LMAtech2013: There’s More to Life Than LinkedIn – Social Media, Communications and Today’s River of News


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Social media channels have exploded over the past decade, profoundly altering the communications landscape — redefining what is news and how it is consumed. This panel will examine many of the most trafficked tributaries of today’s “river of news” examining their usefulness for both PR and business development purposes. What will the future of law firm communications look like as firms distribute content, gather market intelligence and engage with relevant audiences? Issues to be addressed include:
•Finding the right proactive and defensive strategy for social media. Performing a social media audit and updating a communications strategy to address how audiences consume today’s news and information.
•Who is the captain of new technologies? Exploring the intersection of IT, business development, marketing and public relations professionals for firm branded channels and the interplay with individual attorney accounts. Identifying tools and tips for managing firm accounts.
•Dispelling common misperceptions and finding the value proposition. A brief “channel guide” for outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
•Roads less traveled. Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube and other niche channels. Can your firm find value in these alternate paths?
•Delivery Options. What does the potential extinction / irrelevancy of the RSS feed mean to content delivery and consumption?
•How to know it’s working. – Not overvaluing “followers” or “likes.” Finding the right criteria to judge effectiveness.


Lydia Bednerik, Marketing Director, Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP (Moderator)


Melita Jampol, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Fenwick & West LLP

Traci Stuart, President, Blattel Communications

Jeff Yerkey, Web & Interactive Director, Right Hat LLP

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LMAtech2013: There’s More to Life Than LinkedIn – Social Media, Communications and Today’s River of News

  1. 1. Online Social Channels There’s More to Life Than LinkedIn Social Media, Communications and Today’s River of News
  2. 2. Speakers Melita Jampol Sr. Marketing Communications Manager Fenwick & West LLP Twitter: @melitaz Traci Stuart President Blattel Communications Twitter: @tstuart Jeff Yerkey Lydia Bednerik Web & Interactive Director Marketing Director Right Hat LLP Twitter@jeffbob Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP Twitter: @LydiaBednerik
  3. 3. Dispelling the Myths “Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.” — Darryl F. Zanuck, 20th Century Fox, 1946
  4. 4. Dispelling the Myths • We have no need to change our current methods. • Change is inevitable. It is important to start somewhere. • These things are fads. • You don’t have a website? • Just keep saying no to these marcom initiatives. • Resist “Irrational Rejectionism.” • None of our clients use social media (beyond LinkedIn). • Whether readily apparent or not, clients are using these channels. • A company-wide ban/strict social media policy will suffice. • There is no such thing as an airtight “No Social Media” policy.
  5. 5. Channel Guide Best in Breed is Winning Twitter: Microblogging, 140 characters. Short, concise, real-time or leading to more. YouTube: Everything from homemade videos to programmed channels. Facebook: Everything from baby photos to corporate news. No character limit. Instagram: Photo-sharing with attitude. 10-second videos. Quirky and addictive Google+: Social networking attempt. Important for SEO. Any length permitted. User-created video conferencing “hangouts.” LinkedIn: Professional connections. Pinterest: Image pinning. Online, shareable scrapbook. Foursquare: Check-Ins. Aggregates users at events.
  6. 6. Channel Guide Continued Vimeo: YouTube with higher resolution. Vine: Six second, usergenerated videos. Owned by and paired with Twitter. Yelp: User-generated reviews of businesses. AVVO: User-generated reviews of lawyers. Flickr: Photo-sharing site used by amateurs and professionals. Yammer: Intra-co. or intra-org. social media network.
  7. 7. March 13, 2013: Google Reader Discontinued After 11 year run, RSS declared dead by many in the media.
  8. 8. Now What? Time to jump into “The River of News”
  9. 9. Where Do We Get Our News? • No longer rely on bundle dropped at our doorstep • Medium matters less • Newsprint and traditional broadcast (TV/radio) are supplemented and, often, surpassed as a conduit by Internet.
  10. 10. Where Do We Get Our News? • Internet = democratizes news and redefines the “gatekeepers” • • Old gatekeepers – editors, producers. New gatekeepers – “trusted” sources (e.g. friends, click-driven sites, thought leaders and other individuals followed. • Disparate, definable regional tributaries of news have merged into a global raging river. • Enormous opportunity to publish content (organic and paid/sponsored). • The challenges are both reaching and engaging users.
  11. 11. The Next “Big Thing” is Here. •The television that watches you is almost here. •Users are engaging with media properties more than ever. Static Editor-Producer Driven CBS Evening News –Comcast and Twitter “See It” •Encourage user-generated content creation. –CNN iReport –Reporters create multimedia articles (and promote them). •For legal services providers, generational shift in creation/consumption of news (akin to radio/TV) is under way. •Content can be viewed on a sliding scale of interaction. –Poles: CBS Evening News story; Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Dynamic End-User/Consumer Driven
  12. 12. Opportunities and Challenges
  13. 13. Smartphones and Tablets ● Communications now on myriad screens ● “Lean forward” vs “lean back” reading ● Format for responsiveness ● Factor for extended social sharing (e.g., location aware, share again)
  14. 14. Flipboard
  15. 15. Flipboard Custom Magazines Invites users to create their own favorite feeds into sharable custom “magazines”
  16. 16. Distributing Content We’re talking social media, but remember... • Direct email/pushed content • Self publishing (on all sites) • Distributors (JD Supra, Lexology...) • Newswires, press release posting sites (impact of Google’s new rules) • Online advertising, promoted Tweets, AdWords campaigns
  17. 17. Strategy • What’s driving your engagement? • What messages and to whom? • Who’s your audience for each platform? – Alumni – Recruiting – Subject matter community/industry – Media
  18. 18. Strategic Risks and Rewards Consider strategies including: • Pushing existing content • Sharing media mentions with @handle mentions of the reporter and publication • Using #hashtags and posting from your own events • Joining #hashtag conversations for events where your attorneys are speaking • Celebrating client wins • Be generous
  19. 19. Who is Captain? • • • • Who is responsible? Who else is on the team? Interplay with individual attorney accounts Tools & tips for managing content
  20. 20. Mitch Jackson / Pinterest
  21. 21. Allen Matkins / Google+
  22. 22. Allen Matkins / Google+ (cont)
  23. 23. Fenwick & West / Google+
  24. 24. Fenwick & West / Google+ (cont)
  25. 25. Fenwick & West / Twitter
  26. 26. Fenwick & West / Twitter (cont)
  27. 27. Hanson Bridgett / YouTube
  28. 28. Hanson Bridgett / YouTube (cont)
  29. 29. Richard Hsu / One Page Blog
  30. 30. Richard Hsu / YouTube
  31. 31. Richard Hsu / Twitter
  32. 32. Wendel Rosen / Facebook
  33. 33. Wendel Rosen / Facebook (cont)
  34. 34. Fenwick & West / Facebook
  35. 35. Fenwick & West / Facebook (cont)
  36. 36. SF Business Times / Twitter
  37. 37. SFBT Reporter Mark Calvey / Twitter
  38. 38. Engagement • It’s about listening to clients, journalists, prospects and stakeholders • Share, respond, like and support the news of your community • Respect the channel
  39. 39. Is It Working? • Marketing and communications ROI is, by its nature, a soft science. – A world dominated by anecdotal evidence. • Value infrastructure building more than followers and likes. • Participation reveals new dimensions of contacts, humanizes individuals and companies. – Relationships are the currency of business. • Be fluent in lexicon of the day. • Determine what’s “enough” to make it worth your while? • Be patient (and don’t let the intern handle).
  40. 40. Social Media ROI Continuum New Business Real-Life Engagement Online Engagement Awareness Preparatory
  41. 41. Thank you! Q&A