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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Lincoln Library ABCRead our little book to see,Why Mrs. Siegert,Lincoln’s specialist of me-dia,Deserves to beBEA’s Teacher of the Year-ia March 24, 2012
  • 2. “S” is for Scholarshi psMrs. Siegert is the brainchild behindthe Lincoln Scholarships. Each yearthe staff enjoys raising scholarshipfunds through activities such as“Service Auctions”, “Jeans for aWeek”, and “Silent Auction Baskets”.Due to her hard work and diligenteffort, we have provided over 25scholarships of $200 each to highschool seniors who were Lincolnalumni.
  • 3. “I” is for investmentDuring her tenure of 19 years atLincoln, Mrs. Siegert has investedthousands of hours of her own timeto help make the library thewonderful place that it is. Thisinvestment has definitely paid offas the library circulation hasincreased from 15,000 to 56,606materials checked out per yearsince 1993.
  • 4. “E” is for extraordinair eMrs. Siegert is a Bargain HunterExtraordinaire! She knows thelocations of all the Goodwill Storesfrom Bemidji to Minneapolis. Sheshops for books to add to Lincoln’slibrary collection every chance shegets.Within the 2010-2011 school yearalone; 2,201 new books were addedto the Lincoln library.
  • 5. “G” is for GrantsThe Queen of grant-writing has tobe Mrs. Siegert!During her tenure, she hassecured grant funds totaling over$353,000.These funds have allowed thestudents and staff at LincolnElementary School to reap thebenefits of having additionaltechnology to support literacy.
  • 6. “E” is for excellent and exceptionalE is for excellent and exceptional.Mrs. Siegert is the epitome of theseadjectives. She has workedtirelessly to create a library that hasbecome the heart of our school. Inaddition, she oversees all thetechnology in the building! Thus,she has become an expert introubleshooting, which keepseverything (and everyone) runningsmoothly.
  • 7. “R” is for rides (as in limo)A highlight for the children at Lincoln arethe annual limo rides. Children earn alimo ride by becoming “Millionaires”.This means they have read 1,000,000words or more through the AcceleratedReading program. Excitement andanticipation grows throughout the yearas children strive to achieve this loftygoal. Limo rides are provided courtesyof Mrs. Siegert and over 1,100 childrenhave enjoyed receiving this recognition.
  • 8. “T” is for TrashMrs. Siegert knows how to turnTrash into Cash!She has implemented a verysuccessful BoxTops program atLincoln which has generated over$15,765 for AV materials for thelibrary.In addition, she has set up an inkcartridge/toner recycling programwhich has purchased digitalcameras for the classrooms.
  • 9. Germaine Greer states:“Libraries are reservoirs of strength,grace and wit, reminders of order,calm and continuity, lakes of mentalenergy, neither warm nor cold, lightnor dark. The pleasure they give issteady, reliable, deep and long-lasting. In any library in the world, I Thanks to Mrs. Siegert’sam at home, unselfconscious, stilland absorbed.”high level of dedication,passion, andcommitment;Lincoln’s Library is sucha place!