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Using QR Barcodes in Library Outreach
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Using QR Barcodes in Library Outreach


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Using QR Barcodes in LibraryOutreach Contact Linda Rath
  • 2. Using QR Barcodes in LibraryOutreach Linda Rath Graduate Services Librarian Newman Library, Baruch College
  • 3. Why did I experiment with QuickResponse codes …. • Outreach & Promotion • Complement in-person/print efforts with mobile technologies • Provide on-demand learning opportunities • Students take pictures of everything – even computer screens
  • 4. Why you may want to use QR codes … • Free (you can pay for enhanced services) • Easy to make and track • Can share/re-use QR codes with colleagues • Provide help or enhance experience
  • 5. Why you may not want to use QRcodes … • People do not know how to use them (need instructions) • Do students scan them? • Fleeting technology ??? • “Ugly”
  • 6. Student/user perspective …. Connect to Real Estate Research Guide(Mobile device &QR reader apps)
  • 7. QR codes can contain …. URLs (try to link to mobile friendly sites)
  • 8. QR codes can contain …. URLs to launch tutorials on media sharing sites
  • 9. QR codes can contain …. Geo Location/Map
  • 10. QR codes can contain …. Contact entry (vCard or Mecard)
  • 11. QR codes can contain …. Calendar Event
  • 12. QR codes can contain …. Message
  • 13. QR codes can contain …. SMS/text message
  • 14. Which QR Generator? ….. • What information are you coding? • Do you want to track the code? • What are output options?
  • 15. Which QR Generator? …..
  • 16. Create QR codes using free, onlineQR generators, such as …
  • 17. Create QR codes using free, onlineQR generators Screenshot from
  • 18. Attach QR codes to pre-existingprint documents Print QR code on label paper, and attach to print materials
  • 19. Print QR code on label paper, andattach to print materials
  • 20. Insert QR code image files on websites (when students ask for contact info at service desks)
  • 21. Insert directly into new documents
  • 22. How else can they be used? … • Link to e-resources when in stacks/classrooms • Link to supplemental materials/provide context (maps, etc.) • With other apps; Evernote & etc. • Audio/video tours • Launch surveys/forms; get feedback
  • 23. Best practices • Link to mobile friendly web sites • Test scannability of codes (diff phones, diff QR apps, from various distances, various code sizes) • Use URL shorteners to create simpler QR codes (better for older phones) • Include instructions near code; clue what data is in the code
  • 24. Best practices • Track your codes ( or • Save codes in a Word or Excel document (annotate, organize, share) • Link to enhanced content (don’t disappoint users) • Limit number of codes per document; have plenty of space between codes if using more than one
  • 25. Which QR Reader App? …..
  • 26. Mac app store
  • 27. Which QR Reader App? ….. • Read user reviews • Read trade journals/professional lit. • Download and test QR apps • Suggest QR app on your library web site • May use a few QR apps (depending on info in code – SMS, contact, web site, etc.)
  • 28. How will I continue … • Collaborate with colleagues • Develop process (which free services to use for generation & tracking of codes) • Suggest policy for library use
  • 29. How will I continue … • Campaign strategies • Experiment with other apps • Use in ad/story in student newspaper
  • 30. How will I continue … • Create custom code
  • 31. QR Resources/Further Reading … • or contains news/reviews/articles, such as “QR generators with tracking” • Schottmuller, Angie. (2011, Dec. 30). Top 14 things marketers need to know about QR codes. (good overview) • “QR Codes in Education” compiles infographics, statistics, videos, list of activities/uses for codes, etc.
  • 32. Using QR Codes in Library Outreach on SlideShare