Making of GirlGamer
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Making of GirlGamer



Making of GirlGamer

Making of GirlGamer



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Making of GirlGamer Making of GirlGamer Presentation Transcript

  • The Making Of GirlGamer
    • Alexandra Mokh
  • 13 Step Process
    • Defining the Audience
    • Creating the Style
    • Finalizing Features & Sitemap
    • Blocking the Layout
    • Determining Interactions
    • Creating Wireframes
    • Creating Design Mockups
    • Coding the Design
    • Logic & Linking
    • Database Details
    • Programming
    • Testing
    • Final Content
  • Defining the Audience
    • Who are they?
    • What do they value?
    • How do they use the web?
    • Where do they spend time?
  • Creating the Style
    • What colors work?
    • Choose descriptors. Retro? Modern?
    • What emotions should be conveyed?
    • Choose style elements. Gradients? Textures?
    • What associations will the users have with the site?
    “ smooth, depth, slick, tangible.”
  • Finalizing Features & Sitemap
    • What sections do you want? Home, Community, Calendar?
    • What are the main features? Forums, Profiles, Game Files?
    • What are the types of page layouts? Homepage, article, feed?
  • Blocking the Layout
    • Break up the page into 4 to 6 areas.
    • What content areas are required?
    • Navigation? Adspace? Content Areas?
  • Creating Wireframes
    • Break down the Blocking in more details.
    • Determine content details.
    • What functions need to be where?
    • What image sizes will you need?
  • Determining Interactions
    • How will your features work?
    • How will the functions flow?
    • How does the user get notified?
    • Break down the feature details.
  • Creating Design Mockups
    • Bring the styles, wireframes, features, and details together into a full design for each page.
  • Coding the design
    • Convert the Mockups into HTML & CSS.
    • Create all the pages as code.
    • Fill with sample content.
  • Logic & Linking
    • Detail functions.
    • Link pages & content.
    • Explain interactions.
    • Explain logic.
  • Database Details
    • Determine all data that needs to be saved.
    • Organize by main entities such as users, events, games, etc.
    • Determine the type of data and values.
  • Programming
    • Integrate the functions, design, interactions, logic, HTML & CSS.
    • Connect functions to the database.
  • Testing
    • Test the site by using it.
    • Record bugs, issues, things that look weird, etc..
    • Have friends and potential users test it and record feedback.
  • Final Content
    • Setup sections and details.
    • Input the real content to replace the sample content.
    • Launch site!
  • Thanks!
    • These are the steps that can be applied to making any website or online business.