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Optimize Print Services Konica Minolta

  1. 1. Optimized Print Services Leverage the power of OPS – To Lower Your Costs, Speed Your Workflow and Increase Your Productivity.
  2. 2. n Is your document system working for you—or against you? Needs have changed. Technologies have advanced. The flood of essential documents keeps growing. But many businesses rely on a patchwork of printing and imaging devices that don’t work together and aren’t utilized, managed, or serviced to keep up with today’s document demands. Fleet: Right-sizing the document output fleet to actual business needs, providing optimal business process and fleet support, and establishing continuous optimization—balanced with minimal cost of ownership and environmental impact. Process: Analyzing all business-relevant document flows in order to increase productivity, to benefit from saving potentials and design, to implement and operate a solution tailor made to meet your precise daily needs. Finance: Offering different purchasing and leasing options as well as various contract models, and integrating existing contracts into a single transparent financial plan. Security: Designing and implementing IT and information security solutions, from user authentication and data-safe hard disk handling of disposed devices to complex network security requirements. Green: Supporting a company’s sustainability goals by implementing the most environmentally friendly document-related hardware and business workflows, and through the subsequent monitoring and assessment of environmental performance throughout the lifecycle. n Konica Minolta has the solution: Optimized Print Services. Our OPS program combines consulting, hardware* and software implementation, workflow management and automated service and supplies —all to lower your costs and improve your workflow efficiency. LEVERAGE THE POWER OF OPS: making your print infrastructure work more efficiently. *Konica Minolta MFPs and printers and selected OEM printers in customer’s existing fleet. Konica Minolta Optimized Print Services: Konica Minolta, Optimized Print Services
  3. 3. Consult Analyzes all your document workflows, including scanning, printing, and any printed email, archiving and outsourcing—in order to increase productivity and realize enterprise-wide cost savings. Optimizes security protections for documents and devices, with multiple options for user authentication, account tracking, data encryption and network security Implement Presents a right-size document fleet for your actual business needs—with sophisticated digital functionality, networked productivity and finishing power for on-demand production. Provides world- class support for your entire system, including automated meter reads, proactive maintenance and delivery of consumables, online training and much more. Manage Keeps your equipment operating at peak performance, with remote monitoring to reduce your administrative costs and free your IT staff to concentrate on business objectives. Gives you the benefit of Konica Minolta initiatives to minimize energy consumption, reduce pollution and recycle consumables effectively. The OPS solution links three essential functions:
  4. 4. Consult All improvements resulting from OPS assessments are based on proven procedures and powerful analysis tools—so every stop of the way, you will understand the power of your customized, cost-effective OPS solution. Capture: Using software-based identification of existing document output devices, OPS precisely monitors your current utilization patterns and printing volumes. OPS professionals will conduct interviews to detect workflow, reveal workflows, understand service-level demands and collect all available data. Analyze: On the way to a customized solution for your business, OPS performs precise TCO calculations benchmarked against current supply costs. A customized print services program is recommended to meet your specific document and workflow demands. Optimize: The OPS program designs the utilization of a print fleet visualized on the basis of your actual floor plans, and presented with alternative scenarios —including exact calculations of future TCO reductions in hardware costs, general savings and environmental benefits. Implement OPS provides more than just installation of a new print solution. We also offer change management assistance to the extent required—with dedicated project management in accordance with recognized standards, as well as full support for appropriate involvement of stakeholders and end-users. Project: Beyond installation, the OPS program provides dedicated project management resources—organizing and controlling the process from start to finish, providing full plans, regular reports and access to all current project documents. Change: OPS includes delivery of all consumables for pre-determined devices during an agreed-upon period. You’ll have technical consulting and remote support for all devices being tested. Konica Minolta devices will be pre-configured prior to delivery to ensure seamless integration with your existing network, infrastructure and workflows. Inform: OPS provides detailed documentation for end-users and IT administrators. On-site training can be tailored to your needs, with continuous learning available online—and OPS can also assist in change management programs to make sure all employees understand how to leverage the power of your new document system. LEVERAGE THE POWER OF OPS: improving your workflow, reducing your costs. Konica Minolta, Optimized Print Services
  5. 5. Manage After testing your new print infrastructure, OPS offers a scalable portfolio of services to run and manage your fleet. These can be tailored to your individual needs and business requirements, complementing your existing IT services or assuming full operational responsibility. Operate: OPS offers a scalable portfolio of proactive services—including remote monitoring, automatic dispatch of technicians, delivery of consumables, replacement parts and maintenance kits. IMAC/R services for installing, moving, adding, changing or removing devices from your fleet are also provided in an addendum to the agreement. Monitor: OPS provides continuous supervision of both networked and local devices to monitor utilization, status and alerts. You will have online access to actual status information, performance indicators, and reports on device, fleet, and service calls. Improve: OPS includes provision for regular management reports, review meetings, and active search for further improvements. The OPS program can also provide billing customized to meet your requirements—including single invoice or invoice subtotals for accounts, devices, departments, or locations.
  6. 6. LEVERAGE THE POWER OF OPS: a head-start in reducing your environmental impact. Along with the benefits of our OPS program, Konica Minolta also offers you quick, simple and cost-free recycling of all your Konica Minolta consumables: toner cartridges, imaging units, waste toner bottles, developer/developer units and drums. Our Clean Planet Recycling program provides free return cartons and postpaid UPS labels that makes the process of recycling easier than ever. For mid-sized customers, Konica Minolta can provide recycling boxes designed to hold 10–15 consumable items. For high-volume users, delivery and pickup arrangements can be made for bulk shipping containers. Konica Minolta, Optimized Print Services
  7. 7. LEVERAGE THE POWER OF OPS: a total solution to your document and IT management needs. From desktop to print shop, Konica Minolta delivers the industry’s most complete array of document imaging solutions. With over 38,000 worldwide employees, cutting-edge research programs in optical and digital technology, the industry’s most complete line of color and BW MFPs, desktop printers, finishing options, and software applications and security enhancements, Konica Minolta has been recognized by Brand Keys for the fifth consecutive year as the #1 Brand for Customer Loyalty in the MFP Office Copier Market. Recent industry studies by IDC have pointed to considerable cost savings from optimizing your print environment with a single-source provider: up to 23% in overall document cost reductions, 25% savings in consumables, 40% reduction in IT help desk calls— plus further savings from maximizing uptime, reducing unscheduled maintenance and simplifying the tasks of installing and upgrading your equipment. With the nationwide implementation of our Optimized Print Services program, we have raised the bar in print management and proactive service—and Konica Minolta customers are reaping the benefits in higher productivity and lower costs. For immediate savings and future cost-efficiencies that will make you more competitive, contact Konica Minolta Business Solutions today—and put Optimized Print Services to work on your business information team.
  8. 8. Item #: OPSGlobalBro 8/13 KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS U.S.A., INC. 100 Williams Drive Ramsey, NJ 07446 www.kmbs.konicaminolta.us www.countonkonicaminolta.com © 2013 KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS U.S.A., INC. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Konica Minolta, Count on Konica Minolta, are trademarks of KONICA MINOLTA, INC. Design specifications are subject to change without notice. Konica Minolta, Optimized Print Services