LMAtech2013: The power of content marketing: How to leverage thought leadership


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Linda Pepe, Director of Marketing, Mintz Levin

Content Marketing is a proven way to gain exposure to clients and potential clients. By effectively re-purposing thought leadership through multiple online channels, attorneys can enhance their professional reputation in the marketplace. Linda will share how Mintz Levin expanded its reach by leveraging the power of social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and multiple distribution partners including JD Supra, Lexology, Mondaq, and the National Law Review. She’ll take you through a case study using tracked article views, and show how an actual blog post was distributed and picked up around the web. Additionally she will share stories of how smart distribution of attorney-authored thought leadership has led to interviews with reporters, meetings with potential clients, and client engagements.

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  • Lets start with the basics – just what is Content Marketing?Basically, it’s the art of communicating with your clients and potential clients without selling.Instead of pitching your law firm, you are delivering useful information. The concept behind this strategy is that if weconsistently provide timely, useful thought leadership to potential clients, eventually they’ll reward us with their business.What are some of the most effective Content Marketing Tactics?Writing Articles/Alerts/AdvisoriesPosting to Blogs • Distributing via LinkedIn • Google+ • Twitter • Facebook • VideosUsing Distribution Partners to push your content out even further
  • Lets take a look at the Evolution of Thought Leadership Distribution:
  • Distributing Firm Thought Leadership:15 years ago: Communications like advisories were printed and mailed. Were seen by firm clients only5 years ago: Big improvement. Emailed and posted to website. More immediate. Reached many more clients - plus now some potential clientsToday: Huge change. Thought Leadership is posted, emailed, sent out via social media, and distribution partners
  • Here is what that “Today” looks like at Mintz Levin – Where I’m using a robust mix of Social Media & Syndication Partners to distribute attorney thought leadership.
  • Just what does that distribution model look like?When an attorney writes an AdvisoryIt goes to our internal mailing list, Practice mailing lists, posts to the websiteIt’s sent out through various social media channelsAnd we send it out to our distribution partners: Martindale – National Law Review – JD Supra – Mondaq – andLexology•It gets Tweeted & Re-tweeted• Our Distribution Partners send it out through Their Sites• Their Newsletters• Their RSS & Twitter Feeds• & their Various Distribution Networks• Like the Association of Corporate Counsel!Only a small portion of these sources provide analytics, but virtually all of them are Google searchable and help thought leadership be found
  • We all know how important it is to show that your Firm and your attorneys are a thought leaders in their areas of practice. Lets talk a bit more about the social media portion of that distribution model
  • • Linkedinis the social network used more by In House Counsel than any other! Over 2/3 of In House Lawyers consult LinkedIn profiles. -Make sure you claim your LinkedIn Company Page so you can use it to push out Thought Leadership. • 2/3 of the Fortune 100 companies have at least one Twitter account - AtMintz we have Journalists • Biz executives • In House Counsel following us:• Facebook is the #1 Most popularSocial Media Platform worldwide with more than 1+ billion active Facebook users - It can be a difficult network for law firms to get engagement, but still well worth using.• Google+ is probably the best social network you aren’t using! - It’s now the 2nd most popular social network with 343 million active users - Because of the relationship between Google+ and Google search, using it can help get your content to the top of Google searches• Blogs are important way to help establish your firms attorneys as thought leaders in key practice areas and help raise the firm profile - More than 40% of corporate counsel rely on blogs as a top source of information - 55% said a law firm’s blog can influence hiring decisions–All of these networks provide a great opportunity for law firms to connect with their community and create valuable top-of-mind awareness.
  • Lets talk about the Distribution Partners we use and some of the reasons why we use them
  • Mondaq’s site has approximately 528,000 registered readers • Great analytics: Provides specific data about our readers, including name, company name, position, contact info, etcLexology has great distribution, the most important being the Association of Corporate Counsel! • They also register readers & can provide specific data about companies that are reading our thought leadership and about highest read articlesJD Supra doesn’t require registration. This means that we get far more views, but not actual readers names, positions, etc. in the analytics• Widely read and we alsoget a tremendous amount of shares for our thought leadership through themThe National Law Review is another great option, particularly for firms on a budget • Their site is highly SEO’d, which helps it get crawled quickly by search engines We are using Martindale for it’s well known profiles, but also as another distribution partner • Provide an Audience of qualified buyers of legal services
  • 2012: We got over a million article reads through our distribution partners!Pretty impressive, huh? And here are some other very impressive statistics::• Mintz ranks in top 3 contributors to the National Law Review!• In Sept and Dec Mintz had the most North American article reads of any firm on Mondaq!• Mintz total reads are over 2 ½ times higher than the AmLaw 100 competition on Lexology!• And - Mintz Levin had the highest number of article views & profile views of any firm on JD Supra!!!
  • At the beginning of this section I took you through the distribution process a typical Advisory takes.Now lets look at a real life example – a blog post
  • Lets follow the distribution of ablog post about trademark issues related to Beyoncé and Jay-z’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter:Keep in mind that we can track and get numbers on only a fraction of the potential reads
  • The post was read and picked up all over the webAdditionally, it led to three separate media interviews in one day! Key takeaway? Try to write on an interesting subject that captures the attention of readers Write in an engaging and easy to read styleAnd use as many methods as possible to get the word out
  • Of course the real question is “Is our Content Marketing Strategy paying off?” Yes!!!Led to many shares & retweets • had pick ups by major pubs like the NY Times • Led to interviews with pubs like Wall Street Journal, Business Week, National Law Journal, etcMost importantly – led to new client work!One of our attorneys did did three separate media interviews in one day. Law 360, LXBN, and American Lawyer/Corporate Counsel!And all came about because of blog posts she wrote.Here is one of my favorite stories:One of our blogging attorneys got a voice mail at 7:30 am one morning from out of nowhere. A panicked-sounding general counsel of a video game producer in California found her post about data breach laws online, read the her blog, and called to engage us for a data breach investigation. it was 4:30 am his time, and as he put it they“were under attack”. She returned his call while on her way to work and he hired us on the spot!  And that is just one of many new clients who have found us through our Content Marketing Strategy!So, the big question!! What is our Return on Investment for using Social Media & Distribution Partners for Thought Leadership Distribution?While it is very difficult to gauge success based on any traditional ROI, overall efforts have been very successful. Our alerts and advisories are being pushed out far wider. More journalists and others are looking to our attorneys and the firm as industry experts. And more clients are finding us us because of our efforts in social media.To paraphrase Eric Qualman: WHAT IS THE ROI OF CONTENT MARKETING? YOU MIGHT JUST AS EASILY ASK WHAT IS THE ROI OF YOUR PHONE?Its tool, and tool that we all need make use of
  • As I said at the beginning I believe that the Future of Marketing is Content Marketing. But I predict that over the next five years the REAL future of content marketing will be quick, easily digestible videos!More and more people are watching videos online - Which opens up a real opportunity to create short engaging videos that can help explain a topic and set your attorneys apart as thought leaders.Video gives potential clients a feel for your attorneys personality, and helps them get a feel for if they want to work with them.Not to mention the fact that Google loves videos, so having videos can get your firm higher in search results.• I began producing what I call “Hot Topics” content driven videos earlier this year, and just last month began posting them to our website, our YouTube Channel, and began distributing them through our distribution partners.These “Hot Topic” videos are a great way to have attorneys show off their expertise by discussing timely, interesting topics - without taking up too much of the viewers time.I put videos on our home page, “About Us” and “Careers” sections of the website, plus on attorney bio pages.
  • What I found is that it is successful beyond my wildest dreams!Just last month we just started distributing videos to some of our distribution partners,.We started uploading videos to JD Supra September 4th. You can see what started to happen… a huge spike!After just the first two weeks of posting videos we had over 32,000+ video views!!!So – as I said earlier – I believe that the Future of Legal Marketing is Content Marketing, and the use of Hot Topic Videos!
  • I know time is tight - I will be around after the session if you want to ask me any Questions
  • LMAtech2013: The power of content marketing: How to leverage thought leadership

    1. 1. 2013 LMA Technology West Online Tools for Marketing & Business Development The Power of Content Marketing: How to Leverage Thought Leadership Linda Pepe Director of Marketing 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE On leave – Mintz Levin | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    2. 2. Content Marketing: What is it? 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    3. 3. Distribution of Thought Leadership Then & Now 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    5. 5. Social Media & External Partners • • • • • • LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Google+ Blogs Videos • Mondaq • National Law Review • Lexology • JD Supra • Martindale 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    6. 6. Distribution of a Typical Advisory Lawyers.com + Attorneys.com Shared through followers and connections Attorneys & Senior Professionals American Bar Assoc Mintz LinkedIn Shared + liked Practice Group Mailing Lists Inside Counsel Posted to Mintz website Martindale-Hubble site Minority Corporate Counsel Assoc The French Corporate Counsel Association (AFJE) Mintz Google+ Mintz Twitter LexisNexis MartindaleHubbell Law.com Tweeted/Retweeted Mintz Facebook The Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa (CLASA) The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) Mintz Blog Postings National Law Review site National Law Review 14 National Law Review newsletters JD Supra Twitter Feed JD Supra Linkedin Legal Channel Google Yahoo News Service Google News Service Reuters Quicklaw America OneSource Bloomberg Factivia Financial Times Justia Australian Corporate Lawyers Association The American Intellectual Property Law Association The International Technology Law Association ITechLaw Thompson Gale Complinet MediaFed Alltop The State Bar of California Datastar BBC Barrons The Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand (CLANZ) Westlaw Bing Mondaq Twitter Feed Lexis-Nexis JD Supra Newsletter Subscribers Newstex NuWire MSN News JD Supra Facebook Page Justia Complinet JD Supra Site The State Bar of Texas Lexology Newsletter + Site Mondaq Newsletter + Site Mondaq JD Supra RSS Feeds to various State Bar Associations JD Supra RSS feed The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Lexology Bureau Van Dijk Wall Street Journal Moreover.com Yellowbrix 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Newstex E-space.co.uk Smartbrief 25+ Twitter Accounts WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM 200 LinkedIn groups The Society for Computers and Law The Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel AMEC
    7. 7. Distributing Thought Leadership via Social Media 2013 LMA | Twitter LinkedInANNUAL CONFERENCE ||APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Facebook | Google+ | Blogs WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    9. 9. Distributing Thought Leadership via External Partners Mondaq | Lexology | JD Supra National Law Review 2013Martindale-Hubbell | | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    11. 11. 2012 Distribution Partner Article Views Mondaq Lexology JD Supra National Law Review Martindale 52,209 100,030 843,813 61,650 9,336 Total Tracked Views 1,067,038 (88,920 average reads per month) 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    12. 12. Case Study: Distribution of a Blog Post 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    13. 13. Blog Posting Lexology 1157 53 1116 373 ML LinkedIn ML Facebook Mondaq 29 302 ML Google+ National Law Review 326 ML Twitter JD Supra Pushed out via social media: Total Trackable Reads: 1565 Countries Reading: Canada Switzerland Companies Reading: Poland Hong Kong 2088 + ? Non-Trackable Reads 4691 Singapore England Google China Japan New Zealand Liechtenstein Australia Greece Yahoo! American Express Barnes & Noble Netherlands 812 Xerox Canon Verizon Merck Boeing Red Bull Nestle Marriott Nationwide Mutual Brazil 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE Italy South Africa Germany India GlaxoSmithKline The Hartford TD Ameritrade | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Thompson Reuters WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM CBS Law360 T-Mobile
    15. 15. Successful Strategy? Yes! • Social Media & Distribution Partnerships: – Led to many re-tweets & shares, such as one by an Associate GC of a major corporation, others by columnists, (one with 267,234 followers) – Picked up by major publications like the New York Times – Led to print & broadcast interview requests from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Adweek, National Law Journal, Law 360, Corporate Counsel, Reuters, and others – Led to meetings with potential clients & new client engagements 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    16. 16. What's next? Hot Topics Videos! 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    17. 17. 14 days = 32,564 video views! 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM
    18. 18. Questions? Connect with me on LinkedIn 2013 LMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE | APRIL 8-10, 2013 | ARIA RESORT | LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.LMACONFERENCE.COM