Strategic Action Steps Workshop
                                 Increasing Your Companies Advantage

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Strategic Action Steps Workshop[1]


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The seminar is an in-depth analysis of the current status of the economy as it relates to business. It provides direction on using the Five Scenarios of Business Planning to help any business to be prepared for any of the possible economic scenarios which may present during the current economic turmoil

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Strategic Action Steps Workshop[1]

  1. 1. Strategic Action Steps Workshop Increasing Your Companies Advantage Objective: Why the workshop is important?: To focus key management on the action What honest business leader doesn’t wish his steps required to increase revenues and management team had better prepared before this grow profits over the next 12 to 15 months. downturn hit? If you didn’t focus on the actions steps you Format: should take before, can you now afford not to take the action steps that will grow profits during the downturn? This is a highly interactive full day Does your team know the 5 different economic forms workshop consisting of several modules with the downturn could take over the next 15 months? Or for management team brainstorming sessions that matter, what steps you should take to cope no matter that allow participants to create which form the downturn takes? It is important to have a organization specific action steps. clear understanding of what is coming and what your Who Should Attend?: company should do about it now. Sessions should have key management team What will be covered at the workshop? members to stimulate the best results. By 1. What the future state of the economy means to your adding their direct reports the effectiveness company. of the organization specific action steps is • The effect of the 5 basic downturn scenarios for your company. • The practical implications to your company over the next 15 months. increased. • The importance of the Gretzky Rule and the Levin Corollary for Outcomes: your company. • The methodology and application of Focused Scenario Strategic • Formulate action steps that will Planning for your company’s success. propel your company to outperform. 2. The action steps to handle the 5 basic downturn scenarios. • Increase the top of mind awareness • Implementing a 360 degree integrated approach to increasing profits of action steps to build revenues and and reducing costs. profits during the downturn. • Focused strategic marketing to increasing profits and reducing costs. • Focused technology integration to increasing profits and reducing • Transform how your key executive costs. team performs in these turbulent 3. The proactive implementation of steps for survival and growth. times. • Improving branding. Long-Term Results: • Applying Core Strengths & Competencies • Segmenting markets • Strengthen Cash Flow • Building revenue streams • Reduce Costs in Traditional Markets • Using Key financial dashboards • New Revenue Streams • Developing Human Capital and adding value for employees • Improving Credit strategies and monitoring • Increase Growth Rate and Sales • Choosing Inventory levels and type • Increase Market Penetration • Accounts receivable aging • Improve Customer Retention • Building banking relationships, lines, debt, etc. • Lower Good Employee Turn Over Preparation: • Increase Employee Quality and • With our guidance key participates will assemble key data before the workshop. Commitment • Workshop schedule 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. normally 1 week after we receive preparation data. Put Our Experience To Work For You 803 Sheridan Road, Glencoe IL 60022 ■ (847) 242-1000 ■ Web: ■ © Copyright 2009, L. R. Levin Consulting, L.L.C.. All Rights Reserved.