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2012 LMATECH - Jacqueline Madarang - Tech Shootout


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  • 1. Next to Nothing Technology Shootout…Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck
  • 2. The shootoutTweet with us #lmatech *if time permits
  • 3. Agenda 6-7 minute demo 3-4 minutes for questionsTweet with us #lmatech
  • 4. DoodleCategory: Meeting SchedulerCompany: Doodle – Also available on iTunesCost: Free and without registration / $2.99 on iTunesPresenter: Jacqueline Madarang, Marketing Technology Manager Best Best & Krieger LLP Twitter : @JHMadarang LinkedIn: it solves:This web app lets you pick a range of dates on a calendar and thennotify your colleagues so they can pick the times and dates that work forthem. You then view the responses and youre done.Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 5. DropboxCategory: File SharingCompany: Dropbox – Apps are also available for your smartphones, iPadCost: Free (2GB)Presenter: David King Keller, Business Development Consultant and Coach Keller Business Development Advisory Group Twitter: @davidkingkeller LinkedIn: it solves:Dropbox is a free service that allows the user to share the photos, videos anddocuments anywhere. Once you install Dropbox, it will sync any document to allother electronic devices where you also have Dropbox installed. Users can alsoshare documents by providing links directly from Dropbox.Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 6. SlideShareCategory: Social Media / File SharingCompany: slideshare – www.slideshare.netCost: Free or $19/month (Silver Pro Account)Presenter: Sheenika Shah, Business Development Website Coordinator, Knobbe Martens Twitter: @sheenikashah LinkedIn: it solves:SlideShare allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations, documents,and PDFs. Users can use SlideShare for free, however, the $19/monthallows you the opportunity to have larger file uploads, private uploads,analytics, ten videos per month and more.Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 7. EgynteCategory: Hybrid Cloud ServerCompany: Egynte – www.egnyte.comCost: Starts at $24.99 for 5 employees/150 GB. Price varies.Presenter: Jeff Curl, Attorney JC Law Group PC Twitter : @jclawgroup LinkedIn: it solves:A cloud server that you can access anywhere through a web browserwith internet access. It also has local clouds available for offline accessand quick drag/drop/delete capabilities.Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 8. Copy2ContactCategory: Contact Management SoftwareCompany: Anagram Technologies – Also available on iTunesCost: Free from iTunes / Varies for other platformsPresenter: Chris Fritsch, Business Development / Tech Consultant ClientsFirst Twitter: @CRMSuccess LinkedIn: it solves:Copy a signature block in an e-mail and press the app button and itparses it and converts it into a contact record and saves it in yourcontacts.Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 9. GwabbitCategory: Contact Management SoftwareCompany: Technicopia, LLC – www.gwabbit.comCost: Free for Outlook and Blackberry / Upgrades AvailablePresenter: Chris Fritsch, Business Development / Tech Consultant ClientsFirst Twitter: @CRMSuccess LinkedIn: it solves:Gwabbit is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook and the BlackBerry that finds,gwabs and adds contacts from your emails to your Outlook addressbook with a single mouse click!Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 10. EvernoteCategory: Note Taking SolutionCompany: Evernote – www.evernote.comCost: FreePresenter: Kirsten Germeraad, Business Development Manager Goodwin Procter LLP Twitter: @browniegirldsgnProblem it solves:Evernote is an app that creates digital notebooks where one can take notesand also do things like clip articles or photos from the web to save similar tocutting something from a magazine or newspaper. Gone are the days of paperand Evernote syncs across platforms, so you are never with your notes.Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 11. EvernoteCategory: Handwriting AppCompany: Evernote – $0.99 from iTunesPresenter: Kirsten Germeraad, Business Development Manager Goodwin Procter LLP Twitter: @browniegirldsgnProblem it solves:Penultimate gives you the fast, tactile gratification of writing on paper,with digital power and flexibility. Take notes, keep sketches, or shareyour next breakthrough idea -- in the office, on the go, or home on thesofa.Tweet with us #lmatech
  • 12. Thank you You can download our slides with us #lmatech