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  • 1. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  • 2.  Began in July 2012 when Google offered the course Power Searching with Google  155,000 registered students attended  Over 20,000 finished the course Afterwards Google allowed open access to the technology Course builder technology allows education on a global level
  • 3.  Open source code base used with Google’s App Engine Instructional Designers use Course Builder to create online learning platforms Free open source project Can be used for high schools, universities, or a short how-to courses.
  • 4.  Ability to create course material Familiarity with:  HTML  JavaScript  arrays  simple objects  regular expressions  App Engine
  • 5.  Python  free open source programming language App Engine  platform for developing and hosting web applications Course Builder sample application
  • 6.  Create course material online Track student engagement  web traffic  surveys Evaluate student performance Live teaching option with Google+ hangouts
  • 7.  All work, thoughts and instructions are shared and critiqued by all participants Students can choose from a variety of assignments MOOCs are typically free for all Universities can implements MOOCs for low cost People who participate in MOOCs do not have to be enrolled at the college Flexibility – students can attend whenever they have time.
  • 8.  Students may have difficulty self regulating learning Lack of in person socialization Very little interaction with course instructor  (unless student is actually enrolled at the school)
  • 9. Course builder is presently used by  Indiana University  UC San DiegoThe following universities use MOOCS  Stanford University  Harvard University  University of Michigan
  • 10.  Course Builder is still in beta Every course designed is an app To use course builder, you must have some technical skills