Building Community With Twitter


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Introduction to twitter, it's value and how to use it to build online community. Presentation to World Resources Institute staff, January 26, 2008.

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  • Businesses Can't Hide From 2.0: A Look At 2.0's Impact Across Industries September 6, 2008 If you're a business who has been ignoring the Web 2.0 trend and the spread of social media: look out, the tide is shifting and you're about to be left behind. The rise of social media didn't happen overnight, the power of the internet to unite people, the ubiquity of broadband, the rise of Gen Y, the development of new technologies for socializing on the web - all of these things and more have led to the rise of social media. And this new force is affecting change in the way that companies do business - now and for many years to come.
  • Building Community With Twitter

    1. 1. Building a community of interest and passion with twitter Laura Lee S. Dooley Online Engagement Strategist World Resources Institute ( ) [email_address] When the Deer Have the Rifles: Social Media Strategies for Influence
    2. 2. Goal of online communications Satisfaction in Engagement Ambassador/Evangelist Ownership Word of Mouth Repeat Customers Relationship
    3. 3. “ It has never been about me. It has always been about you.”
    4. 4. People like doing business with people they know … … and love doing business with people they trust . Edelman Trust Barometer
    5. 5. Building relationship online: How do you cut through the clutter?
    6. 6. initial idea for twitter (
    7. 7. twitter co-founders @jack @biz @ev
    8. 8.
    9. 9. 140 characters The habit and skill of revising for brevity and clarity is one of the secrets to good writing. - @mike_elgan microblogging easier than blogging
    10. 10. Photo by Mallix
    11. 12. Followers Following Friends Your initial target audience may not be your only, nor your best target audience
    13. 14. Peter Cho ambient awareness … and presence
    14. 15. Current Listening Posts … organizing online conversations …
    15. 16. . . . first alert and news source . . .
    16. 17. Remember the information superhighway? Welcome to twitter …
    17. 18. Audience Segmentation Profile pic, title/organization, URL, location, bio Do they follow you? Have they @replied to or RT your content? Who do they follow? Are they active in conversation? Who follows them and RT their content? What do they tweet about? Objective Inferred General Issue-Specific
    18. 19. Pre-contemplation Contemplation Action (Maintenance) Positioning – where audience is now vs. where you want them to be
    19. 20. Unknown Recognized Liked Respected For organizations, being a better messenger means moving from the least known to the most respected Trust
    20. 21. But is twitter worth it?
    21. 22. “ I worked on Blogger for six years, and I don't think that's as big as Twitter. Twitter will dwarf that." - Evan Williams (December 2008)
    22. 23. 422% August 2007 – August 2008 twitter traffic 2.3 million unique U.S. visitors
    23. 24. Comparison of growth in social media
    24. 25. Twitter Traffic Worldwide February 2008
    25. 26. Integration with SMS (Texting)
    26. 27. Q&A