2012 LMATECH - Prospecting through Social Media and Mobile


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  • 2012 LMATECH - Prospecting through Social Media and Mobile

    1. 1. October 11, 2012  Hotel Nikko, San Francisco WELCOME!
    2. 2. October 11, 2012  Hotel Nikko, San FranciscoProspecting ThroughSocial Media andMobileModerator:James Stapleton, Chief Marketing and Business DevelopmentOfficer, Littler Mendelson P.C.Speakers:David Ackert – CEO, Practice BoomersKevin O’Keefe – CEO and Publisher, Lexblog
    3. 3. Prospecting Through Social Mediaand Mobile LMA 2012 Legal Marketing Technology Conference October 11, 2012  Hotel Nikko, San Francisco
    4. 4. Stakeholders1. Shareholders2. Associates3. Clients4. Prospective Clients5. Third-party Referral Sources6. Colleague/Competitors7. Media8. Alumni9. Personal Contacts
    5. 5. Prospective Client Decision-Making Curve Client Satisfaction Index Demand Generation •Advertising Excited •Public Relations •Web Site 85% •Thought Leadership •Research Satisfied Demand Identification •Prospect information •Events & Sponsorships Irritated 12% •Associations •Customer Relationship Management Unhappy Demand Fulfillment •Prospective Client Analysis 3% •Proposals •Face to face salesReady to Switch •Follow up •Post Mortems Time 5
    6. 6. Marketing: Generating awareness and interestProspecting: Identifying a sales target withthe intention of initiating a sales dialogue andprocuring a business decisionSales Decisions:• Yes• Not yet (with a • Maybe deadline) • We need to think it over• NoChronology: Prospecting  Marketing  Sales © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    7. 7. Pardot Marketing’s study of B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketers used by more effective 91% of B2B for B2C marketers mostly marketing professionals ranks well in search engines 32% of B2B marketers find LinkedIn to be the most effective platform for prospecting and selling their services.
    8. 8. • 1,473,000 lawyer profiles• 100 million executives in 200 countries• All Fortune 500 represented at Executive level• 550,000 are senior level executives• Over 71% of in-house counsel have joined LinkedIn Source: Hubspot State of Inbound Marketing
    9. 9. Software General Counsel © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    10. 10. Search results © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    11. 11. Request an introduction in real-time Consultant General Counsel © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    12. 12. Pick up the phone “Hi Jon, it’s David. Listen, I was on LinkedIn today and I noticed that you’re connected to James, the GC of Toggle Software. I do a lot of business with GCs in his sector. Do you know him well enough to set up an introduction?”
    13. 13. Establish a Direct Connection reference the connections you have in common Hi James. I see we have Jon Sommers in common. conclude with a I just presented a CLE on EU privacy that I think you’d question find useful. Would you be interested in a presentation or in reviewing the slides? © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    14. 14. Establish a Direct Connection @JamesAxelrod GC, Technologist, Jazz fan Retweet when they post something you like. Anne Taylor RT @JamesAxelrod Great article about the latest trends in consumer technology tnw.co/ny/34n DM them with comments about their tweets. Anne Taylor DM @JamesAxelrod Good article, James. Biotech is def on the rise. I blog about it here st.ni/809/g0 James Axelrod DM @AnneTaylor Thanks for the RT, Anne. I like your blog.
    15. 15. Deepen the connection… +1
    16. 16. 1. The Prospect Interview 1. Approach one of your “A” clients or Connectors. Ask them to contribute to your article. 2. Contact a CEO or GC from your network and ask them to contribute. Tell them you already have your first contributor and you intend to compare 3 perspectives. 3. Schedule the interview in-person so you can meet the prospect. 4. Write and post your blog. 5. Thank your interviewees with a gift, in person. © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    17. 17. 1. The Prospect Interview• Turns a stranger on your prospect list into a new relationship.• Delivers a first-hand experience of your expertise.• Shows your readership that you’re providing value to the kinds of “A” clients you want them to refer. © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    18. 18. 2. The Co-Authored Blog1. Select a referral source who also blogs on topics that would be of interest to your audience.2. Propose the concept of co-authoring a blog post that you can cross-promote to each other’s networks.3. Turn your co-authored blog into a joint presentation that you can offer to each other’s networks. © 2012 Ackert Advisory
    19. 19. Mobile and Tabletsfor Business Development  LMA Technology Conference/West  San Francisco  October 11, 2012@kevinokeefe
    20. 20. Relationships http://www.flickr.com/photos/virtualsugar/2818@kevinokeefe 062680/
    21. 21. Word of mouth reputation@kevinokeefe http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcopako/2344 663066//
    22. 22. Facebook Internet : Relationships and reputation accelerator@kevinokeefe
    23. 23. There are already conversations taking place Listen@kevinokeefe http://www.flickr.com/photos/26101082@N00/3219209680/
    24. 24. Engagement. Who in my target audience am I engaging?@kevinokeefe http://www.flickr.com/photos/diamondmountain/76720987/
    25. 25. You’re looking to build social media equity. http://www.flickr.com/photos/martin_thomas/3292783660/@kevinokeefe
    26. 26. Facebook Mobile : Listening & sharing @evinokeef@kevinokeefe e
    27. 27. Data Points of Note • 75% of Americans have smart phone • Number of tablet owners up 50% in last year, to about 20% of Americans • 23% of Americans get info/news from tablet - smart phone • Social networking/media is how most of these folks get their news/info
    28. 28. Facebook RSS Reader - Listening@kevinokeefe
    29. 29. @kevinokeefe
    30. 30. Getting Lawyers to EngageCarrot Stick
    31. 31. QUESTIONS?
    32. 32. October 11, 2012  Hotel Nikko, San Francisco THANK YOU!