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Manlove Services Brochures

  1. 1. creating spheres of influence® creative influence Below, you will see an updated list of awards bestowed upon John Manlove Marketing & Communications. We are honored to be acknowledged for our creative efforts and to be recognized by industry leaders, clients and peers. 2009 2008 American Advertising Federation – Houston American Advertising Federation – Houston GOLD ADDY GOLD ADDY Collateral Material -– Editorial Spread Advertising for the Arts & Sciences – Sculpture Card Elements of Advertising -– Color Photography Collateral Material – Legacy Brochure SILVER ADDY Television – Creekside Park Commercial Advertising Industry Self-Promotion – Ad/Marketing Club Interactive Media – Manlove Remodeling Interactive Media – HTML/Other Websites SILVER ADDY Collateral Material -– Editorial Spread Interactive Media – Creekside Park Mini-site Elements of Advertising -– Color Photography Collateral Material – Creekside Park Elements of Advertising -– Photography Campaign CITATION OF EXCELLENCE CITATION OF EXCELLENCE Consumer Trade Publication Interactive Media – Flash (2) Television – The Woodlands Development Company Interactive Media – HTML/Other Websites Television – The Woodlands Development Company Advertising Industry Self-Promotion – Direct Marketing Elements of Advertising – Regional VuePoint Magazine Elements of Advertising – Color Photography Collateral Material – Regional VuePoint Magazine Collateral Material – Cover Collateral Material – Regional VuePoint Magazine Collateral Material -– Invitation Texas Public Relations Association – Silver Spur Awards Marketing – Creekside Park Grand Opening Campaign American Advertising Federation – District 10 GOLD ADDY Greater Houston Builders Association – Prism Awards Elements of Advertising -– Photography Campaign Grand Award for overall marketing excellence Elements of Advertising -– Color Photography Website of the Year SILVER ADDY Event of the Year Elements of Advertising -– Color Photography E-mail Marketing Campaign of the Year Collateral Material – Editorial Spread (2) Radio Commercial of the Year Bronze ADDY Direct Mail Piece of the Year Interactive Media – HTML/Other Websites Association of Political and Public Affairs Professionals BRONzE POLLIE Candidate Logo Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year | 281.487.6767
  2. 2. creating spheres of influence® broadcast influence Imagine a world without radio or television... Nothing to keep you occupied on your daily commute. No favorite shows to watch with your family or talk about with your friends. Radio and television have become part of the fabric of our lives. At John Manlove Marketing & Communications we know how to influence consumers and create an emotional connection between your brand and the viewer/listener. Broadcast media are among the most powerful tools available to TV is also one of the few media that we regularly consume together. advertisers. Radio and TV stimulate parts of the brain other medias Watching television with other people provides an ideal opportunity simply can’t reach effectively - namely emotions and long term to talk about TV advertising and ‘pass on’ the ads we love in the memory. That’s why we can remember ads we loved from years ago same time and space as the advertising itself (perhaps one of the and why commercials can make us fall in love with brands (just think original forms of viral marketing). of Nike, McDonalds, Apple or Coca-Cola for example). One of radio’s biggest strengths lies in its ability to capture a captive Although we tend to think of ourselves as rational beings, audience during a daily commute or in an office environment. Often developments in our understanding of the human brain have informative and entertaining, radio can effectively remind the listener taught us that advertising works most successfully when it shifts of upcoming events, or promotions while reinforcing and supporting or reinforces how we feel about brands. JMMC is recognized as a the brand that many times is being built on TV and in other media. leader in developing positive emotional associations with brands that influence viewers/listeners to consider immediate action or future Broadcast media has many properties that put it at the heart of decisions. advertising effectiveness. Let JMMC put the strength of broadcast to work engaging and motivating your customers. TV’s ability to create an emotional connection between brand and viewer can free up other media to do what they do best, be it creating a more personal dialogue or proffering a greater depth of information. The ability of TV to create deep, long-held emotional brand associations is one of its most unique benefits. JMMC has handled our residential advertising for the past three years. They have done a fabulous job of creating award-winning campaigns for us, and are a pleasure to work with. The team at Manlove provides creativity, technical expertise, incredible organization and attention to detail and personal service - a winning combination in today’s business world. Tim Welbes President, The Woodlands Development Company | 281.487.6767
  3. 3. creating spheres of influence® media influence “So many choices and a limited budget.” Every client says the same thing whether they have $1 million or $10,000 to spend. Not every product needs to be promoted on prime time news and not every product needs to be promoted in nationally distributed magazine. There are so many choices today- print, broadcast, SEM, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and the list goes on. Our job is to put your media budget to work with the best possible MEDIA NEGOTIATION media mix to reach your target audience. That is where strategy, JMMC is able to leverage longevity and strong relationships with experience, budget planning and knowledge of how they interact is vendors to negotiate specialized and efficient rates for our clients. critical to the success of your campaign. Numerous added-value components are negotiated including PSA schedules, rate discounts, free placement, and other bonus medias. At JMMC we begin with our proven process – Clarify - Brand - Reach. By the time we get to the Reach portion of the process we MEDIA PLACEMENT have developed a customized approach designed to fit your needs Television, radio, newspaper, interactive, magazine and outdoor and goals. Our services include media research, media planning, medias are purchased based on clients’ needs and goals. All insertion media negotiation, media placement, and media reconciliation and orders and contracts are submitted in writing to ensure accuracy. analysis. MEDIA RECONCILIATION AND ANALYSIS MEDIA RESEARCH A complete and detailed reconciliation report is provided monthly of Research is the first integral step in designing an effective media schedules placed on each medium, per individual market. JMMC campaign strategy, determining clients’ needs, goals, and media will negotiate and monitor make-goods, when necessary, to ensure components. We use the latest state-of-the-art software tools to campaign completion and point level integrity. We also provide a analyze schedules and media choices to ensure you are getting the post-buy analysis on all schedules to ensure accuracy of media best results for your investment. purchased and success of campaign goals. MEDIA PLANNING Allow us to demonstrate to you the selling power of a well-planned, Using sound marketing strategies and all research available we well-executed, on-budget, meticulously managed media plan. develop weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual custom flights. These plans are based on budget parameters, GRP goals, reach and frequency, and target markets. Clients who have benefited from JMMC’s proven process: The Woodlands Development Co., USI Insulation, Wheelabrator, League City Economic Development Council, The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau, Cameron, Hospital Corporation of America, Canongate Golf Clubs, City of Pearland, Wind Energy of Texas, and more. | 281.487.6767
  4. 4. creating spheres of influence® brand influence A brand is more than a logo. In the minds of consumers, it says everything about you. It’s the voice and personality that represents your entire organization. John Manlove Marketing & Communications can help you convey your brand in a distinctive, memorable and consistent way. From your business cards to your Web site, a strong brand presence is essential in today’s competitive business environment. Your brand is one of your most important assets when it comes EXAMPLE: THE WOODLANDS to influencing your audience - and it requires serious creative development. The brand process is a creative process and includes: Functional Benefits: Self sustained community that will improve the quality of the homeowners life. BRAND PERSONALITY: A SET OF HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR BRAND. Emotional Benefits: The peace and harmony experienced from living The brand personality enriches the understanding of those guiding within a natural forest. the communication efforts. The brand personality gives richness and texture to those who must implement the identity-building effort. BRAND POSITION: HOW WILL WE SAY IT? The brand position is the place you desire to occupy in your target The important aspect of a brand personality is that it is often a markets mind, it must be authentic to your core identity, resonate with, sustainable point of differentiation. Consider the personalities of be meaningful to and have value to your target market. Brand position Harley Davidson, Nike, Hallmark and Tiffany. In each case the brand is the part of the Brand identity that is to be actively communicated personality is unique within its class. to the target audience and that demonstrates an advantage over competing brands. BRAND PROMISE: WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS THAT THE BRAND PROMISES? The most important points of this definition are: “The Part – The Value Proposition, is a statement of the functional and emotional Target – Actively Communicated” benefits delivered by the brand that provides value to the target customer. The benefit is the payoff for the customer. The effective The brand expression or “tagline” is the way you want customers to value proposition should lead to a brand-customer relationship. think and feel about your organization and its product or service. It is JMMC can help you establish a clear description of a specific target a specific position in your customer’s mind that you want to own. For market and need. We evaluate which benefits are most motivational... The Woodlands we developed a tagline that expressed the two main what functional benefits are relevant and motivate? What emotional components of living in The Woodlands... people and nature. The benefits motivate? tagline “Human Nature” simply communicates both, and implies that The Woodlands is a natural choice for prospective buyers. We share our strong endorsement of John Manlove Marketing & Communication based upon prior experience in marketing our region; drawing heavily upon their knowledge and expertise which is always well grounded, while innovative and cutting edge. Jan Lawler President and CEO, Economic Alliance Houston Port Region | 281.487.6767
  5. 5. creating spheres of influence® direct mail influence Direct mail is still the most highly targeted method of delivering your message to the right person at the right time. But, direct mail is far more than ink on paper with a postage stamp – it is a science. At JMMC we understand the science of direct mail and have the will do just that – create no response. The key to having a good experience. We know what works and just as importantly - what response is to have a great “relevant” offer, and the offer should does not. To create and produce an influential direct mail campaign promise emotional and physical benefits, the more personal the it is important to understand the value of a well crafted headline, the better. We have seen response increase by as much as 50% just by use of effective subheads, persuasive copy, compelling graphics, a changing the offer. In addition it is important to limit the time of the call to action and the almighty offer. offer, if you give your audience “forever” to respond to your offer they just might take you up on that and never respond. Other important factors to consider when formulating a direct mail campaign is timing, is your product or service seasonal? It is best At JMMC we understand how to create an effective direct mail to mail just before and during the times of highest demand. For campaign. Just as importantly we know the difference between a example, health club memberships peak in January and just before promotion which generates short term sales spikes and branding summer. Church attendance is highest during the fall, Christmas and which produces long term sales advantages and how the two work Easter. The demand for home insulation products is highest in the most effectively together. south during June, July and August. Direct mail is about creating a response and to create a response you need to offer something. A good offer gives the recipient a reason to respond, and then goes on to tell them clearly what the next step should be. A direct mail campaign with no response-generating offer I have had the pleasure of working with John Manlove Marketing & Communication on a number of occasions including work on Project Stars. I can recommend them without reservation as our experiences have been nothing but outstanding. Project Stars is a broad-based community effort to enhance our historic infrastructure with goals including a stronger sense of community among residents and business, and a stronger public identity outside our community. The branding, imaging and production of materials created by JMMC have been of exceptional quality and unique creativity. Sylvia R. Garcia Commissioner, Harris County Precinct Two | 281.487.6767
  6. 6. creating spheres of influence® interactive influence Emerging trends in technology and new developments in the way consumers are marketed to will affect the way we market. Continuing to educate, train and present innovative technologies and applications to our clients is what has kept JMMC successful for over 40 years. We have built our reputation on our capability to use leading edge marketing technologies for our clients in an evolving marketplace. We have found it extremely valuable to leverage partnerships with emerging companies that are leading the industry in their respective trade. JMMC’S CORE EXPERTISE & DEDICATED TEAM • Increased search engine optimization and website performance by Our core expertise lies in research and sorting vast amounts of publicly utilizing real time data from analytics. available information, and objectively analyzing the information to • Reduced costs and increased visibility (i.e. impressions & visits) of help make smarter decisions about online marketing, emerging on-line banner ads using an engagement-based optimization tool technologies and e-business. We are committed to staying objective on an exchange and/ or network platform. with the information available and create actionable steps that are • Increased tracking methods with TotalTrack system on all forms cost-effective and most of all smart for the client. of media. • Event Attendance and consumer interaction increased by utilizing JMMC’S TRUSTED RESOURCES low-cost forms of communication, such as Social Networks and We partner with companies that serve as a trusted resource for their Social Media. respective application and tool. Cutting through the clutter and hype – helping businesses make sense of the trends is our goal. JMMC BIG PICTURE serves the client best when we help you make better, more informed Most importantly, we understand the big picture, and we can business decisions by: adapt to new trends quickly. Over 40 years we have seen a lot • Streamlining research information of sources of fads in advertising and marketing. We remain keenly aware of • Reducing costs by saving valuable time what’s happening in the industry, and new technologies. We • Providing an objective, bird’s eye view of all online programs make judgments about new media technologies based on proven • Building strong case studies backed by actual data marketing fundamentals: • Reducing business risk • Which technologies are best for driving interest? • Which technologies are best for responding to interest? BENEFITS OF USING JMMC • Which technologies are most cost effective and how do they fit into Benefits are best shown by real results; below we outline what your overall marketing objectives? we have seen in recent years using emerging technologies and embracing trends. • Reduction in postage by using email newsletters. • Creating more channels of communication by using applications such as MobiMe, mobile website integration. • Increased page ranking, sales and ROI through search engine marketing that utilizes industry leading keyword optimization tools, i.e. conversion-based-optimization. | 281.487.6767