2012 LMATECH - David Keller - Tech Shootout Dropbox


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  • Good morning. How many in the room use Dropbox? How many don’t currently use it, but have heard abut it? OK. This is a refresher for those who have it; and an exciting new option for those who do not. I will keep the presentation zippy, so stop me with a question or more information at any point and there will be time for a few questions at the end.
  • Are you using Dropbox in your law practice? If not, it is time for you to sign up for a free account and try out their system. Whether being used by lawyers to carry their client files to court as electronic files on an iPad, or merely to share documents among computers and staff, Dropbox is an essential tool for the modern law firm. If you are considering a paperless law office, or even if you just want more convenient access to your files when you are working remotely, Dropbox is the program for you. Dropbox is a free service for taking or sending any files (documents, photos, videos) to any person or computer, phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), or iPad. Any file saved to the user's Dropbox folder will automatically save to all of the devices assigned access to that folder. Files can be shared among one user's various electronic devices, and other users can be authorized to have access to all or only some of the files too. And if the law firm's server or computers crash, all of the client files can be recovered from the Dropbox website. While Dropbox is a form of cloud computing, the company avoids the use of that term. In fact, Dropbox avoids the use of all technical jargon in order to focus on one core concept - access to any file, anywhere. Their motto is "simplify your life," and Dropbox does exactly that for lawyers who want to gain remote access to their files without having to learn about servers, cloud computing, or technical details. If a lawyer knows how to save a file on a computer, he or she has all the technical skills needed to use Dropbox. Dropbox provides 2 GB of storage for free to anyone who registers for an account. You can scale up your space available: for $10 / month upgrade to a Pro account with as much as 100 GB of storage. You can scale up to unlimited storage for large groups of people working on large projects.
  • Access and Share Big Files 24/7; Through a cloud portal; Stored safely in the Cloud
  • Automatically sync files and folders across multiple computers and devices belonging to you and all the people you set up to collaborate on a given file or folder
  • Fast, Free and Easy!. Here’s how.
  • Put in your email address and a password. That’s it. Your done !
  • With Windows – you can put it on your desktop or pin on start-up menu or pin on task bar.
  • Put photo / album of many photos / a video / music recording, multiple PowerPoints etc. on desktop.
  • Or, simply locate a file and save it to Dropbox folder on Mac or Windows.
  • Hover over “Dropbox”; click on the photo file; click on “get link”; if you go back later to send the photo a 2 nd time or 3 rd time, the drop down says “:Share Link” because the “link” was created already. Notice that 3 rd option in drop down “View Previous Versions” – I can discuss that option later.
  • The link takes you to the Dropbox cloud server. This avoids any attachment that may be too large for your email server.
  • OK to send large photo album. Your email server only “sees” the link. No rejection by email server because of file size.
  • To summarize
  • But wait ! There’s more. There’s a lot more to the power, usefulness and productivity of Dropbox. Instantly updates all collaborator locations. Must experience to appreciate ! Would you like to see the actual steps and the instant sharing between remote computers? Your data is safe Secure file storage We encrypt the files that you store on Dropbox using the AES-256 standard, the same standard used by banks to secure customer data. Secure file transfer Dropbox uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for data transfer, which establishes a secure tunnel protected by AES 256-bit encryption. Add your own encryption You can apply additional encryption with third-party applications before placing files in Dropbox, giving you added control over the security of your organization's data. Data integrity and availability The Amazon S3 service used to store Dropbox data is designed to achieve 'nine 9s' of durability, with data automatically replicated in multiple data centers. and $10/month for _______ and various pricing up to unlimited storage very low cost for up to 100 GB of storage. Provides a way to restore lost files if your server or computer hard drive crashes. Allows lawyers to go to court with an iPad instead of folders of files.
  • Let’s say you need to share an RFP response with multi-parties in multi-offices.
  • All listed collaborators will receive an invitation to accept the RFP folder from you. They accept. RFP folder is now on every device on which they have downloaded Dropbox. Of course, all collaborator names must have Dropbox downloaded on the devices they wish to see the folder.
  • Co-worker accepts “share folder” invitation (Dropbox sends me an email saying invitation to join shared holder accepted.) and thru LMA Test Folder now appears on the co-worker’s Dropbox website for viewing and editing, if desired. See my LMA Test Folder; says “shared”; here’s a screen shot from Tony’s Dropbox Website Folder; it shows “LMA Test Folder”
  • Now example of autosync. When I add LMA Draft Test 2 to the LMA Test Folder, it will automatically sync with Tony’s Dropbox Website and show up on any computer at any location that has been shared.
  • See the time clocks my rounds to the nearest minute which was 6:49pm. Tony is more of a geek and gas his clock out to the nearest second and it shows 6:48 and 51 seconds or if rounded would to the nearest minute would be 6:49 pm. We were both on the phone when I dragged my draft 2 into the shared folder and he saw it instantly since we were both connected to the same Dropbox cloud shared folder.
  • 2012 LMATECH - David Keller - Tech Shootout Dropbox

    1. 1. DropboxCategory: File SharingCompany: Dropbox – www.dropbox.com Apps are also available for your smartphones, iPadCost: Free (2GB)Presenter: David King Keller, Business Development Consultant and Coach Keller Business Development Advisory Group Twitter: @davidkingkeller LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/davidkingkellerProblem it solves:Dropbox is a free service that allows the user to share the photos, videos anddocuments anywhere. Once you install Dropbox, it will sync any document to allother electronic devices where you also have Dropbox installed. Users can alsoshare documents by providing links directly from Dropbox.
    2. 2. FREE (2 gig)50 million + users
    3. 3. “Dropbox Unveils Incredibly SimpleTwo-Click File Sharing” April 2012
    4. 4. Dropbox blue logo appears on desktop (Mac). Windows: go to Programs.
    5. 5. Closer look.Dropbox blue box logo on desktop ribbon.
    6. 6. Example: Share a photo.Put photo on desktop. Right click on Dropbox logo. Click on Dropbox folder.
    7. 7. Drag and Drop photointo your Dropbox folder.
    8. 8. Click # 1: Right click on your photo file;Click # 2: click on “Get Link”
    9. 9. Email form appears.Put in 1 or many addresses. Hit “Send.”
    10. 10. Arrives in recipient’s Inbox as a link. See “Click here …” link.
    11. 11. Click on link. There’s your photo!
    12. 12. Why Dropbox?Free (2 Gig), Fast, and EasyFile sharing service.Many applications: photos, videos, music, graphics, large filesSend and see large files “instantly” through the Dropbox serverEmail server only delivers an html link, not an attachment.No more canceled emails due to email server size limits.
    13. 13. Why Dropbox? Part 2Easy group collaboration on video, audio, graphic, text filesDropbox will instantly send your file: • To multiple parties • On multiple devices • At multiple locations • Update 1 location, auto-updates all locations / devicesSecurity: Share files on Dropbox server – not yours • Perfect for project that requires multi-parties, multi-updates • Safe: saves all iterations; still there if your computer crashes • New: Optional Enhanced Security: 2 Passwords required
    14. 14. Example:Steps to initiate multi-party collaboration.Place your LMA Test Folder on your desktop.
    15. 15. Drag and drop your LMA Test Folder into Dropbox folder.
    16. 16. Open Dropbox drop down menu.Click on “Launch Dropbox Website.”
    17. 17. Your personal Dropbox website appears. See your LMA Test Folder.
    18. 18. Right click the LMA Test Folder. Click on “Invite to folder.”
    19. 19. See “Share” screen. Enter collaborator names.Write message. Click on “Share folder.”
    20. 20. LMA TEST Folder Draft 1 shows up on co-worker’s Dropbox website folder.My Dropbox Website Folder Co-Worker’s Dropbox Website Folder
    21. 21. Ready to insert Draft 2into the LMA Test Folder
    22. 22. Draft 2 is now in Test Folder
    23. 23. As soon as my draft 2 goes into my folder itappears in Tony’s Dropbox folder as well !My computer screen shot Tony’s computer screen shot
    24. 24. Try it. You’ll like it.Fast, Free and Easy.Super-productive !