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  • Advertising & Marketing/ Tata McGraw hill George belch & Michael A. Belch G/m/belch/Tmh/11-12
  • P & b 9

    1. 1. Marketing IntegratedCommunication Process Module-9
    2. 2. Marketing Mix• Product• Place (Distribution)• Promotion• Price
    3. 3. Core Product,Basic cost, Profit Actual Product Other Terms Augmented product Price Product Marketing Mix Media Advertising Location, Direct marketing, Sales Promo, PR Channel Type Promotion Place
    4. 4. Advertising Personal selling RelationshipPublicity Promotion Mix Marketing Direct Marketing Sales promotion
    5. 5. Marketing communicationMarcom :• Is One of the most Critical aspect of Overall marketing Mission• Is a major Determinant for the success or failures Of the product or the organization.• Marketing Communication is process of communicating To Sell Products, services, ideas, & images etc to overall Benefit of the customer & the organization.
    6. 6. Role of Marcomm• Inform• Persuade• Remind• Reassure• Differentiate• Change in behavior
    7. 7. Inform• Inform If you have something new to introduce to the market, something better or something that solves people’s problems in an innovative way, you must find a way to inform your audience about it!
    8. 8. Persuade• to induce to believe by appealing to reason or understanding; convince:• productMarcomsanjay taneja showreel - eure• productMarcomsanjay taneja showreel - eure
    9. 9. Tools Of communication1. Media advertising 5. Trade & Consumer • TV oriented Promotions • Radio Magazines • Trade deals & Buying • News papers Allowances • Magazines • Display & Adv1. Direct Response and interactive allowances Advertising • Trade shows • Direct mail • Cooperative • Telephone Solicitation advertising • Online adverting • Samples1. Place advertising • Coupons • Bill Boards & Bulletins • Premiums • Posters • Transit ads • Refund/Rebates • Cinema ads • Contests/Sweepstakes4. Store Signage and point of • Promotional Games purchase Advertisings • Bonus Packs • External store signs • Price-off deals • In –Store Shelf sign • In –Store Shelf sign • Shopping cart ads • In –store radio and Tv • IN Stores display
    10. 10. Tools Of communication6. Event Marketing & sponsorships • Sponsorship Of Sporting Events • Sponsorship of arts,fairs,aand festivals • Sponsorship of causes7. Marketing oriented public relations and publicity8. Personal Selling
    11. 11. Remind
    12. 12. Remind contd….
    13. 13. Remind contd….
    14. 14. Remind contd….
    15. 15. Remind contd….
    16. 16. Remind contd….
    17. 17. Reassure• productMarcomMRF Tyres Racing.mp4• ..MRF Tyres Racing.flv
    18. 18. Differentia• ..RIN vs TIDE.mp4.flv• ..Pepsi Vs Coca Cola Superbowl XLVI ad ! February 2012 !.flv• ..The Success Story - Why India is a Great Country..flv
    19. 19. Change in behavior• .._Gone Metro_ TACs speed enforcement campaign.flv• ..Max New York Life Insurance ad.flv
    20. 20. Of Concept Marcom
    21. 21. IMC WayIMC: Involves coordinating Various Promotional elements and other Marketing activities both locally & Globally 4 A’s Definition :Focusing on the process of using all forms of promotion to achieve maximum communication impact.IMC is marketing approaches being used by companies to better focus their efforts in acquiring, retaining, and developing relationships with customers and other stake holders
    22. 22. Marcom or IMC• Marketing Communications (or MarCom or Integrated Marketing Communications) are Messages and related media used to communicate with a Market.• Marketing communications is the "promotion" part of the "Marketing Mix" or the "four Ps": price, place, promotion, and product.
    23. 23. Marcom includes dealing with•advertising,•branding,•brand language•direct marketing,•graphic design,•marketing,•packaging,•promotion,•publicity,•sponsorship,•public relations,•sales,•sales promotion And online marketing
    24. 24. Goal of an IMCThe primary goal of an IMC program is to support perceptual values:Vc = Value to customerQp = Quality of productQs = Quality of serviceI = Image and statusT.c.o = Total cost of ownership QP + Qs + I Vc = T.C.O
    25. 25. Differences Between Marcom and Corporate Communication• Marketing communications is focused on the product/produce/service as opposed to corporate communications where the focus of communications work is the company/enterprise itself.• Marketing communications is primarily concerned with demand generation, product/produce/service positioning while corporate communications deal with issue management, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, etc
    26. 26. Reasons for Growing importance of IMC• Even as new Technologies and formats create new ways for Global marketers to reach consumers, they are affecting the more traditional media, television, radio, magazine & newspapers are becoming more fragmented and teaching smaller and move selective audiences.• Decline In audience size for many media and being less responsive to traditional Communication.• Many such Factors are promoting Global marketers to look for alternative ways to communicate with their target audiences.
    27. 27. IMC Global Approach The IMC Approach Helps companiesidentify the most appropriate andeffective methods for communication andbuilding relationships with theircustomers as well as other stake Holderssuch as employees, suppliers, investors,interest groups and general public Onrequired international scale.
    28. 28. MIS Understanding Marketing Communication Advertising sells products Marketing is advertising Advertising is communication Advertising is branding Advertisements have a certain meaning Advertising is about creativity Creative advertisements sell better Creative advertisements communicate better Branding creates meaning The typical semiotic analysis of advertising
    29. 29. Semiotics ( additional reading)• Semiotics, also called semiotic studies or semiology,• is the study of cultural sign processes (semiosis), analogy, metaphor, signification and communication, signs and symbols. Semiotics is closely related to the field of linguistics, which in its part, studies the structure and meaning of language more specifically.• Semiotics is usually divided into three branches, which include:
    30. 30. Semiotics is usually divided into three branches, which include:• Semantics: Relation between signs and the things to which they refer; their denotata• Syntactics: Relations among signs in formal structures• Pragmatics: Relation between signs and their effects on the people who use them
    31. 31. Understanding marketing communication• What we see is the result of a complex social process• There are many different and divergent targets in this process• Buying is mostly a problem solving process• Interpretation and creation of meanings is important in buying decisions• Interpretation and meaning are results of living, acting, and thinking people• As in every communication the influence of the marketing communication is only an indirect one• As in every communication process getting feedback and changing the rolls of speaker and hearer is essential
    32. 32. Consequences for Marketing Communication• Supervising the decision process with respect to a communication and/or a marketing goal is crucial• Marketing needs a integrated model for describing the ongoing interpretation process of the target groups• Instruments for gaining feedback or even better achieving a hearer roll for the company become success factors• New media can help to generate these instruments