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saving time and money 2 saving time and money 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Saving Time and Money
    • Laura Mercer
    • Internship at Heartland Healthcare Services
    • HCA 424 Capstone
    • Professor Joyce Ameen
  • Intern Site Summary
    • Heartland Healthcare Services
    • An institutional pharmacy in Toledo supporting 101 nursing care facilities in six states
    • Mentor: Terry Fraker Regional Manager of IV infusion
    • January 8, 2007-March 28, 2007
  • Performance Improvement Project Statement of Need
    • # 1. Nurses and Pharmacists spending too much time calling nursing facilities
    • # 2. IV medication orders not being forwarded to the IV department causing missed medication or need to drop ship
  • Plan of Action
    • Asked employees input
    • Discussed my ideas with Terry Fraker
    • Chose most cost effective ideas
  • Solution
    • #1. Developed three fax transmittal forms
    • Vancomycin, PCA and TPN
    • #2. Had 20 “IV MED” stamps made
  • Implementation of Solution
    • In serviced employees on the use of the forms
    • Encouraged them to use
    • Delivered stamps to area facilities and in serviced D.O.N and staff
    • Mailed stamps to customer service reps in Penn. and Michigan
  • Outcomes
    • Pharmacists and nurses found forms to be helpful in reducing time on the phone
    • Staff at the nursing facilities need to be re-educated in the benefit of using the “IV MED” stamp
  • HCA Courses and Key Points
  • HCA 214, Integrated Healthcare Systems
    • Learn to apply a unique, population-based approach to health care delivery
    • Changing roles of the components of the U.S. health care system
  • BUS 312, Human Resources Management
    • Applications of both classic and current management principles
    • Strategies, techniques, and tools to build or reinforce management skills
  • BUS 222, Managerial Accounting
    • Apply accounting concepts to various organizations
    • Cost finding and cost analysis
  • HCA 224, Health Care Economics
    • Economic analysis to health and health care services
    • Investigates supply demand, distribution, and economic impact of health care delivery
  • HCA 430, Management Accountability
    • Focusing on health care accountability to the community
    • Implementations of business strategies, strategic plans, project management, and the attainment of organizational goals
  • HCA 412, Health Care Law and Ethics
    • Present the government policies relating to the operation of health care systems
  • HCA 316, Healthcare Information Systems
    • Clinical and administrative information systems
    • New and emerging technologies in the healthcare field
  • BUS 318, Marketing Concepts
    • Current marketing trends in the marketplace
    • Marketing plans and strategy
  • HCA 418,Managed Care Contracting
    • Managed care related to public programs and public policy
    • Insurance, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, managed care contracting, developing an appropriate negotiating strategy
  • HCA 410, Healthcare Finance
    • Issues in reimbursement structures, regulatory mechanisms, cost control, and related factors
  • HCA 400, Healthcare Administrative Internship
    • Off campus experiential learning of a pre professional nature
    • Projects are performed on site under supervision of a qualified professional
  • HCA 424, Health Care Administrative Capstone
    • Integrate the various topics within the curriculum
    • Current developments in the health care administration field
  • Intern Experience Key points
    • Insight on a different form of health care besides hospital
    • Interacted with a variety of people, skilled and unskilled
    • Identified problems and worked to solve them
    • Increased knowledge and experience
  • Current/Future Career Plans
    • Look at all different angles on how to solve the healthcare problems in our country
    • I plan on retiring in 2008
    • Find a per diem job in Port Clinton, Ohio
  • Conclusion
    • I hope my work at the Heartland Pharmacy helped patients receive medications in a more timely fashion and saved money for the company.