Winning on the Web


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Trade your old web presence for one that takes the stage.

Succeeding with your web site requires providing conversions tools, building trusting relationships and establishing a professional presence. Working with a trusted web development company is the first step in accomplishing these goals and building a site that works for you. LKCS has recently been awarded four prestigious awards for our web development services! We offer the tools and electronic services to help you succeed.

About LKCS:
LKCS provides financial institutions with marketing, graphic design, commercial printing, mailing, internet development, e-marketing, newsletter production, database and one-to-one marketing, statement processing, e-statements and transpromotional marketing services. Our clients have counted on us for unrivaled experience, excellent quality, competitive pricing and superior service for over four decades.

LKCS – We do that.

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Winning on the Web

  1. 1. Lee Wilkins Director of Web Services 815-220-3911 lee.wilkins@lk-cs.comThis presentation as well as all LKCS presentations are available at for future review.
  2. 2. Index– Design and Branding– Content Management Systems (CMS)– Integrated Custom Tools– Mobile Sites– Micro Sites– Social Media Marketing– QR Codes– NFC (Near Field Communication)– Responsive Web Design
  3. 3. Design and Branding• Clean Design – Professional design – Organized and consolidated content areas – Images that support content, emphasize value or brand image, not generic filler – Integrated third-party elements
  4. 4. Design Sample
  5. 5. Design and Branding• Branding – Design and overall presentation that defines your “identity” – Build consistency with all marketing efforts – Maintain your standards throughout the life of your site
  6. 6. Branding Sample
  7. 7. Content Management System• Take control of your site• Make timely changes• Manage your site with basic web knowledge• Functionality should include – Adding, editing and deleting pages – Editing site navigation – Image and file management – Ability to add new functionality and content – Rights management and logging of changes• Web management solutions come in a variety of price structures to meet your budget
  8. 8. Integrated Custom Tools• These customized tools can be implemented to add functionality to your site – Banner management – Dynamic rates – Custom polls – Location mapping – RSS feed integration – Announcement management – Custom forms and calculators – Social media marketing
  9. 9. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Banner management
  10. 10. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Banner management control panel
  11. 11. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Dynamic rates
  12. 12. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Polls
  13. 13. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Location mapping
  14. 14. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• RSS feed integration with third party sites and blog integration
  15. 15. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Announcement management
  16. 16. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Custom forms and calculators
  17. 17. Integrated Custom Tools (samples)• Social media integration and setup
  18. 18. Mobile Sites• Custom designed for mobile delivery• Separate your main site• Simplified with minimal images, only key information, fewer pages• Integration of marketing ads• Mobile and online banking integration• Location for QR code landing pages and mobile promotions• Redirect code for mobile delivery• Mobile site vs. mobile banking
  19. 19. Mobile Sites
  20. 20. Micro Sites• A defined sub-site to your main web site• Focused on a specific brand, product, service or concept• Improve brand recognition• Can be used as special landing pages for pay per click campaigns• Improve SEO
  21. 21. Micro Sites
  22. 22. Social Media Marketing• Should be viewed as a relationship builder not a marketing/selling tool• Key in on information important to your audience, not your business goals• Dedicate resources to properly manage your social media marketing• Target your audience• Optimize and brand pages to improve adoption rates
  23. 23. Social Media Marketing
  24. 24. Facebook
  25. 25. Facebook – Why?• Gain/maintain credibility and relevancy• Increase marketing presence• Improve organic search listings• Expand customer service• Gain referrals and testimony• Get valuable marketing knowledge from your audience
  26. 26. Facebook – How?• Offer products and services• Show involvement in community service• Advertise social and community events• Build financial knowledge• Expand exposure to promotional offers• Increase customer service• Deliver targeted or specialized content• Build your brand
  27. 27. You Tube
  28. 28. You Tube
  29. 29. You Tube• Main benefits include: – Broad audience delivery – No cost for account – Beneficial to SEO – Can be easily tied into social marketing, your web site and other marketing efforts – Video is engaging – Potential for viral growth – Many content options
  30. 30. QR Codes• QR (quick response) codes – A barcode (two-dimensional code), that can be read by QR scanners and smartphones. – The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. – The information encoded can be text, URL or other data such as a signature file to be added to a users contacts without data entry.
  31. 31. QR Codes• Benefits – Connect offline media with your online channels – Create a call to action – Measurable results – Inexpensive – Increase SEO – Build your social community by tying them into your social media efforts
  32. 32. QR Codes (samples)
  33. 33. QR Codes (samples)
  34. 34. NFC (Near Field Communication)• The basis of NFC is and established radio communication between a smart phone and another device or object at close proximity• NFC is utilized for financial transactions, data or information exchange, and simplified setup of electronic communications such as a Wi-Fi connection• Simplified communication with minimal user effort
  35. 35. NFC (Near Field Communication)
  36. 36. Responsive Web Design• Page content including images, layout, etc. “responds” to multiple devices and screen resolutions all with one build• Image resolutions and formatting can vary in resolution for mobile delivery• The basic premise offers a great solution to various device needs for users and eliminates the need for multiple builds• Negative aspects of responsive web design – Time intensive which drives up cost – Browser support is still limiting
  37. 37. Responsive Web Design
  38. 38. Questions Please contact: Lee Wilkins Director of Web Services 815-220-3911