OpenNebula Interoperability and Portability DMTF 2011


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OpenNebula Interoperability and Portability DMTF 2011

  1. 1. SVM 2011 5th International DMTF Academic Alliance Workshop on Systems and Virtualization Management Standards and the Cloud Paris, France, October 24th, 2011 OpenNebula Interoperability and Portability Ignacio M. Llorente Project Director© OpenNebula Project. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License 1/18
  2. 2. ContentsOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability!●  What is Cloud Computing?●  What is OpenNebula?●  Who Use OpeNebula?●  Challenges for Portability and Interoperability?●  Our Approach for Interoperability and Portability●  Some Examples of Community CollaborationsOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 2/18
  3. 3. What is Cloud Computing?Types of Cloud Services for Provision of IT Capabilities as a Service! What Who On-demand End-user Software as a Service access to any (does not care about hw or sw) application Platform for Developer Platform as a Service building and (no managing of the underlying hw delivering web & swlayers) applications Infrastructure as a Raw computer System Administrator ᄎ Service infrastructure (complete management of the computer infrastructure) Physical InfrastructureOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 3/18
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing?Provision of Virtualized Resources as a Service! •  Raw infrastructure •  Management Console resources •  Simple REST API’s Manage Instances •  Pay-as-you-go & elastic capacityOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 4/18
  5. 5. What is OpenNebula?IaaS Cloud Computing Tool for Managing a Data Centers Virtual Infrastructure!Adaptable● Customizable and ExtensibleProven● Many Massive Scale Production DeploymentsPowerful and Innovative● Advanced Enterprise-class FunctionalityNo Lock-in● Platform Independent and InteroperableInteroperable● Popular cloud APIs and standard basedOpenness● Fully open-source● Apache licenseOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 5/18
  6. 6. What is OpenNebula?Building the Industry Standard Open Source Cloud Computing Tool! Third party scalability • Develop & innovate tests: 16000 VMs • Support the community • Collaborate Commercial Support TP v1.0 v1.2 v1.4 v2.0 v2.2 V3.02005 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012dsa group doing research… 4,000 downloads/ month European FundingOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 6/18
  7. 7. Who Use OpenNebula?Organizations Building Clouds and Innovative Projects! Organizations Building Clouds for Development, Testing and Production Projects Building an Open Cloud Ecosystem Around OpenNebula 16,000 VMs!OpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 7/18
  8. 8. Who Use OpenNebula?Different Models of Deployment! Model Definition Cloud Cases Infrastructure is owned by •  Optimize and simplify internal operation Private a single organization and •  SaaS/PaaS support made available only to the •  IT consolidation within large organizations organization (Goverment Clouds, University Clouds…) Infrastructure is owned by •  Commercial cloud providers, mostly a single organization and hosting providers to offer low cost solutions Public made available to other with limited control/configuration and organizations over the security/reliability good enough Internet •  Science public clouds to enable scientific and educational projects or to experiment with cloud computing Infrastructure is owned by •  Telecom cloud providers to offer premium Private Virtual a single organization and solutions with additional control/ made available to other configuration and security/reliability organization over a dedicated private networkOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 8/18
  9. 9. The ChallengesTransparent Combination of Local Resources with Cloud Resources with No Changes! 1. Management Interfaces for 2. Management Interfaces Virtual Workloads for Data Elements VM VM VM VM VM 4. Contextualization 3. VM Image Description 5. Management of Cross-site Networking 6. Common Execution Framework (Instance Type, QoS and Security)OpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 9/18
  10. 10. Our ApproachLeveraging Existing Standards and Implementing Interoperation! Standardization ●  Implement standards ●  Integrate with standards Which Standard? ●  Different de jure standards ●  Several de facto standards Interoperation ●  Implement adaptors ●  Use transformersOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 10/18
  11. 11. Our ApproachA Quickly Growing Ecosystem for Interoperability and Portability! Ecosystem OVF CDMI Ecosystem EcosystemNew OpenNebula Working Group!OpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 11/18
  12. 12. Some Examples of Community CollaborationsOCCI & CDMI for OpenNebula by GWDG!Development of OCCI 1.1 Framework for OpenNebula 3.0● Advanced integration of CDMI into OpenNebula● Participation in OGF OCCI WG and in DMTF CMWGUpcoming features● Rewrite in Ruby on Rails with focus on quality, scalability and extendibility● Advanced authentication (X.509, Shibboleth, OpenID)● Sync up with Contrail project to support OVF● Support for SLAs based on SLA@SOI project Interoperability and Portability 12/18
  13. 13. Some Examples of Community CollaborationsContrail – Open Computing Infrastructure for Elastic Services!Development of OVF 1.1.0 for OpenNebula 3.0● The Contrail project aims to develop tools for creating and managing a federation of private and public clouds● Contrail uses OVF for distributed applicationsContributions to OpenNebula● OVF translation tool enabling deployment of applications over OpenNebula IaaS clouds http://contrail-project.euOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 13/18
  14. 14. Some Examples of Community CollaborationsStratusLab - Enhancing Grid Infrastructures with Cloud Computing !Using OCCI for Federation and Developing jclouds● Simplify and optimize its use and operation, providing a more flexible, dynamic environment for scientists; and enhance existing computing infrastructures with “IaaS” paradigms www.StratusLab.euOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 14/18
  15. 15. Some Examples of Community CollaborationsCompatibleOne – Cloud Brokering Service!Using OCCI for FederationOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 15/18
  16. 16. Some Examples of Community CollaborationsBonFIRE - Building Service Testbeds on FIRE!Using OCCI for Federation● Design, build and operate a multi-site cloud-based facility to support research across applications, services and systems targeting services research community on Future Internet www.BonFIRE-Project.euOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 16/18
  17. 17. Some Examples of Community CollaborationsMEGHA– Spanish R&E Intercloud Initiative !Using OCCI for Federation● Interoperable federated clouds platform to streamline the use of cloud technologies among R&E services centers and provide support to integrate new technologies and infrastructures over cloudInfrastructure● 3 OpenNebula geographical dispersed instances● +300 distributed cores +25TB● Network, security and identity support Interoperability and Portability 17/18
  18. 18. Questions?We Will Be Happy to Answer Any Question ! @imllorenteOpenNebula Interoperability and Portability 18/18