Veteran Central Foundation August 2013


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Presentation details the purpose of the Veteran Central Virtual Veterans workforce development program.

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Veteran Central Foundation August 2013

  1. 1. The Veteran Central Foundation Jonathon Lunardi Executive Director 202.316.5515 1133 15th St. NW, 12th Floor - Washington DC 20005 – A Revolution! Putting Veterans and Military spouses to work as successful virtual support professionals. An Oklahoma nonprofit workforce development program. Tyrone Frisby Development Director 301.569.6869
  2. 2. 2013 U.S. Veteran Statistics 8.6 Million are Rural Based 1.2 Million Veterans are unemployed. Sources found from Veterans Affairs website and Department of Labor. We believe these numbers are very low and actually there are many more unemployed Veterans.
  3. 3. Recent Veteran Employment Study Veterans say finding a job is their greatest challenge Source: Contact: Sheila Bridgeforth August 15th, 2012
  4. 4. Rural Veterans Need Virtual Access Rural Veterans have access to virtual care but not virtual jobs “Rural Veterans have lower health-related quality-of-life scores compared to urban Veterans due to travel barriers including greater distance to care and lack of public transportation. To address these access barriers, the VA has invested in a full spectrum of telemedicine health care technologies.” out/rural-veterans.asp
  5. 5. BLS Analysis of Call Center Industry • Median pay for customer service representatives in 2010 was just over $14.50 an hour and $30,460 a year. • Fit a niche in the economy that is more and more underserved. • Jobs do not require a college diploma • Training can be done on the job. • There were more than 2 million of these available customer service jobs in 2010 • That number to grow 15 percent over the next decade.
  6. 6. The Veteran Central Solution Any Veteran or Military spouse can work from home in one of our hundreds of available virtual call center jobs. The Veteran Central Foundation (VCF) is a nonprofit connecting and verifying Veterans for America’s call center industry. Growing rapidly, the industry offers many jobs today as virtual support professionals. The VCF call center jobs are vetted and can be performed anywhere in the U.S. Enabling access to home special needs and money to pay the bills.
  7. 7. The Veteran Central Solution The Veteran Central Foundation is a 501C3 national nonprofit focused on empowering Veterans and their families in the growing virtual workforce where there are millions of available jobs today and many more in the future. We provide our selected participants: 1. Equipment and training, if needed 2. Virtual job as customer support agent 3. 24/7 access to virtual health counselors and career coaches 4. Access to online resource library for benefits, education, legal, and financial management success
  8. 8. Why Get Involved with VCF? VCF is the only organization answering the call of America’s call center companies today to put Veterans and Spouses to work in the millions of available virtual jobs. Donor dollars enable selected participants to receive: • Ability to work from home environment • Flexible work schedules to manage life • Laptop, headset, and webcam • Immediate job with ongoing job training • Access to online counselors available 24/7 Disabled Veterans and rural based Veteran families will benefit from this jobs program tremendously. VCF empowers them to work successfully from the comfort of their home accommodations. Support Veteran Central.
  9. 9. The Veteran Central Toolkit Each Veteran that is apart of our program receives a physical toolkit that includes: 1. Laptop (if needed) 2. Headset (if needed) 3. Gifts from sponsors 4. Letters from donors 5. Manuals for work success When you donate, write us a message and we will be sure to put it in the toolkits of our participants!
  10. 10. Pledged Jobs and Partners Veteran Central works with only the best virtual support companies in America. We ensure our participants can trust our employer networks. • Jobs contracted with Veteran Central today: • 1,200 jobs pledged with the potential to grow to 3,000 within 12 months. • Veteran and spouse applicant stats: • 2,200 registered users on Veteran Central • 355 resumes posted to Veteran Central • 150 applicants to virtual jobs program • 1,400 Facebook fans, 1,400 Twitter Followers
  11. 11. Message from Advisor Rita Aragon “Veteran Central is able to offer action-based programs not just passive services. Their partnerships add immediate value to our men and women in uniform by producing virtual job opportunities today.” Rita Aragon – Veteran Central Advisory Board Member • Oklahoma Secretary of Military and Veterans Affairs, Governor Fallin • Maj. General (ret) Air National Guard • Female Veteran of the Year
  12. 12. Participant Testimonials “I am a veteran who received help with getting a remote job from Veteran Central. From the Day I started, the Veteran Central Staff made me feel like I was on a winning team. This organization is a great benefit for disabled Veterans like myself.” – Michelle Mallard, First Program Participant, Army Veteran, Birmingham Alabama
  13. 13. Participant Testimonials “I am a 55 year old Air Force Veteran and both my wife and I have been unemployed for over 14 months because our small community does not have many jobs. Veteran Central gives us a chance to start earning an income from anywhere, it is genius!” – Williams and Donna Kreebs, Air Force Veteran and Spouse, North Carolina
  14. 14. Participant Testimonials “Veteran Central gave me and my husband flexible work hours to manage our kids and complex health schedules for my disabled Veteran husband. Veteran Central put me to work immediately so I could earn an income and gain the foundation my family needed to be stable in life. ~ Corrine Hurst, Spouse of Army Reserve Veteran, both now have jobs because of Veteran Central, live in Kentucky.
  15. 15. Message from Commander Blunt “Veteran Central’s model could employ hundreds of thousands of Veterans and caregivers as virtual jobs increase in demand across the world. I applaud Veteran Central’s innovative job creation approach.“ - Roger R. Blunt - Veteran Central Advisor • Former Commander of the 97th Army Reserve Command • President of Essex Holdings LLC • Former University of Maryland Regent
  16. 16. Impact on Society • Veterans and Spouses gain income and civilian work experience immediately • Traffic and congestion on roadways decreases due to at home work jobs • Health care costs lower because rural based Veterans within our program have faster recovery times and less health needs. Be apart of our virtual movement as we centralize the best virtual support jobs in America for ready to work Veterans of today and tomorrow. Support the Veteran Central Foundation and support America’s future.
  17. 17. Donations and Your Support 1. Empowers immediate job creation Your donation gives a family access to immediate jobs and steady income providing critical financial stability. 2. Accelerates support for all Veterans Resources developed by our virtual counselors and staff will be archived online for any Veteran or nonprofit to repurpose to help others, building a central library of Veteran resources. 3. Demonstrates company good will Become a sponsor and get company branding integrated on our website and within social media. 4. Gets You a tax deduction from Uncle Sam You can deduct your gift from your taxable income when IRS approves our tax exempt status request!
  18. 18. Donate and Leave a Legacy Donations can be dedicated to honor specific loved ones and will be highlighted on the Veteran Central website and social media if desired. All donors receive a monthly newsletter with stories from our participants and quarterly financial reviews. A tax deduction letter will be sent to your mailing address as soon as you donate. We give this donation in memory of Hank Lunardi, who fought for our family and America’s freedoms. For honor and glory, forever yours.
  19. 19. Marketing and Recruiting Your donations also enable us to aggressively recruit, promote and market our virtual jobs program to Veteran communities across the world. Money will be spent on the below marketing budgets: 1. Social media and SEO – 30% 2. Public relations firm – 20% 3. Marketing materials given out - 20% 4. Strategic partnerships formed – 15% 5. Constant event and conference participation across the U.S.- 15% Subscribe to our online newsletter or join our social media and help us spread the word. Tell others about
  20. 20. Veteran Central Staff Tyrone Frisby – Donations & Sponsorships • Air Force Veteran, Business entrepreneur • 40 years of business sales and marketing experience Randell Guilbeau – Information Technology • Army Veteran, Electronics specialist • Information technology and web design specialist Jonathon Lunardi – Leadership & Development • Veteran Advocate, Pentagon Contractor • Nonprofit executive, virtual workforce development expert Tara McDaniel – Grant Proposals and Contracts • Veteran Advocate, Government Contractor • Grant writing expert, communications and editing authority Sekou Nensala – Program Operations • Army Veteran, Signal Corpsman • Computer engineer and information operations expert Jon Singelton – Veteran & Spouse Recruiting • Navy Veteran, Naval Academy graduate • Experienced recruiter and communications expert
  21. 21. Veteran Central Sponsors & Partners Sponsors & Partners: • State of Oklahoma • 1776 DC Business Incubator • American Support • Arise Virtual Solutions • • Military Job Networks LLC • Veterans Upward Bound - Department of Education • Folds of Honor Foundation • Service for Student Debt • Volt Information Sciences • Strategic Consulting Alliances • Essex Holdings LLC • • Georgia Warrior Alliance • Chesapeake Energy • McDonald Land Services • Geophysical Pursuit • Seismic Exchange Inc.
  22. 22. Veteran Central Advisory Board Rita Aragon – Secretary of Military and Veteran Affairs for the State of Oklahoma • Major General (ret), Oklahoma Air National Guard • Female Veteran of the Year • Former Elementary School Principal Roger R. Blunt – Former Commander of 97th Army Reserve Command, President of Essex Holdings LLC • Major General (ret), United States Army Reserve • University of Maryland Regent (1995 – 1998) • Advisor to Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown John Melia – Founded of Wounded Warrior Project • Director at, specializing in Energy Industry • CEO of Wounded Warrior Project for 12 years Beau Chattam – Georgia Warriors Alliance President • Army Ranger Veteran • Founder of Georgia Warriors Alliance • Supports Veterans with Top Virtual Health Counseling
  23. 23. John Melia, Wounded Warrior Project “Veteran Central stands ready to launch significant new job programs enabling our wounded Vets to be successful in the virtual workforce. I stand by their efforts and so should you! Donate today and get involved on the Veteran Central website.” John Melia – Veteran Central Advisor • Founder & CEO (12 years) of the Wounded Warrior Project • Director at, Energy
  24. 24. An Example and Conclusion Great Virtual Health Works - The Veteran Central Foundation has a contract to fill 100 to 900 virtual jobs by the end of 2014. The work will be to field inbound sales calls of their popular fish oil, natural supplement called Omega XL. Larry King is Omega XL’s chief spokesperson and inbound sales calls are dramatically increasing. GVHW partnered with VCF for success. watch Larry King talk about Omega XL Veteran Central connects and equips Veterans and spouses with high quality virtual workforce jobs that can be performed from their special home accommodations. We are a financial foundation for many disabled and rural Veterans who lack access to urban jobs and desperately need income to pay the bills.
  25. 25. Please visit our website for more details. You can donate online or contact us to make a donation. Jonathon Lunardi Executive Director 202.316.5515 Bootstrap a Veteran to meaningful employment @
  26. 26. Appendix: Legal Representation “Pels Anderson, Attorneys at Law, represent the legal matters of the Veteran Central nonprofit organization. We provide accountability and oversight to ensure all donations are treated in accordance with the law. We have filed Veteran Central’s 1023 and are waiting for the IRS to approve their tax exempt status. Veteran Central is working under an umbrella nonprofit (501c3) until their status is approved to ensure tax exempt status to donors.“ Jon Pels - Partner at Pels Anderson, LLC Pels Anderson Locations: • 4833 Rugby Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814 • (301) 986-5570 • 119 North Henry St., Alexandria, VA 22314 • (703) 684-1897