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Definitions of words used in form filling.

Definitions of words used in form filling.

Published in: Education

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  • Adult Basic Skills Resource Centre This resource kindly contributed by Emma Hall, Basic Skills Lecturer at Reaseheath College – [email_address] October 2007. Adult literacy curriculum links: Rw/E2.1 - Read and understand words on forms related to personal information (e.g. first name, surname, address, postcode, age, date of birth). Rw/E3.2 - Read and understand words and phrases commonly used on forms. Know that some words and phrases are commonly used on forms (e.g. occupation, employer, make payable to, direct debit, block capitals).
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Game of Definitions
      • A word will appear on the screen along with three meanings.
      • In your teams decide which is the correct meaning.
      Form filling vocabulary
    • 2. Maiden Name
      • A) Your middle name
      • B) The name a woman has before she is married
      • C) Mr/Mrs/Miss
    • 3. Not Applicable or N/A
      • A) Something does not apply
      • B) Something is very important
      • C) Something must not be ignored
    • 4. N I Number
      • A) Your Bank Account Number
      • B) Your Pin Number
      • C) Your National Insurance Number
    • 5.
      • A) How you sign your name
      • B) Your Surname
      • C) Password
    • 6. Address
      • A) An item of clothing
      • B) The place where you live
      • C) How old you are
    • 7. Occupation
      • A) If you are married
      • B) The job you do
      • C) What you like doing in your spare time
    • 8. Home Telephone No.
      • A) The phone number at work
      • B) The phone number at your house
      • C) Your mobile phone number
    • 9. Marital Status
      • A) Say if you have children
      • B) Say if you have a job
      • C) Say if you are married or not
    • 10. D.O.B
      • A) When you were married
      • B) When you were born
      • C) When you left school
    • 11. Forename
      • A) Your last name
      • B) Your middle name
      • C) Your first name
    • 12. Spouse
      • A) Your child
      • B) Your husband or wife
      • C) Your brother/sister
    • 13. Convictions
      • A) If you have ever been guilty of a crime
      • B) Make someone believe what you say
      • C) Your relations
    • 14. Delete
      • A) To add information
      • B) To ignore
      • C) To cross out
    • 15. Reference
      • A) A person who can speak on your behalf about your skills
      • B) Someone you play football with
      • C) A dictionary
    • 16. P.T.O.
      • A) Please Tick Off
      • B) Please Take One
      • C) Please Turn Over
    • 17. Next of Kin
      • A) Your nearest or closest relative
      • B) Your doctor
      • C) Your next door neighbour
    • 18. Direct Debit
      • A) No cost
      • B) A payment from you bank account
      • C) A guarantee
    • 19. Dependants
      • A) Any family members
      • B) Elderly family members
      • C) Any family members who rely on you for financial support or help with money
    • 20. Block Capitals
      • A) Capital letters (upper case)
      • B) Small letters (lower case)
      • C) A certificate
    • 21. Authorise
      • A) To refuse or say ‘no’
      • B) To allow or say ‘yes’
      • C) To write down
    • 22. Title
      • The name of your favourite book
      • B) Mr/Mrs/Miss/Sir etc.
      • C) Yours sincerely
    • 23. Provisional
      • A) You must provide information
      • B) Something has been provided
      • C) Something is temporary
    • 24. NB
      • Short for Not Bold which means do
      • not type in bold type
      • B) Short for the Latin words Nota Bene which means note well
      • C) Short for not bound which means that you are not bound by an agreement
    • 25. Countersignature
      • A countersignature is a second signature on a document
      • A countersignature is a person whose job is to check all signatures on documents
      • C) Countersignature means to count all signatures on a document
    • 26. Correspondence Address
      • The address where you would like to live
      • The address where you wish mail to be sent
      • C) The address where your parents live
    • 27. Guidance Notes
      • Notes written for the Girls Guides
      • B) Notes which are difficult to understand
      • C) Notes which help you to complete a form correctly
    • 28. Confirm
      • Support something that is true
      • B) To work for a small firm
      • C) To tell someone something in confidence
    • 29. Strictly Confidential
      • Information is not private
      • B) Information must be passed to other people
      • C) Information is not to be shared with any other person, that it is private
    • 30. Renewal
      • To receive a gift
      • To replace something with a newer one
      • C) To gain a reward
    • 31. SAE
      • Stands for ‘stick all envelopes’
      • B) Stands for ‘stamped addressed envelope’
      • C) Stands for ‘send all envelopes’
    • 32. Parents’ details
      • Details such as their name, where they were born, their date of birth and their nationality
      • Details such as height, weight and the colour of their eyes
      • Details such as where they were brought up and which schools they attended
    • 33. Present employer
      • An employer who gives you presents
      • B) The employer who interviews you
      • C) The person who employs you at the moment
    • 34. Registration
      • You MUST complete
      • To read something very carefully
      • C) To add to an official list e.g. yourself, (births, deaths and marriages) or your car
    • 35. Venue
      • To print something
      • A French word which means the place where something takes place
      • C) To write only in black ink
    • 36. Current address
      • The address at which you live at the moment
      • The place where you last lived
      • C) The address where you hold your current account
    • 37. Declaration
      • A celebration of something
      • B) To deny something
      • C) A statement in which you sign to state that it is true
    • 38. Gender
      • To graduate from college
      • B) Whether you are male or female
      • C) To translate something
    • 39. Exchange
      • To order something to be done
      • B) To give change to somebody
      • C) To change something for something else
    • 40. Naturalisation
      • To give a person from another country citizenship to live in this country
      • B) To use products which are made from natural sources
      • C) To act naturally
    • 41. Office use only
      • Something can only be completed by using Microsoft Office
      • B) You can only fill it in if you work in an office
      • C) You must not fill it in, the staff checking the forms will complete that section
    • 42. Previous address
      • The address of your neighbour directly behind you
      • B) The place where you lived last
      • C) The address where you preferred to live
    • 43. Alternative telephone
      • You can choose to phone or not
      • B) Another number you can be contacted on other than your main number
      • C) A new telephone system
    • 44. Duplicate
      • An exact copy of the original
      • B) To comfort somebody
      • C) Your twin
    • 45. Guardian
      • Someone who guards your property
      • B) Someone whose favourite newspaper is the Guardian
      • C) A person who has legal custody of another person especially a child
    • 46. Enclosed
      • To put something inside e.g. an envelope
      • B) To add more information
      • C) To be allowed to do something
    • 47. Replacement
      • Where you live temporarily
      • B) To receive an amount of money in the post
      • C) Something that takes the place of something else
    • 48. Last name
      • Your name before you were married
      • B) Your family name
      • C) Your middle name
    • 49. Applicant
      • A person who gets the job
      • B) A person who gets sacked from a job
      • C) A person who is applying for something
    • 50. Fee
      • There is no charge being made
      • A payment given to you tax free
      • C) A payment charged for professional services
    • 51. Dwelling
      • The place where you live – your home
      • B) The place where you work
      • C) To dwell on something
    • 52. Surname
      • Your middle name
      • B) Your family name
      • C) This applies to those people who are called ‘Sir’
    • 53. County
      • The population of your town
      • B) The county in which you live e.g. Cheshire
      • C) The name of your local counsellor
    • 54. Full forenames
      • Write the full first and second names of four people
      • B) Write the full first names of four people
      • C) Write your first name and middle name (s) in full
    • 55. Extension
      • To lengthen something or make it longer
      • B) To give permission
      • C) To seek permission to do something
    • 56. Warranty
      • To need something
      • B) To apply for something
      • C) A guarantee for something
    • 57. Remittance
      • To admit something
      • B) Another word for a financial payment
      • C) To not allow