Keeping Up! Web feeds for information literate librarians
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Keeping Up! Web feeds for information literate librarians



Slides to accompany workbook for a workshop offered at WILU 2007 by Lorie Kloda & Genevieve Gore

Slides to accompany workbook for a workshop offered at WILU 2007 by Lorie Kloda & Genevieve Gore



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Keeping Up! Web feeds for information literate librarians Keeping Up! Web feeds for information literate librarians Presentation Transcript

  • Keeping Up! Web Feeds for Information Literate Librarians Lorie Kloda & Genevieve Gore McGill Library WILU 2007
  • Overview • Brief intro to the workshop • Intro to the world of feeds & feed readers • Setting up and using a feed reader account BREAK • Adding content to your feed reader • Customizing your account & sharing content • Using feeds in libraries Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • History of this Workshop Purpose • To introduce library staff to web feeds for keeping current • To solicit ideas on how the library could utilize the technology to improve communication and service Attendance • 50 individuals over 6 workshops offered in Spring 2006 • Feedback received from only 17; generally positive Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Reflection Activity 1 What are your objectives for this workshop? Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • What are feeds? Online content that has been marked-up for simplifying current awareness RSS • Rich Site Summary, renamed RDF Site Summary (RSS 1.0) • Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0) • An XML application for publishing content on the web Atom • A competing protocol which offers an alternative to RSS for the same purpose Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Blogs What is a Blog? • Web log = Blog • A website powered by software that simplifies publishing, organizing, and syndicating web content • Online journals where individuals, or groups of individuals, or institutions may post information, links, or headlines Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Recognizing Feeds What does RSS look like? • Recognizable format (especially blogs and news) • Presence of RSS / XML / ATOM subscribe button(s) Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • What is a Podcast? • An audio file (usually MP3) available via RSS • Combines the terms iPod and broadcast, but can be listened to using any device that can play audio content • In addition to general feed directories, there exist separate directories just for locating podcasts • Example: LibVibe Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Why Should I Use RSS? Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Methods for Getting Feeds 1. Web-based 2. Desktop 3. Start page or portal 4. Built-in/add-in to browsers 5. Email-based client 6. Subscribe using email Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Create a Bloglines Account • Go to the Bloglines website • Using an web-based email account, enter email address and password – Mark them down in the workbook for future reference • Enter correct time zone • Check your email for account confirmation Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Bloglines Notifier • A little icon in your system tray – Lets you know when new items have been posted to the feeds to which you subscribe – Easy way to access your Bloglines account – Good reminder to use Bloglines! • Instructions are in the workbook Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Tools for Adding Feeds to Bloglines 1) Browser icon in URL bar: easiest 2) Bookmarklet (req. install) 3) Right-click context menu (req. install) 4) Using your feed reader, e.g., Bloglines Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • (2) Bookmarklet • Lives on the Links bar of your browser • A small JavaScript program that automates some repetitive tasks or adds new functionality to your browser • Doesn’t work well if you are trying to subscribe from the .xml, .rss page displaying the feed itself Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • (3) Right-click Context Menu (IE) • Subscribe using the right- click button on your mouse • Requires installation Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Subscribe to a Feed Find and subscribe to the Information Literacy and Fluency feed from EDUCAUSE Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Directories & Search Engines • Directories offer subject or category browsing • Search engines allow you to search using keywords in the text of the blogs & feeds • Examples of general, library, and academic directories and search engines Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Find feeds using a directory • Go to the directory LisZen • Click on List of blogs • Find e.g. InfoPill in the alphabetical directory • Go to InfoPill and subscribe to the feed using any method that works for you Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Journal Table of Contents (TOCs) • Many journal publishers now offer table of contents alerts in RSS format • Alternative to emailed TOC alerts • Most links are available from the individual journal homepage, although some offer groups of journals as a single feed Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Repository Contents • Some institutional or subject repositories allow subscriptions using feed readers • Rather than monthly or quarterly updates as for TOCs, these alert you whenever new content is added • Some repositories allow you to create a customized feed by subject or author Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Reflection Activity 2 For what topics would you like to keep current? Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Creating Custom Feeds LibWorm: – Go to LibWorm – Perform your search, subscribe to the feed LISTA (Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts): – Go to LISTA – Click on ‘New Features’, check off One Step Alerts – Perform your search and subscribe Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • RSS channels: Another feed type • Available from Factiva, ProQuest, CanLII, some library catalogues Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Organizing Your Feeds • It is recommended to start with 10-15 feeds • You can add more as you feel comfortable; sort into folders for information management • Don’t forget to weed! Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Sharing Your Feeds What is a Blogroll? • A list of the feeds that an individual subscribes to with their feed reader • Like a list of “favourites” or “bookmarks” of feeds • In Bloglines:[name of account] Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • What Is an OPML File? What is an OPML file? • Outline Processor Markup Language • XML format for outlines • Used to exchange feed lists (or blogrolls) between feed readers, individuals Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Reflection Activity 3 With whom would you like to share feeds? Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Reflection Activity 4 What use(s) do you see for feeds/RSS in your library? Keeping Up | WILU 2007
  • Use of Feeds/RSS by Libraries • SDI – Library catalogues, databases • Dissemination of Library news, resources • Syndication of external feeds on library websites – CBC feed on University of Winnipeg website – Subject guides Staff use – knowledge management – current awareness Keeping Up | WILU 2007