2012 LMATECH - Wendy Bernero - Building a Stronger Law Firm Brand


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Using case studies, the panel will explore how firms can promote and enhance their brands (and their lawyers’ brands) through digital marketing, social media and web sites using online targeted research.
Panelists will use the Acritas Law Firm Brand Index which was released in late January to explore some of the leading U.S. law firm brands and what makes them successful, looking specifically at their digital and social media strategies.
Moderator: Wendy Bernero, Chief of Strategic Initiatives, Proskauer Rose LLP
Speakers: Elizabeth Duffy, Associate Director, Acritas; Adrian Lurssen, VP Strategic Development, JD Supra; Stefanie Marrone, Assistant Director of Public Relations, Mayer Brown LLP

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2012 LMATECH - Wendy Bernero - Building a Stronger Law Firm Brand

  1. 1. Leveraging Market Intelligence &Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand 2012 Legal Marketing Technology Conference West October 11, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Brand Measurement and Client Segmentation: • Elizabeth Duffy, Acritas Strategy Definition • Stefanie Marrone, Mayer Brown Brand Visibility and Content Marketing • Adrian Lurssen, JD Supra Discussion
  3. 3. Brand Measurement and Client Segmentation
  4. 4. Strategy Definition
  5. 5. What should you do at theoutset of a strategiccommunications campaign?
  6. 6. Have a timely idea, practice orindustry in mind.
  7. 7. Identify and assemble an internalteam.
  8. 8. Define your audience.
  9. 9. Listen to your audience.
  10. 10. Engage in a two-way dialoguewith your partners and thebusiness development team.
  11. 11. Use research todevelop a targetedcampaign.
  12. 12. Research, research, research!
  13. 13. Research Tools• Competitive intelligence - competitors• Market research – Acritas• Analytics on email marketing campaigns (client memos,announcements, etc.)• Analytics on web site traffic• Client feedback interviews• Internal surveys of partners• Industry reports• Market intelligence reports - ShiftCentral
  14. 14. Identify yourplatform, issue, topic
  15. 15. Put it all together!(defined, targeted focus + informed research = thoughtful, effective campaign)
  16. 16. Communicate it!Internal communicationExternal communication
  17. 17. Case studies
  18. 18. Brand Visibilityand Content Marketing
  19. 19. Content marketing: what’s the story?“ …content marketing enables brands to share their story in long form and in their own words. An incredible sea of change in the way information is shared and distributed online means that for the first time ever, any brand can create its own content affordably and at scale. The story can come in the form of blogs, articles, reviews, ebooks or videos… It’s real, interesting content that delivers informational or entertainment value. - Online Display Ads: The Brand Awareness Black Hole (Forbes)
  20. 20. Create content worth talking about“ Content is currency — something we trade for our audience’s attention. That currency becomes more valuable every time it’s shared by someone other than ourselves. Those shares might be validation. There might be debate. There might be disagreement. It’s our job to create content worth sharing. How it’s shared isn’t up to us... - Why Content Marketing is the New Branding (Copyblogger)
  21. 21. Curation Market IntelligenceMediaProfessionalsLawyersConsumers SHARING DIALOGUESyndicators BETWEEN BETWEEN OTHERS OTHERS YOUR OWN NETWORKING & BROADCASTING Connections Content, Brand Visibility, and Sharing
  22. 22. Give people what they want
  23. 23. Timely vs. Evergreen Content  Wal-Mart and the Death  An overview on FCPA Reform? Who Knell for Amending the wants what changed, and why? FCPA  Internal compliance investigations in  The Impact of the New York international business. Team make-up. Times Report on Wal- Reporting structure. Accountability. Mart’s Bribery Scandal  Characteristic of a good FCPA compliance program  Why can’t we do business on local terms? FCPA role in international business  Best senior management practices for FCPA compliance “We can’t touch this topic.”This type of editorial framing also allows your firm to participate, even on news stories involving sensitive client issues.
  24. 24. TECHNOLOGY CONTENT The means to publish Something to say VISIBILITY An audience/readersThe Promise of Web Publishing: 1995 to Today
  25. 25. Discussion