PrecinctContext- Established night time economy requires support- Minimal daytime activation- Active for events onlyRelationships to Precinct Implementation Plan- Core entertainment precinct clearly linked to eastand west via River (Environmental), Central andNorth Terrace (Cultural) paths.- Build upon north-south connections- Defined as core entertainment precinct
  11. 11. SA Health and BiomedicalPrecinctContext- Maximise social and economic opportunities ofNRAH, the Universities, SAHMRI co-locationRelationship to Precinct Implementation Plan- Link NRAH to riverbank- Reinforce key connections via River(Environmental), Central and North Terrace(Cultural) paths.- Build north-south links
  12. 12. Bonython Park RevitalisationContext- Celebrate the states bicentennial with a world classpublic realm- Build upon existing investments and plansRelationship to Precinct Implementation Plan- Enable the extension of the North Terraceboulevard to Port Road- Reinforce key connections via River(Environmental), Central and North Terrace(Cultural) paths.- Build north-south, east-west links
  13. 13. Bonython Park Revitalisation
  14. 14. Stakeholder & Community Engagement Community open day at the Adelaide Convention Centre on30 June 2013 A display will be located at Adelaide University Hub Centralfrom 1 July - 11 July and at the Adelaide Convention Centre15 July - 26 July Online information and feedback opportunities Stakeholder briefing sessions will commence on 26 June2013 Consultation period 30 June- 31 July