Learners feedback 2010


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OTBC Learners report on the College

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Learners feedback 2010

  1. 1. LEARNERS FEEDBACK-2010 Bonang Kenosi Before the qualification programme training I was working as a security officer, now I am an office administrator. I was introduced and helped by someone. I didn’t know how important technology is and computers themselves but now I know and can tell or show the others… I’m not currently working in this field yet, but I am desperately busy looking….. My plans are to study further, get a better job in (IT) and buy myself a car. Clive Palmer Before the qualification programme training I worked as a technical consultant at on the ball computers to learn more about the IT industry and develop my IT skills. My sister informed me about the programme and I decided that it would be a good qualification to do, especially since it was hard to find a college that would offer that course part-time. I have been on the qualification programme for 2 years. It has made me realize the importance of having the relevant qualifications to improve one’s chances for employment. I am currently working in the IT field. I want to further develop my IT skills, and later become a business or systems analyst.
  2. 2. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Christian Manual Before the qualification programme training I did a mechanical engineering course at Athlone Campus for about a year. My mother is working for the company and I was doing a basic computer course at the time at On The Ball Computer College which I enjoyed very much and during this time they started the End User Computing Course as well as the Technical Support Qualification programme so I told my mother that I'm interested in these qualification as I Love working and doing things with my hands. I’ve been on this qualification programme for 2 years. It has changed my life a lot, because I have gained a lot of knowledge where computers are concerned. At the moment I’m not working in IT but hope to get a job soon in the field. My plans for the future is to work hard, study further in this qualification and to develop my IT skills and get myself a better job. Marlon Petersen   Before I started on the qualification program training I just completed my matric and was not planning to Study. I took a gap year to decide what I wanted to do. The opportunity arise and I decided to try my hand at Information Technology. I’ve looked at Various colleges to do the program Training and they were too expensive. Not having a job I could not pay for these colleges. So I did part time jobs and with the helped of my mother I manage to pay for my studies. On the Ball College was the college I choose to do the program training with. I got to know about the qualification program through advertising and word of mouth. I have been on this program for two years. It improved my knowledge about computers and helped me furthered my studies to have a better job. I am now working for Bytes the 2nd biggest IT Company in SA.. My plan for the future is to further my studies in the field of Information Technology and to help schools better they computer education.
  3. 3. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Lakhiwe Zaleni   Before the qualification programme training my life was pretty much going nowhere slowly because I really didn't know what I really wanted to study. I heard about the course through my mother whom had done a course at On The Ball Computers for work purposes. I have been on this qualification programme for one awesome year. I have learnt a lot of things and gained experience that I wouldn't have gained at other institutions due to the fact that OTBC is more practical instead of more theory. I have applied for a few jobs in my field but no replies yet One company is interested in me being an intern at their company. My plans are to work, make a stable income and living for myself and I still want to travel. Spencer Abrahams Before the course I did one year at UCT Studying a BSc. in physics, chemistry, Computer Science and Maths. My father had heard about the course and knew that I was very interested in increasing my knowledge of computers. And when he told me about the course I went to see OTBC for myself and realized the potential this course had in terms of improving my future. I have been working on my qualification for the past year at OTBC. The qualification program has helped me to understand a lot of things about computers that I never would have known Without the course. And it has also opened many doors in terms of potential job opportunities, and has also made living in front of a computer easier because now I know how to solve my own computer problems. I have had a few small jobs in the field but I'm working on an opportunity to get a permanent job. My main goal now is to get a permanent, well paying job in an IT position, I love working with computers and would like to remain in this field for years to come.
  4. 4. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Nigel Johannes   I knew a bit of computers before I entered the programme. I had little structure concerning the contents of the program. I was introduced to the director of the college – OTBC and she was of great assistance to me from the start before I even enrolled till I completed the qualification and is still assisting me in the field I’m working in. I have been on this qualification programme for 2 Years. I have a greater understanding of hardware and software. I am also now far more experienced in the MS Office Applications. I’m more confident in the field I’m working in now. I’m training End User Computing - ID 61591 I would like to become an Assessor in the field.
  5. 5. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Pricilla Blaai I was employed by Foschinidata 10 years ago and have been working as a Service Desk Agent since 2001. I was very much excited about my Job as you learn new things everyday in my environment and supporting the stores comes naturally as I have a BA degree and HDE (Higher diploma in Education) and always wanted to teach or train people. I have been mentoring new staff members all my life. But just before the qualification programme training started I was frustrated as I needed something new and exciting in my life, in other words this was what I needed and it came to my rescue The Company selected me to study and get the qualification. I have been on this Qualification programme for two and a Half years. Nothing has changed in my life; I am still doing the same job which I did 10 years ago. I want to be an IT TrainerMentor or work at a Network support teamenvironment in Anton Hartle   Prior to the completion of the course I was unable to mix with technical guys due to an inferior knowledge and therefore suffered a lack of confidence. The completed qualification was offered as an on site technical Learnership by my employer. The learnership suffered many set backs in which delayed the final outcome. From start to finish of continuous, the learnership was completed in a year. The technical learnership has increased my technical knowledge and provided me with extra confidence. I’m not currently working in this field. My future plans revolve around using the knowledge gained and possibly completing further studies to increase knowledge base in set field.
  6. 6. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Hope Kester I had a lot of exposure prior to the Program that covered a little of everything and I build on it before the leanership, as it entail some of my daily duties. I heard of the program from FoschiniData. The duration of the Qualification was 3-4 Years. I am more skilled now as I challenge myself to apply my experience more to my daily tasks. It has improved my work From 30 – 50 % as most of our daily task entails SQL I would like to further my qualification in the SQL Database area. Angelique Van Niekerk Prior to the programme I understood a lot, but this learnership gave me a broader understanding of things and how they interact with each other. I got to know about the qualification programme through FoschiniData. I’m not sure about the duration, but it could be 3-4 years. The qualification programme gave me a broader understanding with regards to Active directory and SQL. I’m partly working in this field, but not to the full extend. I’m still deciding on future plans.
  7. 7. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Karen Holloway Before the qualification programme training, my job was a little harder because I did not understand all the applications I was working with. The qualification programme was advertised by our HR department and that is how I got to know about it. I have been on this Qualification programme for almost 3years. It improved my working, understanding and SLA’S and I am able to better assist users. I am currently working in this field. I hope to move forward in the same field, and hopefully complete another learner ship in IT. Ebrahim Khalpey I got to know about the program from a colleague at work as he decided to opt out. The program took a bit long to complete as it was done part time. I am currently working in the field that we have studied and the program has really given me a much greater understanding of the workings in Information Technology. Now that I am able to see a bigger picture of things I have decided to study further.