2012 LMATECH - Integrated Marketing - Ross Fishman
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  • 1. LMA Tech Conference 2012 Integrated MarketingTel: 1-847.HEADLINEross@fishmanmarketing.com© 2012 Fishman Marketing, Inc.“The Panacea Problem” Pan-a-ce-a (n) a single solution for all problems – When all you have is a hammer “You know what would solve your marketing problem?” – “Whatever product my company sells.” 1
  • 2. “{This} is going to change everything!” 1978 – AZ vs. Bates New online tools – Advertising – Websites Which begat – Blogs – Business cards – LinkedIn – Public relations – Facebook – Brochures – Twitter – Newsletters – Quora – Seminars – AVVO – Speeches – JD Supra – RFPs – SEO – PPC – Etc.A Consultant for every tool and technique Sales Marketing – Strategy – Strategy – Training – Training – Coaching – Websites – Research – Blogs, microsites – RFPs, proposals – Social Media – Technology – SEO, AdWords, PPC – CRM – Branding – Competitive intelligence – Advertising – Client interviews – Public relations – Design – Brochures – Promo items – Etc. 2
  • 3. “Should we advertise?”Q: “We have a complex litigation practice.Should we advertise?” I don’t know!A: _____________ What type of litigation? Who’s your target? What’s your budget? What else are you doing? What’s already working?Do one thing Do one thing – Do it great – Make sure it works – Move to the next tool What do you do if you only have enough money to do one thing well? – Do just one thing! 3
  • 4. “Work Backwards from the Budget” What tool(s) should we use? – What’s your budget? – What are your revenue goals? Who are your targets? – Demographics? – Local, national, or international? – Traditional or online? – Old or young?How big is your audience? What’s the SIZE of your audience? How many total people? – Do you have their contact info? What do they do / read? – Small, focused publication? – Advertise or direct mail? – Crain’s or flowers? Where do they go? – Narrow trade association? 4
  • 5. Nothing works. Everything works. They’re just tools. – Do brochures still work? They can.... Glossy or just-in-time via website? Is it the best way to convey your message? It’s not about any particular tool – It’s the synergy you can generate – How many ways / times can we hit them? How effectively will we be able to do it?Start with Strategy Then message Then create the PR hook – Manufacture impact inexpensively – Create proactive PR 5
  • 6. Think “Cheap and Impactful” Inexpensive, easy additions Online tools, e.g. SEO – Use LinkedIn strategically – Edit individual profiles for GoogleMore creative is cheaper Every dollar counts. How can you tell your story better? 6
  • 7. Divorce 7
  • 8. Is this: a family pet the beneficiary of your father’s entire estate Text here. MAC LEAN Estate Litigation www.bcfamilylaw.caEstate Litigation Is this: a family pet the beneficiary of your father’s entire estate Text here. MAC LEAN Estate Litigation www.bcfamilylaw.ca 8
  • 9. Tools Firm website – Plus five microsites Family, PI, Estate, Criminal – Four languages each SEO – Print ads Industry, ethnic pubs – Direct mailers – Public relations – PSA’s – Billboards – Articles e. for licens Available tion. din g produc $350 inclu 9
  • 10. e. for licens Available on. ding producti$350 inclu e. for licens Available duction. ding pro$350 inclu 10
  • 11. Big firms Focus your strategy and targets – Big brand AND small / focused campaigns – Big-budget items and cheaper items Advertise if it’s the right tool Big impact quicklySmall firms Own one thing Select: – Industry – Audience – Trade assoc. – Style – Referrals 11
  • 12. Small firmsBuzz building 12
  • 13. Lawyer trade shows, banners 13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. 15
  • 16. The Three-Month Shock-and-Awe Action PlanThe plan: Four phases – Start-up Develop strategy, message – Aggressive launch Growth – Achieve critical mass – Maintenance 16
  • 17. The three-month plan: How do you become a guru? – Web site – Blog – E-newsletter – Aggressive PR campaign – SEO and PPC – Produce information products – Write articles – Write a brochure – Speeches, seminars – Advertise – DirectoriesAggressive front-loaded roll-out1050 Jan Mar May Jul Sept Nov 17
  • 18. Aggressive front-loaded roll-out1050 Jan Mar May Jul Sept NovConclusion Identify your message Develop integrated plan Stand out, be as bold as you can be Select tools strategically Execute aggressively, repetition – Creative is better – Include laterals, legal community Watch the revenue increase 18
  • 19. Good luck!Tel: 1-847.HEADLINEross@fishmanmarketing.com© 2012 Fishman Marketing, Inc. 19
  • 20. ROSS FISHMAN, J.D. Called “one of the country’s leading 1998 Lifetime Achievement Award, Ross was the first experts on law firm marketing” by legal marketer inducted into the LMA’s Hall of Fame. Lawyers Weekly USA, Ross is known Known for his “educational and entertaining” presenta- as one of the legal profession’s most tion style, he has conducted more than 250 firm retreats innovative marketers and strategists. and training programs on five continents, from Toba- As CEO of Fishman Marketing, Inc., go to Thailand — including once presenting on threehe helps law firms dominate their chosen markets and continents within 24 hours. A Fellow of the College ofgenerate significant revenue. Law Practice Management, Ross has written over 250 bylined articles, including five monthly columns, andOften hired to overhaul a firm’s message, brand, or has sat on the editorial board of five national magazines.website, he is best known for strategic marketing plans,differentiation and positioning; and the development of “Ross has a stronger sense ofthe profession’s most cutting-edge marketing materials. what will create ‘buzz’ thanEven in today’s recessionary economy, Fishman Mar- anyone else in the market.”keting’s clients continue to grow, in size and profits. Rick Klau, Google, Inc. “Ross was going to win in so many categories that LMA created the ‘Best An active LMA member since 1990, Ross has been the in Show’ so he’d win one grand prize Vice President, a member of both the Strategic Plan- instead of nearly all the trophies” ning and Best Practice Task Forces, and chairman and LMA’s “In The Loop,” Fall 2009 moderator of seven consecutive QuickStart conferences, later creating and hosting “Just JDs,” LMA’s first full- day program exclusively for lawyers. He has been hired as the marketing expert witness in two precedent-settingRoss was a commercial litigator from 1985-90 before branding- and social media-related lawsuits.moving to Winston & Strawn to practice marketingfull-time, later becoming Marketing Partner of Unga-retti & Harris. Called “the creative mind behind a hostof law firm campaigns that have redefined the field” (San “Ross is a litigator-turned-Jose Business Journal), Fishman Marketing has launched marketer whose company offers branding serviceseffective campaigns for nearly 100 firms from Istanbulto Iceland.FM campaigns have received dozens of internationalmarketing awards, including the LMA’s grand prize, theBest of Show award, five of the ten times ever presented. A 1986 member of the federal Trial Bar (N.D. Ill), heFM campaigns also received one of Inc. magazine’s ten received a B.A. in Speech Communications, cum laude,Marketing Masters awards for “brilliant and successful” from the University of Illinois, and his J.D. from Emorymarketing campaigns. Recipient of a peer-selected LMA Law School. Fishman Marketing, Inc. 1356 St. Johns Ave Highland Park, IL 60035 USA Tel: 847.432.3546 (847-HEADLINE) ross@fishmanmarketing.com www.fishmanmarketing.com