WRI Communications Curriculum: Social Media Strategy
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WRI Communications Curriculum: Social Media Strategy

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  • 1. WRI COMMUNICATIONS CURRICULUMSocial Media Strategy3 January 2013Laura Lee DooleyOnline Engagement Architect & StrategistExternal Relationsabout.me/lauraleedooley
  • 2. Overview• What’s it all about?• An overview of WRI social media spaces• Social Media Strategy Framework• Lessons Learned• STAFF SURVEY: Social Media Strategy: Diving Deeper
  • 3. Social mediaSocial engagementis all about relationships.
  • 4. People like doing business withpeople they know …… and love doing business withpeople they trust.Edelman Trust Barometer 2008
  • 5. TRUST ispersonal . . . requires risk-taking . . . about relationships, nottransactions . . . based on being willing to put the other’s needs first.
  • 6. Based on “Creating Brand Insistence” by The Blake Project5 attributesthat driveusers toinsist onspecificbrandsEmotionalConnectionBuilding and sustaining trust
  • 7. RelationshipsInformation SeekerRepeat VisitorMarketerAmbassador,EvangelistPartners,DonorsActionTrust
  • 8. 43%50%53%47%34%43%64%70%20%38%46%50%50%65%66%68%Government official or regulatorCEOFinancial or industry analystNGO representativeRegular employeePerson like yourselfTechnical expert in the companyAcademic or expertVoices Most Trusted20122011Edelman Trust Barometer 2012
  • 9. Trust protects reputationVS.
  • 10. Edelman Trust Barometer 201157% will believenegative informationafter hearing it1-2 times15% will believepositive informationafter hearingit 1-2 times51%will believepositiveinformationafter hearing it1-2 times25%will believenegative informationafter hearing it 1-2 timesWhen a brand is distrusted When a brand is trusted
  • 11. Pre-contemplation Contemplation Action (Maintenance)Positioning – where audience is now vs. where you want them to be
  • 12. Edelman Trust Barometer 2012Regardless ofchannel, voice, orcountry …… a majority ofpeople need to hearthe same message3-5 times to believeit.1 time, 5%2 times,14%3 times,35%4-5 times,28%6-9 times,6%10+ times,13%
  • 13. WRI Social MediaBrief Overview
  • 14. 1,00020012018712Top Social Networksby millions of users
  • 15. Some more statistics• 32% of all Internet users are using Twitter.• Top 3 countries on Twitter are the USA (107 million),Brazil (33 million) and Japan (nearly 30 million).• In 2012, Facebook saw a 41% growth in active usersfrom Russia, South Korea, Japan, India and Brazil.• Brazil has the third highest number of Google+ usersin the world.• Pinterest has seen a massive 4377% growth ratebetween May 2011 and May 2012 in the US.
  • 16. 01,0002,0003,0004,0005,000Oct-08Jan-09Apr-09Jul-09Oct-09Jan-10Apr-10Jul-10Oct-10Jan-11Apr-11Jul-11Oct-11Jan-12Apr-12Jul-12Oct-12Visits to WRI .org from the Top 3 Social NetworksFacebook Twitter LinkedIn
  • 17. WRI on Facebook• Page: worldresources• Fans: 9,612• Projects– The Access Initiative– EMBARQ– EMBARQ India– GHG Protocol– Reefs at Risk– World Resources Report• Groups– Electricity Governance• Tools– Facebook Insights– Radian6.com
  • 18. WRI on Twitter• @worldresources• Followers: 40,757• Twitter List: wri-tweeters• Tools:– Bit.ly– Paper.li– Twitterfeed.com– Twittercounter.com– Twubs.com– Tweetdeck.com– Hootsuite.com (ow.ly)– CoverItLive.com– Radian6.com
  • 19. WRI on LinkedIn• Closed Group– Members: 2,018• Company– Followers: 2,189• Tools– LinkedIn Company Insights– LinkedIn Group Statistics– Radian6 (limited)• Laura Lee Dooley– Connects with WRI staff, interns,consultants, partners, colleagues
  • 20. WRI on Google+• Organization Page• Followers: 1,781• Google connections:– Gmail Contacts– Google Search– Google Places– Google Adwords
  • 21. WRI on Pinterest• worldresources• Fastest growing socialbookmarking site• Followers: 1,089• Community Boards– Climate COP18-Doha (431followers)– Future We Want | EarthSummit |#RioPlus20 (928 followers)
  • 22. WRI Digest• Monthly emailnewsletter• Subscribers: 13,400• 15-20% open rate perissue; different peopleopen email each month• Some crossover withsocial media community
  • 23. Other Social Networks• YouTube – Most popular video site• Vimeo – High quality• SlideShare - PowerPoints• Flickr – Public photos & favorites from others• Foursquare – Geolocation check-in• Friendfeed – Aggregator of WRI social shares• SoundCloud – Audio recordings, podcasts• Social bookmarking– Diigo Group -WRI Stories We Watch (MEP)– Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg
  • 24. Social Media Benefits• Establish credibility and trust• Build communities of interest• Share and gather resources• Participate in the online conversation• Encourage action• Drive traffic• Leverage mobile access
  • 25. Social Media StrategyFramework10 Social Strategy Rules
  • 26. Social Strategy Rule #1.DO IT!Photo credit: flickr/qwrrtyBe present or be invisible.ignored.unheard.passed by.distrusted.
  • 27. 949677686 87 8692782548616872 736 411244749 50571713262934380255075100Feb-05Aug-06May-08Apr-09May-10Aug-11Feb-12Aug-12%Social Networking Site Use by Age Group, 2005-2012% of internet users in each age group who use social networking sites18-29 30-49 50-64 65+Source: Pew Internet
  • 28. Social Strategy Rule #1.DO IT!RESOURCES:• WRI Guidelines• Webinars• eNewsletters• Blogs• Experience• Me!Photo credit: flickr/qwrrty
  • 29. Policies & GuidelinesIndependenceInnovationIntegrityRespectUrgencyWRI Values = Social Media Values
  • 30. Photo credit: flickr/xslim“Seek first to understand,then to be understood.”Stephen Covey (Habit 5)Social Strategy Rule #2.Listen First
  • 31. Social Strategy Rule #2.Listen FirstPhoto credit: flickr/xslim• Your Social Media Streams• Google ReaderRSS Feeds, Google Alerts• TwitterSearch, #Hashtags• Facebook (Pages)• LinkedIn (Groups|News)• Email & Newsletters• Other SM NetworksGoogle+, Pinterest, Bookmarking Sites
  • 32. Photo credit: flickr/xslim10. Complaint9. Compliment8. Problem7. Question of inquiry6. Campaign impact5. Crisis4. Competitor3. Crowd2. Influencer1. Point of needSocial Strategy Rule #2.Listen First
  • 33. Social Strategy Rule #3.Develop a RoadmapPhoto credit: flickr/Editor BBegin with the end in mind.Mental creation precedesphysical creation.Stephen Covey (Habit 2)
  • 34. Social Strategy Rule #3:Develop a Roadmap – Long-term• IMPACT & OUTCOMES. What is your goal ?– Policy or behavior change?– “Raising awareness?”– Taking action?• SOCIAL CIRCLE. Who are your audiences?– Primary, Secondary, Opposition, Influential– You don’t need to connect with everybody• CONVERSATION & VOICE. What is your message?– What will motivate your audience to take action?– Facts are not enough• TOOLS AND TACTICS. What resources will you use?
  • 35. Short-term Social Media Outreach• Designed for specific events• Collaborative effort with WRI brand and community• “STRATEGY - Short-Term Basic Social MediaOutreach”– Focused on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn– Available online at http://bit.ly/x8MBWv
  • 36. Social Strategy Rule #3.Develop a RoadmapPhoto credit: flickr/MyAngelG• Long-term• Short-term• Maintenance• Measurement
  • 37. Social Strategy Rule #4.Go Where YourAudience IsPhoto credit: flickr/stignygaardIf you build it, they won’tnecessarily come.
  • 38. Social Strategy Rule #4.Go Where YourAudience Is• Twitter = News feed• LinkedIn = Professionals• Facebook = Largest; Moreinformal, personal• Other SM Networks(Do your homework!)• Email Lists• Build Your OwnPhoto credit: flickr/stignygaard
  • 39. Photo credit: flickr/xslimCURRENT information• Full name• URL name (namechk.com)• Photo(s)• Description with keywords• Geographic information• Accurate links• Standard brand language• Title & organizationSocial Strategy Rule #5.Keep Your ProfileUpdatedPhoto credit: flickr/juanjocarvajal
  • 40. Photo credit: flickr/xslim• Understand privacysettings─ Resource: http://bit.ly/ozeIB9• Respect the brand yourepresentPhoto credit: flickr/juanjocarvajalSocial Strategy Rule #5.Keep Your ProfileUpdated
  • 41. Photo credit: flickr/waltstoneburner“ No man is an island entireof itself; every manis a piece of the continent,a part of the main...”John Donne (1572-1631)Social Strategy Rule #6.Build Your Social Circle
  • 42. Photo credit: flickr/waltstoneburner• Search• Upload or connect youremail contacts• Follow those others arefollowing• Website/Profile linksFor lesser-knownconnections, provide reasonto connectSocial Strategy Rule #6.Build Your Social Circle
  • 43. Photo credit: flickr/waltstoneburner• Friends, FoFs• Partners, PoPs• Colleagues, CoCs• Newsletter recipients• Target constituents• People w/ similar goals• Those on the other sideSocial Strategy Rule #6.Build Your Social Circle
  • 44. Social Strategy Rule #7.Establish Your VoicePhoto credit: flickr/HazzatIt is not about you.It is about the valueyou bring to others.
  • 45. Social Strategy Rule #7.Establish Your VoicePhoto credit: flickr/Hazzat• Content• Activity• Reach• Community• Engagement• Conversation
  • 46. Personal brandingI’m interestedin …I talk a lotabout …I’m anexpert on…I have infoabout …I like to …I hangaroundwith …I’m goodat …
  • 47. Social Strategy Rule #7.Establish Your VoicePhoto credit: flickr/Hazzat5 C’s of Engagement• Creating• Critiquing• Chatting• Collecting• Clicking
  • 48. Sharing• Leverage existing assets.• Share topics relevant to your work & voice.• Align your messaging with audience needs.• Listen to who is talking about you and your issues. Addrelevant voices to social circle.• Look for resources from the online community you canshare with others.• 12:1 ratio
  • 49. Design Engaging Content• Headline/title describes content, includes keywords.• Includes photo or video related to content.• Summary encourages readers to click.• Additional text provides value for audience.• Content crafted for each social media community.• Content encourages action .• Content is shareable.• Content sources are identified.• Tracking code included for WRI.org links
  • 50. Social Strategy Rule #8.Know Your CommunityPhoto credit: flickr/David_ShankboneWho are your …• Fans• Followers• Readers• Repeaters• Subscribers• Advocates• Free agents
  • 51. “Free agents” areindividuals working outsideorganizations to organize,mobilize, raise funds, andcommunicate withconstituents.- The Networked NonprofitSocial Strategy Rule #8.Know Your CommunityFree agents like Shawn Ahmed (@uncultured)are promiscuous for good!Free Agent. Source; Rob Cottingham.
  • 52. Audience Analysis – Social CircleA B C D E F G1234
  • 53. Social Strategy Rule #9.Take Time to EngagePhoto credit: flickr/ what_i_see“It’s not enough to be busy, soare the ants. The question is,what are we busy about?”Henry David Thoreau
  • 54. Social Media Time ManagementTotalTimeCommitmentSource: Amber Naslund. 2010.
  • 55. Social Strategy Rule #10.Measure and TrackPhoto credit: flickr/stevenharris“Measurement is your map,and metrics are yoursignposts.”Beth Kanter,Katie Delahaye Paine
  • 56. Social Strategy Rule #10.Measure and TrackPhoto credit: flickr/stevenharrisQuantity and Quality• Activity• Reach• Engagement
  • 57. Some Basic Metrics• Growth – friends, followers, fans, connects, subscribes• Twitter – shares, retweets, mentions, clickthroughs• Facebook – shares, likes, comments, messages• LinkedIn – shares, comments, views, clicks, likes• YouTube, Slideshare, Flickr, Vimeo – views, embeds,comments, favorites• Email, RSS feeds – opens, views, clickthroughs• Social bookmarking – saves, likes• Google – pageviews, visits, time on page, shares,connects
  • 58. Link Tagging: Tracking traffic“Clean” URL?utm_campaign=socialmedia&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=worldresources&utm_content=hyperlink/image (Optional)&utm_keyword=keyphrase (Optional)For Twitter, shorten URL with bit.ly
  • 59. Social Strategy Rule #10.Measure and TrackPhoto credit: flickr/stevenharris
  • 60. Social Media Strategy Framework1. Do it!2. Listen First3. Develop a Roadmap4. Go Where Your Audience Is5. Keep Your Profile Updated6. Build Your Social Circle7. Establish Your Voice8. Know Your Community9. Take Time to Engage10. Measure and Track
  • 61. Lessons Learned in Social Media• If you’re not present, you are absent• Seek first to understand• Conversation – NOT marketing• Invest time and effort• Offline and online reputations are linked• WRI values in practice– Respect, innovation, independence, integrity, urgency• Measure, measure, measure
  • 62. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSSocial Media StrategyLaura Lee DooleyOnline Engagement Architect & StrategistExternal Relationsabout.me/lauraleedooley