Dollar Shava Club - for women


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Project for UC Berkeley Consumer Behavior class.

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Dollar Shava Club - for women

  1. 1. UC Berkeley Extention – Consumer Behavior Professor Kathy Klotz-GuestGabriel DillonLisandra MaioliPamela TanzilloSutheerawan (TJ) March 25, 2013
  2. 2. “Men,  at  first,  offer  a  bigger  target  to  tell  our  ini3al  story.”   §  Subscrip)on  razor  blade  delivery  service   (launched  in  July,    2011)   §  12  K  subscrip9ons  in  2  days   §  Social  Media  (Facebook,  Twi?er,  Google+)   §  DSC  characteris9cs:     ü  Irreverence     ü  Prac)cally     ü  thri:     ü  simplicity   §  Targe)ng  its  product  primarily  at  men  
  3. 3. Dollar  Shave  Club  offers  3  types  of  razors,  the  cheapest  being  the  most  adver9sed:  “for  a  dollar  a  month  we  send  high  quality  razors   right  to  your  door”   “Stop  paying  for  shaved  tech  you  don’t  need.  And   stop  forgeDng  to  buy   your  blades  every   month”.  
  4. 4. G+Twitter Facebook
  5. 5. But DSC already has woman asconsumers, they already like DSC…
  6. 6. Sites and weblogs also seewomen as a target: Oh,  I  forgot  to  men3on  that  the  actual   shaving  experience  was  a  delight  as  well.     Women,  be  warned  though.    My  wife  tried   out  one  of  the  4X  blades  and  did  not  enjoy   the  experience...if  only  Dollar  Shave  Club   offered  a  female  version!   Blog  Illusions  of  Grandeur   Let’s  just  sit  back  and  wait  for  the   inevitable  lady  version  of  this  adorable   The  key  to  a  good  shave,  he  pitches,   marke3ng  gimmick  to  come  out.  Or   is  a  clean,  fresh  blade.  And  lowering   maybe  women  will  just  con@nue   the  price  is  the  key  way  to  get  men   stealing  the  menfolk’s  razors  in  the   (and,  eventually,  women),  to   shower  anyway.   change  out  their  blades  more   Consumerist   frequently.   C|net  
  7. 7. “While  the  Dollar  Shave  Club  now     only  caters  to  men,  there  has  been  talk  about  the   possibility  of  expanding  their  business  model  for  a   women’s  line  of  razors.    In  fact,  the  razors  that  they  currently  offer  have  suited   some  women  just  fine,  as  there  have  been  numerous   reports  of  female  Dollar  Shave  Club  subscribers.  Expanding  the  Dollar  Shave  Club  to  cater  specifically  to   women  seems  like  the  logical  next  step.”   It’s  simply  a  business  where  the   founder  Michael  Dubin  looked  at  an   Get  Your  Financial  Solu)ons   industry  and  said  he  wanted  to  help   men  have  fun  with  shopping  online,   because,  “Women  have  all  the  fun   “They  dont  have  female   [shopping  online]  with  fashion,  shoes,   specific  ones,  but  my  girlfriend   and  accessories.”   uses  the  6  blade  ones  and  she   MediaHunter   says  theyre  beTer  then  the  girl   razors  out  there...”   My  Own  Private  Idaho  
  8. 8. Dollar Shave Club Review -FROM FEMALE CUSTOMER h?p://­‐70hpzck    
  9. 9. Women represent the majority of theonline marketDigital  Divas  By  The  Numbers  •  22%  shop  online  at  least  once  a  day  •  92%  pass  along  informa9on  about  deals  or  finds  to  others  •  171:  average  number  of  contacts  in  their  e-­‐mail  or  mobile  lists  •  76%  want  to  be  part  of  a  special  or  select  panel  •  58%  would  toss  a  TV  if  they  had  to  get  rid  of  one  digital  device  (only  11%  would  ditch  their  laptops)   Source:  Mindshare/Ogilvy  &  Mather   h?p://www.she-­‐­‐on-­‐women  •  51%  are  moms  
  10. 10. “Women  tend  to  do  a  great  deal  of  preliminary  research  online  before  stepping   into  a  store,  and  if  a  retailer’s  Web  site   indus insitry provides  helpful  informa@on  geared  to   PICBIZ problem  solving,  it  will  help  that  retailer  become  part  of  her  trusted  circle  as  well  as   The Wo men’s M ght Reachi arket the Femng and Retain guide  her  to  that  store’s  front  door”   ale Con in sumer g The R ig Bene ht Approac fits Ac ross th h to Wome By La e Boa n Cus ura O rd tome Editor’ les rs Can R occasion s Note: Th al series is is our secon eap market d in digita examining the installment in l imaging emerging an M . women’ s en and wo ways tha men are dif n can ferent how the be coun in more is that y shop ted, inc effectiv and wh luding does no ely mark y. The go t mean eting to od news sion of a comp and ser men. In any ving gy that fact, a ma must do so at women is desig rketing the exclu ned an - “Women  do  more  peer  and  expert   sumer is one tha to properly ser d service strate both ge t will rai ve - nders. se the ba the female co There r in satisf n- are some action for and tec misconc hnology, eptions recommenda3ons  than  men  when   beliefs and bu about can cost ying int women dissolve a retail o these their rep er subs antiqua Enron tantial ted retireme eat customer revenue s and For exam nt acco base fas ple, wh unt. ter tha n an narrowing  down  the  field  ques3ons.   ence tar ile men geted in are mo purchase marketi st often s, wome ng for co the audi- of the n now nsumer $55 bil accoun electron lion sp t for ov accord ing to ent last er 50 pe ics year on rce the CE CE prod nt She’s  going  to  get  into  the  fine   Associa A (C tion) “early ad . A third of wo onsumer El ucts, what sh opters.” men co ec for a pe Those nsider the tronics e speakin values and sp riod of who ha mselves g down eak to sumer— time un ve been to her. often ref derstan d that the “in photo” lished earlier In a Ma the issue witho sador” erred to rie Clair details,  may  ask  addi@onal   or “prim female respond this ye e surve ut ager an as the con- ing felt ar, client wi ary pic ture-prin “memor y amba ping for intimida 78 percent y pub- she still d a wo man wi th film ter”—is s- consum ted or co of wome th an aff case no photogra less to er electr nfu n finds he inity for w that digital phy an d this a coveted do with onics. Th sed when shop ing for informa rself un easy at tec decesso rs. cameras is also cal but that the the fact that wo is issue may ha - a little tion to times wh hnology, outsell make the their film the men are ve trouble en search ques@ons  and  will  do  more  face-­‐to-­‐ In build informe informa because locating best de - ing a ma pre- d decis tion the less tec the cision. tively rea rk hn I ch wome eting strategy that sp eaks to ion is often no y seek to make i- ask,” say wasn’t exactly right routers “I had n, it is designe “solution t provide an s Hinson sure wh and hu importa d to Lisa Hi -provid d in a “I find of a rec ich qu bs nt to un effec- ns riencing on of Sante Fe ing”. way myself put off ent shop estions to 56 derstan a , N.M., up doing at times ping ex d right CE bit of confusio perie face  interac@on  than  men”   can relate much of produc n when to expe It’s the the resea by salespeople nce. classic . I end ts. As a past tec searching for - sales an “features rch myself.” hnical pr the d mark -to-bene oduct ma camera eting tra fits” les n- , for ex ining. W son in details ample, hen sel basic of differ don’t ge ling a dig ent me t mired ital gapixel down in www. explana the pictur tions— eb usines frame M smag .com • D ec em be r 20 04
  11. 11. “Social  retail,  especially  since  it  combines  two  ac3vi3es  that  are  already  firmly  in  the  mainstream  of  women’s  Web  ac3vity,  may  be  the  next  fron3er  in  this  evolu3on.  Social  networking  is  also  emerging  as  a  key  driver  for  women  in  the  mobile  sphere”  
  12. 12. “Women  drive  a  dispropor@onate  amount  of  on  line  spending.  In  the  U.S.  market,  women  make  up  just  under  half  of  the  Internet  popula3on  but  generate  58  percent  of  e-­‐commerce  dollars.”  
  13. 13. Demographics  “  I  like  to  be  connected  with  others”    (73%)  ”  I  have  my  Facebook  profile”  (78%)  
  14. 14. General information aboutWoman Shaving•  Most  of  the  adver9sements  show  summer  scenario.  It  is  true  that  women  shave  more   frequently  during  the  summer,  but  they  also  shave  during  the  rest  of  the  year  •  46%  of  women  used  male-­‐centric  products  for  their  shaving  needs  with  the  expecta9on   that  they  are  more  effec9ve  than  female-­‐dedicated  razors  •  Women  have  18  )mes  more  surface  area  to  shave  than  men  has  •  Grooming  products  targe)ng  women  are  o:en  more  expensive  than  the  comparable   product  targe9ng  men  •  Women  also  want  to  save  money  with  razors  •  80%  of  women  s)ll  prefer  razors  for  hair  removal  over  other  techniques  and  technologies  
  15. 15. For the past five years, interest in"women shave" has been increasing.  And there are two interestingobservations:
  16. 16. 1- Women search for razors, but also searchfor information about razors. Brands sell theblades, but dont provide information aboutthe "myth."2- There is no universally acclaimed "best"brand. Women are still searching for abrand to call their own
  17. 17.   Money-­‐saving  womens  razors     When  the  weather  is  hot  and   clothes  are  skimpier,  having  a  razor  that  does  a  great  job  shaving   legs  is  a  priority…    
  19. 19. Womenbeyond pink
  20. 20. Womenbeyond pink “Gender-­‐neutral   ads  generate  double  the  results  of  women-­‐target”  
  21. 21. Women alsolike humor
  22. 22. Women also haveto save time Women also want to keep in touch
  23. 23. Women also wantto share theirexperiences
  24. 24. Women careabout onlinerelationship
  25. 25. Women don’t wantto fit a girly pinkstereotype justbecause they arewomen
  26. 26. The “big mama” The Workaholic §  She’s  the  woman  who  lives  for  her  family,  she  always  worried  about   her  house  and  her  family,  and  she’s  the  bo?om  of  the  list.   §  Happiness  for  her  is  guarantee  that  everybody  in  her  house  is  happy.   Her  personal  realiza9on  its  not  part  of  her  reality  
  27. 27. The “big mama” The Workaholic§  She’s  completely  independent,  she’s  aggressive  and  for  her  success  is   related  with  her  professional  life.      §  She  believes  if  she  puts  her  profession  on  top  she  will  be  powerful,  but  at   the  same  9me  she’s  frustrated  with  her  personal  life  because  she  does  not   have9me  to  take  care  of  herself  or  keep  a  rela9onship    
  28. 28. The “big mama” The Workaholic For this woman balance is the word, she has her job, is independent, but always her self esteem is on top
  29. 29. “  I  prefer  having  a  balance   life  than  a  perfect  life”   “  Feeling  happy  and  good   with  myself  it’s  the  best  way   to  make  people  around  me   fell  happy”   “    The  world  needs  more   femininity  woman  and  not   woman  who  wants  to  be  compared  with  men  all  the  3me”  
  30. 30. Between  24  and  39  years  old,  are  white  collar  knowledge  workers,  and  have  individual  incomes  above  $50k  /  year.    Largely,  though  not  universally,  single  and  have  filled  their  life  with  ac9vity.    As  such,  they  value  the  prac)cality  and  convenience  of  having  razors  delivered  to  their  homes.  Addi9onally,  they  are  highly  value  conscious;  they  are  willing  to  spend  money  on  things  they  perceive  as  high  quality,  but  very  reluctant  to  spend  above  a  product’s  perceived  value.    They  view  razors  as  a  commodity  necessary  to  their  lifestyle,  but  believe  the  marke9ng  messages  that  advocate  for  unnecessary  features  on  their  razors  inflate  their  cost.    
  31. 31. forget about buying razors, FOREVERTheir  web  page  is  obvious  women  centric  with  light  and  candy  colours  like  pink  and  light  blue.  This  is  also  applicable  to  their  products.  
  32. 32. forget about buying razors, FOREVERProduct  Descrip9on  wordings  are  more  descrip9ve  than  those  of  DSC,  for  example:  
  33. 33. forget about buying razors, FOREVER Facebook  =  464  Likes  and  37  talking   about  it.  Most  of  their  posts  are   tweets  that  are  retweeted  from   Twi?er       TwiXer  =  404  followers  with  only  47   tweets  since  in  business/  they  omen   use  hashtags  like  #Luxury  and   #Convenience  §  The  Blade  Award  for  “New  ecommerce  website  of   2012”  §  Offering  premium  shaving  soaps  as  an  addi9onal  to   razor  packages  §  Promoted  by  having  free-­‐giveaway  in  February  
  34. 34. forget about buying razors, FOREVER “With  so  many  subscrip@ons  available,  I’ve  been  surprised  that  I’ve  yet  to  find  a  monthly   razor  service  geared  towards  women.     Thankfully  ChicShave  has  come  to  the  rescue!  (…)  I  mean,  when  you  think  about  it  razors  are   such  an  integral  part  of  our  daily  lives  from  a   “Now  there  is  a  monthly  subscrip3on  fairly  young  age.    Men  and  women  have  been   service  for  razors,  thanks  to  ChicShave.  I   shaving  since  ancient  @mes  …”   think  this  is  a  great  idea,  because  razors   Parsimonious  Parcels   are  something  that  just  about  all  women   need.  Its  also  good  because  with  razors   coming  to  your  door  every  month,  you   will  no  longer  have  to  remember  to  buy   them  at  the  store.”   Glamour  Girls  Reviews  
  35. 35. Venus Closest Shave.  Dramatically Smooth SkinRated  on  most  beauty  blogs  and  websites  to  be  the  number  one  choice  for  refillable  category.     5  Blades  with  Ribbon  of  Moisture   They  come  in  both  refillable  and   disposable  versions  with  5  blades   and  interchangeable  handle    
  36. 36. Venus Closest Shave.  Dramatically Smooth Skin  “Get  closer  to  the  ones  you  love  with  unsurpassed  smoothness.  Our  first  five-­‐blade  razor  for  women,  Venus  Embrace®  hugs  every  curve  and  even  lets  you  shave  bikini  hair  for  a  close  shave  and  drama9cally  smooth,  begs-­‐to-­‐be-­‐close  skin.     •  5  blades  for  a  drama9cally  smooth  shave   •  Ribbon  of  moisture  for  a  smooth  glide   •  Interchangeable  Blade  Refill  Cartridges   •  ShowerPod®  convenient  in-­‐shower  storage   •  Som  Grip  handle  for  no-­‐slip  control    Venus®  products  are  designed  to  fit  all  lifestyles,  whether  you  seek  the  perfect  shave  or  an  indulging  and  pampering  experience.    Venus®  encourages  all  women  to  reveal  their  inner  Goddess  making  them  feel  sexy,  confident  and  care-­‐free  
  37. 37. Venus Closest Shave.  Dramatically Smooth Skin  Facebook  =  1,083,344  Likes  and  15,410  talking  about  it.  (Higher  rate  of  engagement  on  the  plauorm  than  Chicshave)    TwiXer  =    17,641  followers  with  4,048  tweets/  use  different  hashtags  for  each  products,  for  example,  #VenusEmbrace,  #VenusOlay,#VenusRazor     §  Both  the  FB  and  Twi?er  pages  include  en9re   products  under  the  Venus  product  line.     §  Generally  sold  at  $12  (interchangeable   handle  +  2  cartridges)  in  general  stores  like   Walmart/  Walgreen/  CVS  –  The  refill   cartridges  are  sold  at  around  $15  
  38. 38. Free your skin“The  high  performance  Schick®  Qua?ro  for  Women®Razor  has  enhanced  condi9oning  strips  with  Acai  Berry  and  Jojoba  Complex.    A  shave  so  smooth  you  can  even  skip  a  day  or  two!  
  39. 39. Free your skinFacebook  =  290,251  likes  with  809  talking  about  it  (lesser  interac9on  than  Gille?e)  their  page  is  quite  ac9ve  with  posts  and  pictures  related  to  their  products  or,  at  least,  feminism.    TwiXer  =  1,442  followers  with  1,572  tweets  
  40. 40.  "In  fact,  studies  show  that  adding  more  blades  doesnt  add    any  extra  closeness  to  your  shave,  and   Daily   gels  rub  off  quickly.  So,  the  best  way  to  save  on  the  product  is  by  making  them  last  longer.  (…)  So,  the  next  @me  you  get  tempted  to  buy  that  preOy  pearlized  pink  op@on,  think  again.  When  it  comes   to  smooth  results,  a  regular  razor  is  really  all  you   need.  Make  it  last  with  proper  care  and  youll  be   saving  on  your  shave  in  no  3me."   Daily  Finance  
  41. 41. Sexism  in  razors  -­‐  feminism  in  the   hair  removal  department   Technically,  not  all  ladies  razors  are  pink/purple/yellow,  leaving  all  mens  razors  with   blue  and  grey.  I  know  that  the  GileTe  Venus  is  turquoise  for  example.  However,  it   s@ll  just  seems  a  liOle  boring  that  marke@ng  departments  make  female  and   male  razors  so  differently.   Rockalily  Cuts  
  42. 42. Marketers  are  s@ll  using  the  pink  sledgehammer  because  its  probably  the   easiest  route  to  go.  Pink  has  been   designated  the  universal  color  for  all   females.  If  you  want  to  try  to  find  a   present  for  a  liTle  girl,  I  defy  you  to  find   Just  using  pink  is  too  heavy-­‐handed.   something  that  isnt  pink.  Pink  is  not  a   If  its  not  raising  money  for  breast   strategy.  But  when  its  the  only  color   cancer,  it  just  seems  like  someone  offered,  it  makes  it  seem  like  you  havent   somewhere  in  the  company  thinks   put  any  thought  into  this  at  all.   pink  is  catnip  for  women.  And  in  some   cases  thats  true.  But  its  just  geRng   a  liOle  old,  and  women  expect  a  bit   more  than  that.  
  43. 43. Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
  44. 44. Women will have 3 options, like menTier  one:  a  sleek  basic  an9-­‐drag  2-­‐blade  shaver  glides  across  your  silky  skin  with  moisturizing  aloe  vera  strip  for  ultra  som  amer-­‐shave  skin.  With  5  cartridges  per  month  to  help  your  skin  stay  silky  smooth.    Tier  two:  The  last  razor  you  will  ever  need;  a  gentle  shave  in  a  single  stoke.  You  will  love  this  razor  more  than  your  boyfriend’s.  A  4-­‐blade  razor  with  full  90-­‐degree  pivot  head  for  those  hard  to  reach  areas.  Delivers  with  4  cartridges  a  month  and  each  comes  with  Aloe  Vera  strip  to  leave  that  som  and  silky  feeling.    Tier  three:  The  final  fron9er.  Stop  being  that  bad  girl  and  step  up  with  your  very  own.    The  6-­‐blade  razor  “to  call  your  own”  with  the  caring  of  aloe,  vitamin  E  and  lavender  moisturizer  and  lubrica9ng  strip  for  maximum  skin  protec9on.  The  ul9mate  personal  groomer  every  woman  needs.  
  45. 45. Messaging Guideline, including thetone and voice will be the sameWhile  the  bravado  of  “s9cking  it  to  the  man”  will  remain  a  key  element  of  the  marke9ng  messages,  introducing  the  blades  as  a  male-­‐only  product  will  change  and  women  will  be  portrayed  as  similarly  savvy,  prac)cal,  and  aggressively  sharp.        The  most  important  messaging  element  to  avoid  will  be  anything  that  suggests  women  have  unique  shaving  requirements.        Instead,  the  primary  message  will  be  that  shaving  is  a  prac)cal  necessity  for  women  just  as  much  as  men,  that  a  product  designed  for  a  woman  has  desirable  quali9es  for  their  shaving  habits,  and  that  the  unnecessary  fluff,  hype,  and  female-­‐centric  marke9ng  are  pandering,  demeaning,  and  wasteful.  
  46. 46. Competitor Slogans forget about buying razors, FOREVER Venus Closest Shave.  Dramatically Smooth Skin Free your skin
  47. 47. “Shave time, shave money.Shave more than your face”
  48. 48. Changing the overMale-centriccommunication Current:  Many  posts  from  its   Facebook  page  are  9ps  and   survey  about  man-­‐woman   rela9onship  and  female  behavior.     Changing:  Also  include   informa9on  about  male  behavior   and  9ps  about  rela9onship  for   women.  Ask  their  opinion  as  well.  
  49. 49. Changing the overMale-centriccommunication Current:  Other  posts  starts  by   “man”  and  some  comments   exclude  women  from  the   conversa9on.  Women  are  like   “stalkers”  and  are  not  part  of  the   “club”.     Changing:  Don’t  use  just  “men”,   also  use  “women”,  talking  with   women  as  well  including  them   into  the  conversa9on,  answering   them  as  a  part  of  the  club.  
  50. 50. Changing the overMale-centriccommunication Current:  Automa9c  e-­‐mail  and   posts  are  generated  talking  to   men.     Changing:  Those  texts  must  be   general  gender  and  not  male  or   female  gender-­‐centric.  
  51. 51. Contest to choose the product names Tier  one:    Sugar  Cane/  Sweet  Grey/  Grey  Sugar  #DSCforwomen   Tier  two:  Tender  Love/  Passion  Grey  /  Delicate  me     Tier  three:  Alpha  Lady/    Famme  Fatale  /  The  ul9matum  
  52. 52. Microsite  describing  women’s  shaving  needs,  explaining  the  prac9cality  of  a  razor  subscrip9on  service,  and  will  explain  why  a  women-­‐centric  razor  is  desirable  for  women.        The  microsite  will  link  poten9al  buyers  to  the  primary  DSC  website,  where  the  women’s  razors  will  be  for  sale  directly  alongside  the  other  three  models.    On  the  primary  site,  much  of  the  messaging  will  include  references  to  women’s  shaving  needs  as  well  as  men’s  and  some  of  the  material  that  specifically  targets  men  will  be  excised.    
  53. 53. §  Collec9ng  women’s  stories  about  their  need   for  prac9cal,  low-­‐cost  razors  has  led  them   to  DCS  §  Crea9ng  content  to  Facebook  and  Twi?er   (same  Facebook  page  and  Twi?er  account)   with  the  hashtag  #DSCforwomen   (the  content  will  follow  the  same  editorial   style  as  told  before,  but  including  the   women  on  the  conversa3on  “let’s  talk   about  shaving”)          
  54. 54. All  current  subscribers  of  the  “4x”  and  “Execu9ve”  DSC  will  receive  in  their  next  razor  shipment  a  single  women’s  razor  handle  and  cartridge.      This  will  reach  most  of  DSC’s  current  female  subscribers,  and  also  give  male  subscribers  an  opportunity  to  pass  the  blade  off  to  a  female  friend.    
  55. 55. Use  Twi?er  and  Facebook  to  compile  a  list  of  female  subscribers  already  advoca)ng  for  DSC.    Send  them  samples  and  encourage  them  to  try  the  woman-­‐centric  razors.  The  associated  packaging  and  messaging  with  this  free  blade  will  exhort  the  users  to  share  their  experience  with  their  free  blade  on  TwiXer  and  Facebook,  where  the  DSC  brand  will  engage,  aggregate,  and  share  their  stories  with  the  larger  DSC  community.  
  56. 56. A  loyalty  program  designed  to  increase  the  net  promoter  score  by  rewarding  users  who  become  advocates.    Rewards  longevity  with  opportuni9es  to  try  premium  services  for  free.    Loyalty  is  an  opportunity  to  upsell  our  happiest  users  with  high-­‐profit  services  while  recognizing  their  apprecia9on  of  our  service.  
  57. 57. If  a  boXom  )er  user  refers  one  person  who  subscribes,  they  get  a  free,  one  month  upgrade  to  the  second  9er  product  in  addi9on  to  their  usual  product  the  sixth  month  of  their  subscrip9on.    If  they  refer  two  people,  they  get  their  free  upgrade  amer  four  months  of  subscrip9on.    If  they  refer  three  people,  they  get  their  free  upgrade  amer  three  months  of  subscrip9on.    They  can  refer  more  people,  but  can  only  receive  more  upgrades  every  three  months.    
  58. 58. If  the  referer  is  a  second  9er  user  already,  their  receive  the  highest  )er  product,  for  free.    If  the  referer  is  a  top  9er  user,  they  receive  a  box  of  premium  trial  size  toiletry  products.    (Poten3ally  partner  with  BirchBox  to  get  access  to  cheap  samples.)  
  59. 59. Loyalty goals and objectives§  Recognize  only  users  who  subscribe  for  mul9ple  months  of  service.  §  Recognize  only  users  who  refer  at  least  one  addi9onal  paying  customer.  §  For  users  who  refer  mul9ple  users,  provide  perks  more  rapidly  and  more   frequently.  §  Provide  users  opportuni9es  to  try  higher  9er  products  with  the  expecta9on  that   some  will  upgrade.    Net Promoter Score:  §  Encourage  sa9sfied  users  to  refer  their  contacts.  §  Reward  our  most  enthusias9c  users  with  prac9cal  perks  as  omen  as  possible.  
  60. 60. New video featuringDurbin and Katie
  61. 61. h?p://   h?p:// h?p:// watch?v=jBkR09sP4T4   schick-­‐qua?ro-­‐helps-­‐women-­‐trim-­‐ bush-­‐14387  
  62. 62. Adver)sement   for  womens   shaving  razor   1933  
  63. 63. UC Berkeley Extention – Consumer Behavior Professor Kathy Klotz-GuestGabriel DillonLisandra MaioliPamela TanzilloSutheerawan (TJ) March 25, 2013