Taylor De Jongh Qualifications Mar 2010


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Taylor De Jongh Qualifications Mar 2010

  1. 1. Investment Banking Capabilities 1
  2. 2. Taylor-DeJongh Overview Locations of Taylor- DeJongh’s recent and current mandates. ♦ One of the top independent financial advisors and energy M&A firms in the world. ♦ TDJ ranked as #1 project finance advisor globally for energy, oil & gas for 5 of the last 7 years. ♦ 29+ years of successful transactions in more than 100 countries. ♦ Aggregate value of financings over US$70 billion. ♦ Offices in Washington, D.C., London, Paris and Bahrain. 2
  3. 3. Industry Focus Energy Expertise ♦ Oil & Gas ♦ Conventional & Renewable ♦ LNG Power ♦ Unconventional ♦ Pipelines Oil & Gas ♦ Refineries ♦ Petrochemicals Infrastructure & Industrial Expertise ♦ Industrial, Metals & Mining ♦ Transportation and Logistics ♦ Water and Wastewater ♦ Telecommunications 3
  4. 4. Our Capabilities Project Finance M&A Capital Placements  Project Development  Sell Side  Identification of • Viability & risk analysis • Divestiture strategy Investors • Modeling • Marketing plan  Preparation of Term • Commercial terms • Information Sheet and Offering memoranda Memoranda  Financial Structuring • Negotiations • Capital strategy • Closing  Management of Road • Credit support Show • Sources of finance  Buy Side • M&A strategy  Negotiations  Execution • Due diligence  Closing • Commercial • Valuation negotiations • Negotiations • Financial terms • Closing • Closing 4
  5. 5. The TDJ Difference (1/2) ♦ Early Involvement TDJ applies its expertise from the earliest stages of a project’s development, ensuring that investments are well structured from the beginning. ♦ Senior-Level Advice Senior-level management support is provided on all transactions, combining innovative approaches with seasoned market experience. ♦ Highly-tailored, Comprehensive Solutions TDJ provides strategic, development and financial advice:  From the very beginning, we are planning the financial close;  Structured advice to maximize the negotiating leverage of the client;  Making the deal “bankable” under prevailing market conditions. 5
  6. 6. The TDJ Difference (2/2) ♦ 360° View of Transaction Issues We have advised developers, lenders, governments and contractors on energy and infrastructure investment projects. The firm understands risks from all viewpoints. This expertise helps:  expedite the negotiating process  avoid costly delays late in the development process. ♦ Specialization in Complex, Challenging Environments and Investments TDJ specializes in complex transactions, including:  first-of-a kind developments in host countries;  applications of new or disruptive technologies; and  investment projects in highly challenging political and economic environments. 6
  7. 7. Project Finance ♦ TDJ is experienced with all sources of finance, including ECAs, multilaterals and banks. ♦ TDJ has worked with the world’s leading financing institutions and has strong relationships with the following banks and ECAs: Banks ECAs  Arab Bank  Credit Agricole Group  Marubeni Corp  CESCE  OeKB  Arab Banking Corp  Credit Suisse Group  Merrill Lynch  COFACE  OND  Al Rajhi Banking &  Deutsche Bank AG International Bank  DEG  OPIC Investment Corp  Dexia  Mitsui & Co Ltd  ECGD  SACE  Banco Espirito Santo  Dresdner Bank  Mizuho Financial Group  EDC  USEXIM Group  DnB NOR  Morgan Stanley  EFIC  Bank of America  Fortis Group  NATIXIS SA  ERG  Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi  Goldman Sachs  RBS  FMO Ltd  Gulf International Bank  Royal Bank of Canada  Hermes  Barclays Bank  HBOS  Santander  JBIC  BBVA  HSH Nordbank  Société Générale  KEXIM  BNDES  HSBC  Standard Chartered  KfW  BNP Paribas  ICICI  Sumitomo Mitsui  NCM  Calyon  ING Groep NV Banking Corp  NEXI  Citigroup  JP Morgan Chase  WestLB 7
  8. 8. Private Placements: Equity Investors ♦ Institutional investors, GCC-based ♦ Family offices, GCC-based ♦ Institutional investors, EU and USA ♦ Industry strategic investors Sectors ♦ Oil & gas upstream ♦ Drilling ♦ Unconventional hydrocarbons ♦ Oilfield services ♦ Midstream: gas processing & ♦ Alternative energy refineries ♦ Power generation ♦ LNG ♦ Natural resources production & ♦ Petrochemicals processing ♦ Production facilities, FPSOs ♦ Transport & logistics ♦ Pipelines 8
  9. 9. Industry Rankings 2009 2009 Closed Deals and Mandates Closed Deals #4 in Americas (by PFI) Mandates Won #6 Globally (Regions, by PFI) Americas #3 EMEA #7 Asia Pacific #8 Mandates Won Renewables #2* (Sectors, by IJ) Power – all #9* Metals & Mining #2* Water & Wastewater #1* Transport #9* * Tied, number of mandates. Project Finance International 2009 League Tables. Infrastructure Journal 2009 League Tables, as of January 2010. 9
  10. 10. Track Record Highlights ♦ Advisor on 12 Deals of the Year since 1999. ♦ Top 10 Global Financial Advisor since 1996 by PFI journal. ♦ Top 7 Global Financial Advisor for 9 out of the past 10 years by Infrastructure Journal. TDJ Projects 1994 - 2009 Best ♦ Power 238 Project Finance House ♦ Oil & Gas 126 Financial Advisor ♦ Petrochemicals 35 Africa ♦ Industrial, Mining & Metals 38 2007 ♦ Water 26 ♦ Transportation 34 ♦ Telecommunications 22 10
  11. 11. Oil & Gas Expertise ♦ TDJ is a leading advisor in oil & gas financings, with over 100 projects spanning the full value chain. TDJ has been the ♦ TDJ advises sponsors, lenders, contractors, #1 Oil & Gas and governments in structuring projects Financial Advisor from the earliest stages of development. for 5 out of the last 10 years and has ranked among the ♦ TDJ has worked on more than: Top 4 Oil & Gas Financial Advisors  20 LNG Projects for 9 out of the last 10 years.  30 Petrochemical Projects  15 Refineries Infrastructure Journal  30 Oil & Gas Pipelines 11
  12. 12. Oil & Experience Experience LNG Gas — LNG ♦ TDJ advised on 22 trains of LNG production in Atlantic and Pacific basins. Jamaica LNG Receiving Sonatrach, Tambeyneftegaz Liquid Niugini LNG Terminal Skikda Russia Gas Jamaica USA Trains 4,5,6 Algeria Papua New Guinea FA to FA and Debt Sponsor FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsors Arranger Alaska LNG Confidential US$500 mm US$250 mm Confidential US$5 bn and Pipeline USA FA to State US$12 bn North American West Coast Atlantic LNG Equatorial Angola LNG Qatargas II Qatargas RasGas LNG Market LNG Receiving Train 1 Guinea LNG Angola LNG Qatar Upstream LNG Train 3 Study Terminal Trinidad LNG Qatar Qatar USA USA 12 FA to FA for Project FA to FA to FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsors FA to Sponsors Sponsor Company Lenders Lenders Confidential TBD US$1 bn US$1.7 bn US$1.5 bn US$5 bn US$600 mm US$1.4 bn 12
  13. 13. Oil & Gas — Petrochemicals Experience ♦ Taylor-DeJongh has advised on 30 petrochemical projects in 17 countries since 1994. Countries where TDJ’s Petrochemical projects are located 13
  14. 14. Oil & Gas — Refineries Experience ♦ Taylor-DeJongh has advised on some of the most prestigious and recognized refining projects worldwide. ♦ The firm has advised on 17 refineries in 16 countries. Countries where TDJ’s Refinery projects are located 14
  15. 15. Oil & Gas — Pipeline Experience ♦ TDJ has advised on or structured 31 pipelines for a total length of 26,410 km. ♦ The firm has worked with most major international and national oil companies. ♦ TDJ represented all 7 ECAs in the complex cross-border BTC pipeline. Countries where TDJ’s Pipeline projects are located 15
  16. 16. Power Sector Experience — Conventional & Alternative ♦ World leader in providing strategic and financial advisory services at all stages to clients in the power sector. ♦ Among all power projects TDJ has advised on, seven were the first independent power projects in the host countries. TDJ has advised on a variety of power projects, including:  Geothermal  Co-generation  Hydro  Gas-fired  Solar  Coal-fired  Wind  Oil-fired  Fuel Cells  Diesel-fired  Nuclear 16
  17. 17. Power Experience — Global Reach ♦ TDJ has advised project sponsors, developers and financiers on over 235 power projects in 63 countries since 1994. Countries where TDJ’s Power projects are located 17
  18. 18. Renewable & Alternative Energy Experience ♦ Taylor-DeJongh has expertise across a broad spectrum of alternative technologies and renewable energy projects. ♦ The firm has advised on over 30 projects, including solar, fuel cells, geothermal and hydropower. Representative Renewable & Alternative Energy Assignments UK-Listed Kalangala Solar- Peru Ethanol Kamchatka La Vueltosa Alternative Energy Lurio Hydropower Renewable Diesel Plant Project Geothermal Hydropower Technology Project Company Uganda Project Peru Russia Venezuela Mozambique UK United States FA to Acquirer FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsor FA to Government FA to Sponsor FA to Lender FA to Sponsor US$50 mm US$42 mm US$175 mm US$140 mm US$400 mm US$300 mm US$350 mm 18
  19. 19. Transportation Experience ♦ Taylor-DeJongh possesses expertise in all forms of transportation. ♦ The firm has advised on 30 projects, including roads, bridges, ports, airports, and shipping. Representative Transportation Assignments Pocahontas Aqaba Port Florida I-595 LNG Tanker FastShip Inc. LNG Tanker Seven Airports Air Cargo Redevelopment Parkway & New Port Corridor Fleet Fleet Plan - Poland Terminal USA Facilities Composition Qatargas II Jordan USA USA Development for Equatorial LNG Jordan Guinea LNG FA to FA to FA to TIFIA FA to TIFIA FA to Airport Developer Port Authority FA to Sponsor FA to Lenders Authority US$792 mm US$700 mm US$1.5 bn FA to Sponsors US$1.8 bn US$60 mm 19
  20. 20. Water and Wastewater Experience ♦ Taylor-DeJongh has advised on over 25 water and wastewater projects in 19 countries worldwide. ♦ The firm has expertise in water distribution, desalination, and independent water and power (IWPP) projects. Representative Water and Wastewater Assignments Emcali Water Suez Water Nam Water Muscat Chiang Mai Desalcott Seafield & Namibia Concession Municipal Almond Valley Colombia Egypt Water & Trinidad & Oman Khong Thai United Tobago Kingdom Industrial Wastewater Thailand FA to FA to Government FA to Government FA to Bidders FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsors Government US$40 mm Confidential US$195mm US$720 mm US$800 mm US$130mm 20
  21. 21. Telecommunications Experience ♦ Taylor-DeJongh has been the financial advisor on over 20 telecommunications projects in 13 countries. ♦ The firm has worked on various types of projects, including subsea cable, mobile telephony, privatization and concessions. Representative Telecommunications Assignments SIVAM Emcali Cellular Avantel Avantel II VipNet Subsea Cable Telecoms Telecom Project Brazil Colombia Colombia Croatia Colombia India Africa / Spain / India FA to 5 - FA to Sponsor Government FA to Sponsors FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsor FA to Lender FA to Sponsor US$1.4 bn US$720 mm US$500 mm US$62.5 mm US$30 mm US$100 mm Confidential 21
  22. 22. Metals and Mining Experience ♦ TDJ has advised on over 30 metals, mining and industrial projects in 14 countries. Representative Metals, Mining and Industrial Assignments Belldune Iron San Bartolome Aluminium Iron Ore Batu Hijau Coal Washery Ore Mine Bahrain Line 5 Smelter Indonesia India Expansion Canada Bolivia South Africa Bahrain FA to Sponsors FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsors FA to Lender FA to Sponsor US$300 mm US$70 mm US$1.7 bn US$800 mm US$1 bn US$100mm SAISCO Steel ISCOR Congo Copper Guinea Aluminium Spinifex Ridge Mill Aluminum Smelter South Africa Congo Australia South Africa Guinea Kuwait FA to EPC FA to Bidder FA to Sponsor FA to Govt. FA to Sponsor FA to Sponsor US$150 mm US$120 mm US$1 bn US$900 mm US$1.2 bn US$450mm 22
  23. 23. Management Overview Terry Newendorp David Suratgar Laurent Lavigne du Cadet Chairman Chairman, & CEO Advisory Board Deputy CEO  Over 30 years of infrastructure  Over 40 years of experience in  Over 20 years in international financing experience legal and financial aspects of business  Over $30 billion of energy deals major projects worldwide  Has raised more than $3 billion  More than 300 deals closed in  Former Vice-Chairman, during his career 50 countries Deutsche Morgan Grenfell  Specialist in M&A, project finance  Senior Advisor to U.S. Ex-Im  Member of the Board, Banque and investments with focus on oil Bank Marocaine du Commerce & gas, power, renewable energy, Extérieur (BMCE) and Senior and infrastructure Advisor to the Chairman  Extensive experience in emerging markets PG International Finance, Master of International Affairs, University of Houston Columbia University JD Honors, George Washington MA (Law) Oxford University Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, University Certificate AMP – Corporate ROUEN , France BSc Chemical Engineering, Purdue Finance, Harvard Business Economy and Finance Faculty – University School Dauphine Paris IX Washington, DC London Washington, DC 23
  24. 24. Management Overview Timothy Holder John Sachs Director Director  18 years project and corporate  16 years experience in making finance experience, advisory, direct equity investments, equity raising and M&A lending and investment banking  Extensive experience in in the energy and infrastructure petrochemicals, oil & gas and sector infrastructure sectors  Extensive experience in  Advisor for over 15 years to the emerging markets British Offset Office on the Al  Led large, multi-disciplined Yamamah Economic Offset teams in successfully originating, Program, Saudi Arabia managing and closing transactions totaling over $4 billion in value BA (Hons), Economics & Economic MBA Finance Concentration, History, University of Warwick Vanderbilt University Associate Chartered Accountant BA Economics and Finance, Albion College Bahrain Washington, DC 24
  25. 25. Management Overview Afonso Reis Louis e Sousa Blanchard Director Associate Director  14 years of experience in  Specialist in project financing international project finance and (both debt and equity financing), investment banking investment opportunity  Extensive experience in financing evaluation, and deal negotiation infrastructure, power and oil & and execution. gas sectors  Extensive experience with  Experience with limited recourse mergers and acquisitions, project finance, privatization, valuation, private placement, valuation and financial modeling and financial modeling.  Extensive deal experience in emerging markets MA Sustainable Development Management, HEC School of MSc in Economics and Finance, Management University of Warwick MA Finance, Paris X University BSc in Economics, London School of MA Economics, Paris X University Economics London Paris 25
  26. 26. Washington DC London Bahrain Paris 1101 17th St, NW 34 Smith Square Office 2207/2209 Representative Office Suite 1220 London Almoayyed Tower c/o Financière de Washington, DC SW1P 3HL Seef District Champlain 20036 PO Box 11487 3, rue de la Boétie Manama 75008 Paris United States United of America Kingdom Bahrain France T +1 202 775 0899 T +44 20 7233 4000 T +973 17567925 T +33 1 58 18 37 51 F +1 202 775 1668 F +44 20 7808 1801 F +973 17567921 contacttdj@taylor- tdjlondon@taylor- tdjme@taylor- tdjparis@taylor- dejongh.com dejongh.com dejongh.com dejongh.com Intellectual Property of TDJ, © March 2010 26
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