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Lauren Malmon Federal Resume Lauren Malmon Federal Resume Document Transcript

  • LAUREN H. MALMON LRontheweb@yahoo.com5225 Pooks Hill Rd. #1008N • Bethesda, MD • 20814 (858) 335-4960 (M) (301) 312-6422 (H) STRATEGIC EMPLOYEE AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT MANAGER:MA/HR and extensive experience as a strategic Learning and Career Development, Leadership and Human Capital Manager in both Federal Government and Fortune 500 organizations. Strong track record of analyzing organizational needs, managing change initiatives, and driving workforce programs and curricula that improve culture and morale. At top agencies and companies, including the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), and, have provided full strategic input to create agency or corporate wide leadership curricula and initiatives. Managed, coached and mentored employees and vendors, and managed contracts as certified Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COTR/COR). As Program Manager, set goals and budgets, identify resources, perform needs assessment, lead curriculum design teams comprised of other faculty and designers (internal and external) or work independently to develop creative, competency and action-learning based learning. Implement, market, and evaluate programs at the learning, application, behavior change and results levels. Design and manage long-term, highly complex emerging supervisor and Executive Candidate leadership development programs. Develop, manage, and use a wide variety of Executive Coaching, 360 degree feedback, and other assessments to encourage leader self-awareness. Designed and managed complex, high profile initiatives and courses in leadership development, workforce planning, career management, performance management, and organizational and team development. Recruit/identify instructors, oversee and regularly monitor facilitation, and evaluate both internal and external faculty to ensure facilitator development and effective delivery. Independently created custom mentoring programs for GAO and U.S. Department Of Transportation (DOT) that are considered Federal Government best practices. Delivered/facilitated wide variety of supervisory and career development courses to excellent evaluations. Developed and delivered Leadership and HR Development courses at the university level (including at the University of California) and for adult learners in a variety of technical and non-technical disciplines. Possess active SECRET Security Clearance.Critical Skills include: • Leadership competency design • Strategic employee and leadership development curriculum design • Development program needs assessment, development, implementation, facilitation, and evaluation (classroom and e-learning or blended learning) • Complex project and program management • Leadership of HR/training organizations and curriculum design teams • Facilitation (classroom and alternative delivery) • Facilitator outreach, resource allocation, development, coaching, and evaluation • Leader Development to improve organization succession planning • Organizational Development • Performance Management • Career management, 360 and other assessment and Individual Development Plan (IDP) coaching • Work/life and mentoring program design and administration • Human capital manpower/workforce planning • Management and review of multiple large-scale contracts (Federal COTR and corporate) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEU.S. NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION – Bethesda, MD 4/2011 – PresentManager, Leadership Programs (Manager, Leaders Academy)Senior Instructional Systems Designer (Employee and Leadership Development)
  • LAUREN H. MALMON Page 2(GG-14, Series 1701, 45 hours/week)Provide strategic direction and lead the design, development, marketing and delivery of the broad range of Agency-wideleadership course content. Develop, revise and direct all learning and e-learning initiatives for NRC team leaders,supervisors, managers and executives in one of the top Best Place to Work agencies. Lead, plan, design and manage theNRCs SES CDP (executive development) and all aspects of emerging leaders cohort program (Leadership PotentialProgram). Act as Contracting Officer (COTR/COR) for complex contracts that provide leadership training, executiveseminars, leadership assessments, and executive coaching. Completed substantial cross-course analysis of OPM ECQsand leadership competencies to ensure best leadership curriculum plan for Agency. Along with competency analysis,planned, projected, and analyzed data from a variety of sources to create training plan for Leaders Academy and toexplore demand for future leadership initiatives. Lead multiple curriculum design teams with other instructional designprofessionals and faculty to create and redesign classes in the NRC Leaders Academy. Applying ADDIE and otherknowledge of training methodology and instructional systems, design courses and coordinate new design elements (suchas interactive exercises and action learning, simulation, video/media, webinars, online and paper leadership assessments,relevant case studies and other exercises) for leadership courses to aid in adult learning. Team with Department andAgency-wide staff on new leadership initiatives, including implementing full new curricula and timely learning events.Coach leaders in a variety of leadership assessments, Leadership Development Plans and 360 degree feedback.Represent and provide outreach for Leaders Academy regularly to wide variety of parties during large and small agencyevents. Evaluate programs using Kirkpatrick Levels 1 through 4 (learning, application, behavior, results), withparticular emphasis on application and behavior change levels. Frequently perform facilitator training, coaching andevaluation to ensure high evaluations and skill development. Was asked to speak on three-person NRC panel discussingleadership and learning for the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) in partnership with the PublicManager in a webcast reaching 11,000 training professionals. • With less than one-tenth of the previous program budget, developed creative program elements and enhancements to 2011 Leadership Potential (cohort) Program (LPP) for emerging supervisors such as highly interactive orientation week and action learning projects and rotational assignments deemed critical to the success of NRCs mission by senior SES leadership. Due to effectiveness and outreach efforts for new program, NRCs Executive Resources Board is highly engaged for the first time in the history of the LPP. • Planned strategy and concept, led, coordinated resources for and developed multi-faced, new global Interpersonal Effectiveness initiative for Chief Learning Officer and senior management. Program was designed to help build management and staff communication and interpersonal skills in Emotional Intelligence, difficult conversations, and civility during first major Agency organizational change. Wrote objectives and content and partnered with instructional design teams of ISDs to ensure highly relevant courses. Vetted executive speakers and content for online skill building toolkits, action learning projects, and other initiatives around soft skills of resilience, change management, critical thinking, and conflict resolution. • Developed direction for and drafted Strategic Leadership whitepaper after planning and facilitating three-hour meeting of key cross-organization office directors. Whitepaper purpose is to identify learning opportunities and strategic direction for senior SES managers. • Bring subject matter knowledge to needs assessments and help develop dozens of team development and change management culture shift initiatives for specific NRC offices. Select facilitators and coach them concerning best content. Collaborate in multiple meetings as SME in change management to determine problem solving strategies within the Agency. • Vet speakers for executive seminars (in person and teleconference), including substantial analysis of speaker expertise. Lead meetings to agree on most resonant content for presentations based on objectives. Since taking the role, these seminars have had best attendance and highest ratings since their inception. • Independently conceptualized, developed, and designed equivalency process, program, and tools for high profile Leaders Academy equivalency initiative, enabling leaders with existing skills to focus on the most relevant classes and gain equivalency for courses building skills they already possess. • Manage and implement enhancements to Agency-wide mentoring program and designed training for mentors and mentees that better fit the current demand.
  • LAUREN H. MALMON Page 3U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (Office of the Inspector General) – Washington, DCExpert, Development and Mentoring 1/2011 - 4/2011(SES Level Expert Assignment, 55 hours/week)Assessed needs, designed, developed policy, performed outreach and marketing activities and delivered a complex,customized organization-wide mentoring program considered a prototype for other DOT components in a 3-month timeperiod. Spoke to DOT Agency and external groups on best practices in career development and leadership. Createdleader training on communication skills for all Investigator supervisors. Recognized by IG with special award for“exceptional efforts” designing programs to improve morale and retention and promote culture shift.SRA INTERNATIONAL – Arlington, VA 4/2010 – 1/2011Senior Human Capital and Leadership Consultant(55 hours/week)Provided Human Capital program and project management and subject matter expertise, coaching and mentoring toFederal Government agencies in designing complex, strategic, agency-wide workforce development initiatives andfacilitating organization change. Conducted needs assessments and created and facilitated organizational, employee andleadership development initiatives, training seminars and communication plans to increase the effectiveness ofgovernment workers and meet agency objectives. • Provided instructional design expertise to one of largest Federal agencies in developing and implementing a virtual learning academy and certification process for thousands of staff. Facilitated development of a competency model and built career map, as well as initial metrics for both employee development and leadership development courses. • Organized and ran a leadership development Community of Practice to facilitate the startup of a core leadership practice within SRA.U.S. GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE – Washington, DC 2/2007 – 4/2010Leadership, Career and Organizational Development Manager(GS-12 through GS14 equivalents—Band PYII and Band III, Series 0201, 45 hours/week)Developed strategy and policy, designed, led, implemented and managed comprehensive, Agency-wide leadership andemployee development programs. Technical advisor to the Executive Resources Board (ERB), planned and managedprograms to provide development/guidance to current SES/SL new Agency executives, and Executive Candidates. AsProgram Manager, established goals, objectives and measures, managed costs, and allocated resources for large andsmaller leadership and career development initiatives. Analyzed organizational human capital needs, led changemanagement and organization development, and drove complex leadership development and workforce programs thatimproved Agency culture, retention, and development of a diverse workforce. As Course Manager, developed,implemented, evaluated and improved (as well as acted as lead instructor for) seven soft skills/leadership courses,including teaching skills for coaching, leading up, creative thinking, empowerment, decision making, and many others.Other initiatives included leader transition programs, executive coaching services, career development, assessment, andmentoring. Won prestigious Chief Human Capital Award for leadership, cross-agency collaboration and programquality. Provided coaching/mentoring and expert guidance to senior leaders in Headquarters and 12 field offices ininterpreting training policy, statutory and regulatory information/directives, OPM regulations and procedures relating totraining and development. • Provided key strategic direction to first Agency-wide comprehensive leadership development curriculum to enhance leader qualifications and employee engagement in areas such as decision making, empowerment, strategic leadership, decision making and coaching. Designed, implemented, facilitated and evaluated leadership courses to improve competencies for all levels of leaders from front line supervisors to SES; each course accumulated superior evaluations for both content and facilitation. Incorporated wide range of learning activities, from case studies and simulations to video clips to encourage behavior modeling. • Worked with ERB to create development strategy, objectives and metrics for existing SES/SL that took into account government ECQs, GAO’s leader competencies and current SES skills. • Through creative outreach, recruited, trained, oversaw and evaluated GAO internal faculty and external contract facilitators to improve skills for delivery of new and redesigned leadership courses. • Managed Executive Candidate Program (CDP), a complex rotational program developing SES/SL leaders.
  • LAUREN H. MALMON Page 4 Led all areas of development and provided leadership coaching and mentoring. Revised program to changing needs (to accommodate fiscal stimulus work and other demands) and regulatory requirements, OPM laws and guidelines. Recognized by senior management and candidates for customer service and knowledge. • Conducted needs assessment and defined requirements for new 360 degree feedback instrument. Evaluated solutions, leading to first departmental Sole Source contract and widely accepted customized assessment/program for mid and senior level leaders, which because of its perceived importance became mandatory for SES/SL. Acted as technical expert in the instrument and training, as well as Program Manager orchestrating instrument completion. Designed metrics to support continuing implementation and evaluation of the program, working with contractor to resolve issues and meet objectives. • Created first department to provide efficient end-to-end Human Capital services for SES/SL cadre in support of Executive Committee and Performance Review Board (PRB) as executive leadership expert. • Achieved senior leader buy-in, designed and implemented first Agency-wide career management program to increase job satisfaction, career growth and retention. • Designed, planned, led, managed and partnered with GAO stakeholders to implement a multi-faceted, Agency- wide mentoring program widely recognized by other agencies as a Federal Government best practice. Spoke at Federal Mentoring Roundtable, leading to follow-up presentations at interested agencies. • Managed agency Organizational Development Services, evaluating manager/team requests, providing consulting on an array of complex initiatives, and leading/coaching/mentoring a cadre of internal OD consultants and external contractors to improve culture.AMAZON.COM. – Seattle, WA 5/2005 – 2/2006Sr. Manager – Training and Organizational Development(80 hours/week)As supervisor, training authority and technical advisor for the company, designed training and development programsas well as HR/training policy, performed high-level program and project management, and drove sensitive andculture changing initiatives at corporate headquarters. Performed needs assessments and instructionaldesign and negotiated and partnered with training vendors as needed to meet learning objectives and customizeleadership and employee development courses. • Designed leadership analysis and competency model used to determine leader success throughout the company. Provided needs analysis, acted as Course Manager and supervised/led other Course Managers in implementing first worldwide competency based leadership program to eliminate supervisory skill gaps. • Created model/design, policy and metrics, provided expert advice and guidance, and ultimately obtained CEO and Executive Team approval to implement and train workforce on new global performance management HR system that fit Amazon’s culture and policy needs and streamlined processes worldwide. • Crafted whitepapers and coached Executive Team, convincing top leaders to make substantial changes to the promotion process and policy to provide simplification and clarity and to assist in employee optimization and leadership succession efforts.INTERWOVEN, INC. – Sunnyvale, CA 2/2004 – 5/2005Program Manager/Consultant(45 hours/week)Designed and implemented training programs and corporate communications, including planning and administeringnewsletter read by over 75% of employees. As technical Program Manager, led more than 40projects per quarter, resulting in over $9 million of new business each quarter.BD BIOSCIENCES – San Diego, CA 11/2002 - 12/2003Senior HR Manager(55 hours/week)Strategic Business Partner providing expert advice, coaching and mentoring, planning and direction for entire R&Dand Marketing functions. Provided strategic guidance, created policies, procedures, and processes and planned thetactical implementation of complex initiatives in training, leadership development and career development, changemanagement/OD, executive coaching, HR planning, reward and recognition, and other areas. Resolved high-level,sensitive employee relations issues. Supervised, coached and mentored Senior HR Representative and HR Assistant.
  • LAUREN H. MALMON Page 5• As training and development expert for all of BD Biosciences, designed, facilitated, managed and delivered new HR development programs, including major leadership development initiatives and courses for managers at all levels. As Course Manager, designed (and/or managed competency-based design from outside vendors), implemented and evaluated new leadership development courses for scientific leaders that were widely adopted across BD to assist leaders in gaining people management skills and improving team dynamics. Topics included "leading up," empowerment, communication skills, motivating others, and other supervisory topics.• Designed for whole division, implemented and facilitated well-received, hands-on Performance Management course, training over 95% of local managers on how to effectively manage performance.• Performed substantial outreach throughout BD to cultivate internal "leaders as teachers" culture, building internal facilitator cadre that included leaders throughout the company.• Created Great Place to Work strategy, needs assessment and guidelines to resolve company retention issues. Developed evaluation metrics to show return on investment (ROI) and behavior change.• Developed organization and team effectiveness consulting process and tools enabling HR Business Partners to align human resources with business objectives and improve team dynamics.CAREER INNOVATIONS – San Jose and San Diego, CA 5/1998 - 11/2002Senior Human Resources and Training Consultant (40+ hours/week)(High-level Human Resources/Training and Development consultant/manager/program and project manager forDBM, Inc. (four years), PETCO, ADAC Laboratories, Bay Networks, Career Innovations and University ofCalifornia, San Diego)(50 - 80 hours/week)• As Director of HR for ADAC, developed HR Strategic Plan involving organizational restructuring, benchmarking, position management and design of policies, procedures and programs enhancing services for 1,000 person multi-site organization in accordance with applicable regulations and company guidelines. Assessed needs, outlined and created first leadership curriculum for organization, incorporating elements of Zenger-Miller and home-grown content. Developed policies, processes, and procedures across the Human Resources function and ensured compliance with human resources laws and statutory guidelines. Supervised staff of HR specialists and administrators.• Provided strategic decision making, technical expertise, training needs assessment, and complex instructional design to create Store Manager leadership development curriculum and training materials, assisting PETCO in winning the 2001 ASTD Organization of the Year Award. Level 4 (Kirkpatrick) evaluations found substantial cost savings of 5-8% or more upon implementation of leadership courses.• Designed and taught Performance Management and Work/Life courses for UC San Diego management and HR curricula.• Advised and coached career clients, utilized career and leadership assessments, facilitated career transition workshops, and designed career resource centers, aiding in the placement of hundreds of displaced workers. Taught and coached executives and other leaders at dozens of companies to perform layoffs by providing tools to improve messaging to affected employees.LEGI-SLATE, Inc. (A Washington Post Company) – Washington, DC 1/1997 –2/1998Director, Human Resources(50 hours/week)As key member of executive team, provided expert advice and guidance and partnered with leaders to plan/developnew business vision, workforce plan, and strategy. Developed infrastructure, policies/benefits/procedures, HRprograms and training courses that facilitated complicated transformation in rapidly changing company. Designed,implemented and facilitated first competency-based leadership strategy, curriculum and courses. Worked withcontractor personnel to ensure customization of external courses to meet learning objectives. Supervised HRGeneralist Coordinator and administrative staff. Prepared/monitored HR budget and company salary budget.Directed and led organizational redesign activities and staffing initiatives which simplified workflow and created newpositions and reward structures. As head of Human Resources, acted as company technical authority around HR andtraining. Created first policy manual for Legi-Slate to be in compliance with applicable HR legislation.
  • LAUREN H. MALMON Page 6HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY – Rockville, MD and Boise, ID 5/1993 –1/1997Human Resources Manager (1994 - 1997)(50 hours/week)High-level consultant/generalist and program manager offering expert HR technical advice and guidance for morethan 50 managers and 550 employees across several field offices. Sole HR contact for 400-person office. Interpreted,coached, developed and led compliance in policies, procedures and guidelines, including developing staffing/positionmanagement and work/life policies for the entire HP Field Organization (across locations) and heading successfulEEO compliance efforts for regional headquarters.• Drove successful, benchmarked complex national organizational transformation project, including structure design, implementation planning, and development of metrics and communication tools for Analytical Products Group scientific community.• Provided intact and cross-functional team needs assessment, development and delivery of creative, customized solutions, including change management, management development, and interpersonal conflict. Recognized by customers and peers for facilitating significant improvements to team performance.• Using rigorous instructional design methodologies, created and implemented training programs for staff in field offices, for divisions, and for the company as a whole that enhanced employee and leadership skills and comfort level with supervisory responsibilities. Courses included resilience, decision making, strategic leadership, and empowerment.HR Program Manager (1993 - 1994)(40 hours/week)Developed from RFP, planned, directed and managed (including vendor management and negotiation, large-scale costand resource management) a complex nationally recognized, site-wide benchmark program to retrain productionworkers and engineers. Presented work to National Educators Conference on Workforce 2000. Led TechnicianDevelopment Council to implement new learning initiatives for manufacturing staff. Facilitated team building/conflictresolution, staffing and employee relations according to applicable employment law and Hewlett-Packard policy.Supervised work of Administrative Assistant. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONSMA – HR/Industrial Relations (Emphasis: Staffing, Training and Development) – University of Minnesota CarlsonSchool of Management, Minneapolis, MN;All Graduate School Fellowship; Research Assistantship; Tuition ScholarshipBA – Psychology; Minor, Mass Communications – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MNCertified in Achieve Global, Center for Creative Leadership, Career Systems International, CPP (including MBTIand Strong Interest Inventory), Masteryworks, Management Concepts Acquisition Management (COTR/COR),Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), and Netspeed Leadership.