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Fundacion Telefonica Madrid Transmedia Living Lab
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Fundacion Telefonica Madrid Transmedia Living Lab


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  • 1. The Design of Narrative Platforms for Social Change: Transmedia Activism Lina Srivastava Fundación Telefónica | Transmedia Living Lab 30 May 2012
  • 2. Transmedia Activism
  • 3. Transmedia Activism
  • 4. Transmedia Activism Framework for strategy to - Create social impact - Influence perception - Build community through storytelling by authors, stakeholders and communities who share assets + create entry points into issues and solutions across multiple forms of media Transmedia Activism
  • 5. Design User-Centered DesignCommunity-Centered Approaches Design Thinking User Experience Systemic/Systems Change Transmedia Activism
  • 6. Storytelling Leadership Social Change Local Voice | Humanizing Social Issues Social Networks Storytelling Technologies InteractivityOnline/Offline Social Movements | Activist Media Transmedia Activism
  • 7. Social InnovationA novel solution to a social problem that is moreeffective, efficient, sustainable, or just thanexisting solutions and for which the valuecreated accrues primarily to society as a wholerather than private individuals. A socialinnovation can be a product, productionprocess, or technology (much like innovation ingeneral), but it can also be a principle, an idea,a piece of legislation, a social movement, anintervention, or some combination of them. James A. Phills Jr., Kriss Deiglmeier, & Dale T. Miller Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2008 Transmedia Activism
  • 8. Using Transmedia to Create Social Impact Audiences CommunitiesIssue Awareness  Engagement  Action  Change Actionable Content Story Universe Transmedia Activism
  • 9. The Benefits of Transmedia to Social Action Entry Points Architecture: User Journeys Strategy, Coordination, Integration Engagement | Participation Story Building Co-Creation Co-Production Collaboration Multiple (Diverse) Perspective Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 10. “By collectivizing ownership of narrative,transmedia breaks down the “us” and“them”It is no longer “you” supporting ”our” workto help “them.” Rather, it is all of us workingtogether to meet and overcome achallenge” --David Jammy Transmedia Activism
  • 11. Why is This Important?+ How to Tell a Story+ How to Tell a Story Together+ How to Tell a Story of a System, of Complexity+ How to Tell a Story that is ++ an Element of Change ++ a Predicate for a Movement Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 12. Why is This Important?Social Action: Essential Story Element Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 13. Narrative + Social Action Assessing Your Social Change Model Co-designing narrative with social action is a challenging exercise in achieving simple, engaging stories that yet capture nuance, complexity, and multiple perspectives. In any social change campaign where you co-design narrative with action to create positive impact in a community, ask yourself if your campaign meets these three conditions: + Respect + Relevance + ResonanceFull model available at Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 14. What I Look for in Transmedia Activism Projects + It has at its core the use of local voice, in direct partnership with the platform creators, aiming at community-centered participation. + It uses its platform to move beyond awareness, to connect audiences and change agents to commit to a particular worldview, advocacy or action, by using these local stories and art. +Uses a number of platforms that are culturally appropriate to cross borders to foster transformation. Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 15. Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 16. Who Is Dayani Cristal? Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 17. Inside Comayagua Prison, Honduras
  • 18. Lakou Mizik Transmedia Activism
  • 19. Lakou MizikContent Production+ Lakou Mizik music+ Lakou Mizik webisodes+ Lakou Mizik SessionsDistribution platforms+ Album+ Concert film shot in a classic Haitian outdoor “Lakou”+ Website: music discovery and marketplace for musicians+ Short-form interactive documentary films on featured musicians+ LM “episodes” (downloadable song, short film+music video)+ Media for television and film festivals+ LM Collective music tour both in Haiti and internationally+ Dedicated YouTube channel+ SoundCloud (download, streaming, remix) Transmedia Activism
  • 20. Lakou Mizik Social Music Platforms: + Community engagement + Cutting through noise + Creating and harnessing empathy Transmedia Activism
  • 21. Lakou MizikSocial Action+ Tangibles:Culture RegenerationEconomic DevelopmentCommunity Vibrancy | “Leave Behinds”++ Direct paths to action, where suitable++ Lakou Mizik Marketplace++ Lakou Mizik Studio++ Education, Training, Networking+ Intangibles: Awareness-Raising:++"Positive awareness" + "empathy": Shifting the narrative to amore positive picture of Haiti++ Cohesive picture of systemic change, through musicians’stories about issues in their communities Transmedia Activism
  • 22. Lakou MizikSocial Action+ Developed in collaboration with grassroots organizationsworking to address the social issues raised in the Lakou Mizik films+These will focus on positive work being done by Haitianorganizations+In this way we will both be addressing difficult realities while alsocontinuing to focus on positive Haitian stories Transmedia Activism
  • 23. Lakou MizikTounen Lakay (by Beken) Transmedia Activism
  • 24. Lakou MizikAudiences | Fans: + Haitians in-country + Haitian Diaspora + Fans of World music + Fans of Caribbean music + Arts/activism + People who helped post- earthquake and who need to reengage Transmedia Activism
  • 25. Lakou Mizik Transmedia Activism
  • 26. Lakou Mizik Transmedia Activism
  • 27. Risks and Challenges+ Intellectual property concerns+ Gulf between theory, critique, and practice+ Love of the platform and technology Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 28. Risks and Challenges + Intentionality+ Creating rigor and around and recognizing theintentionality behind "citizen" media+ Parsing out the fine lines between story toengagement to propaganda+ Bridging the engagement/action gap. Transmedia Ac-vism
  • 29. Lina Srivastava