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Media Relations

  1. 1. Press Releases | pages 2-4 Pitches | pages 5-15 Media Alert | page 16Thank You Letters | pages 17-18 Video Scripts | pages 19-22
  2. 2. MRC INTERNATIONALNew York, NY– MRC International, the developers of the world’s first eye trackingsolution for webcams has created a whole new technology revolution allowing you tocarry out innovative research studies that re-focus overall messages and optimizeonline marketing campaigns.Cost-effective, accurate and timely research results are the key to successfulcommunication and marketing techniques for any media owner, brand owner or agency.The death of traditional marketing research is allowing for a frontier in this rapidlychanging environment through eye tracking methods that are affordable, easy tounderstand and accessible.Forgetting about the hassle of focus groups or tedious surveys and instead gettingeffective research results from the comfort of your own home and office was merely adream. Now it can be a reality through our leading international online EyeTracking toolfrom MRC International. Our vision is to create a globally leading data collection servicefor research that will increase the value of surveys simply through using webcams.“The main reason online media has not been able to attract more branding dollars is thelack of ways in which to measure the effectiveness of an online display campaign,” saysMathias Plank, Founder & CEO of MRC International. Now we have created a way tomaximize results and minimize the hassle in research. ###About MRC InternationalMRC International has developed the world’s first Online eye tracking solution forwebcams, in close partnership with Tobii Technology, the world leader in eye trackingand eye control. Launching the concept of Online EyeTracking helps brands andagencies measuring Ad Effectiveness and testing visual communication in multiplecountries.
  3. 3. Delicious smoothies, fluffy waffles, ice cold beer and lip smacking citrus fruit drinks areonly some of the summertime treats that Krups has waiting for you. Become the talk ofthe town this summer with these innovative, sleek and easy to use products. You’ll besure to sizzle and make this summer one to remember.Don’t let the summer heat ruin your outdoor plans. Cool down with a refreshingand mouth-watering glass of freshly squeezed juice. The Citrus Press ZX7000 hasenough power to squeeze every delicious last drop of juice from your favorite summercitrus fruits. The motorized lever allows for easy pressing of large quantities of fruit,so all your friends can enjoy the irresistible tastes of summer. Hosting a summer brunch or making breakfast in bed for the family… don’t sweat it. The Krups Waffle Maker allows for easy to make, thick golden brown Belgian waffles…in just minutes. Be sure to add fresh fruit and whipped cream to your waffles for that extra wow factor.Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbeque for all your neighbors and friendsor just enjoying a refreshing beer with your afternoon lunch , the BeerTender B100 is the perfect way to draught beer like an expert. Forget about digging through thoseplastic ice buckets for your favorite beer, with the Beertender you will have 5 optionsof easy to change brews at your fingertips. So go ahead, impress those beer lovers outthere this summer. Few things are as healthy yet delicious as a cold, thick delectable smoothie. The Motor Technik Blender KB790 allows for easy to create meals or snacks with easy clean up so you don’t miss any fun summer activities. The quiet motor
  4. 4. allows for merely a quiet hum while your scrumptious smoothies are beingblended.
  5. 5. Hi Wendy,As the summer months start heating up, I wanted to share information about anew sizzling product from KRUPS - the KM9000 CUP-ON-REQUEST, the onlycoffee maker on the market that’s quick while still keeping coffee fresh and hot…to that last cup..This summer you can become a barista and brew up piping hot coffee from thecomfort of your own home, the office or even during a weekend getaway. Theconvenient, compact size coffee machine allows anyone to create the perfectcup of joe on the go with its precise warming technology, constantly regulatingthe temperature. No need to worry about making too much coffee either becausewith this machine there is a 3 level removable drip tray that accommodatesmultiple size cups and mugs.● Your Coffee. The Coffee you like. The Taste you like.● Programmability for weekend & weekday settings, large & small cup sizes● 12 cup capacity, Compact size● Countdown Timer lets you know hog long since your coffee was brewed● Angled control panel: Split between daily uses/ programmable● Aroma Selection for more intense extraction● Front-facing water● Immediate flow stop● Krups DuoFilter water filtration system● Removable stainless steel coffee tank
  6. 6. So why waste your precious summertime when you can just get the KrupsKM9000 CUP-ON-REQUEST. Spend your summertime drinking the coffee, notmaking it.
  7. 7. Krups has searched far and wide for the craziest, most delicious, mouth-watering smoothie recipes of that are perfect to beat the summer heat. Not only are these tasty treats that you’ve been daydreaming about scrumptious and refreshing, but they are easy to blend with the Motor Technik Blend KB790. Packed with amazing citrus fruits and veggies, these smoothies will not only make your taste buds soar, but rejuvenate your body on those hot summer days.SONICBlue Coconut CreamSlush® (Regular)Its kind of like the delicious place where a shake meets an icy blue coconut.JAMBA JUICEOrange Carrot KarmaPacked with a full serving of vegtables and two full servings of fruit, these smoothies makeeating your veggies its own reward. Try all three amazing flavor combinations. Mom would beso proud.Orange Juice, Carrot Juice, Mangos, Bananas, and IceJAMBA JUICEPomegranate ParadiseAll fruit, totally healthy. Just fruit and juice, less than 250 calories in a sixteen size. Getting yourantioxidants and vitamin C never tasted so good. Sip away.Pomegranate Juice Blend,Strawberries, Mangos, and PeachesTROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFEGet Up and GojiGoji, Peaches, Orange, Banana & Non-Fat YogurtTROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFEPeanut ParadisePeanut Butter, Banana, Non-Fat Yogurt & Whey or Soy ProteinTROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFECinn CityCinnamon, Coffee, Cappaccino & Non-Fat YogurtTROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFÉPeaches N’Silk
  8. 8. Peaches, Strawberries and BananasISLAND GRILL HOUSTONThe Green WaveCarrots, Cucumber, Celery, Spinach, PasleyISLAND GRILL HOUSTONThe TornadoPeaches, Blueberries, Papaya Juice, Peanut Butter Yogurt, Whey ProteinISLAND GRILL HOUSTONCoCo ColadaPinapple, Bananas, Coconut JuiceTHE TAIM MOBILE : FALAFEL AND SMOOTHIE TRUCKPear, Peppermint and Lemon Smoothie
  9. 9. Hi XXX,While the official dates of National Coffee Week are somewhat debated, KRUPS, the leadingmanufacturer of coffee and espresso machines, is happy to celebrate coffee at every opportunity.And with this week is being heralded as National Coffee Week by many caffeine lovers across thecountry, KRUPS has rounded up a list of the most unique iced coffees in the U.S., for caffeinefiends to enjoy during the sweltering summer months.Additionally, in honor of National Coffee Week, KRUPS is giving away NEW coffee makers to theirFacebook friends and Twitter followers. Visit or follow @KrupsUSAfor your chance to win.From a mishmash of leftover drips to decadent truffle sips, the winners are…AtlantaJittery Joe’s Coffee780 E Broad StreetAthens, GA 30605Iced Turtle MochaGet out of your shell and try Jittery Joe’s Iced Latte with a plethora of dark chocolate and caramelgoodness with every sip.AtlantaUrban Grind962 Marietta St.Atlanta, GA 30318
  10. 10. White Raspberry Truffle An elegant blend of rich white chocolate and raspberry syrup with espresso and steamed milk,finished with whip cream and white chocolate drizzle.ChicagoStar Lounge Café2521 W. Chicago AvenueChicago, IL 60622Brown AcidCoffee lovers won’t get a bad trip with this acid. Made from a Brazilian and Sumatran coffeeespresso, this summertime favorite is iced to perfection.ChicagoRewster Cafe3152 W. Diversey AvenueChicago, IL 6047The Savage
  11. 11. A coffee bomb? This savage beast of Espresso, Irish Cream and Heavy Cream is dropped into aglass of Iced Coffee flavored with chocolaty goodness.DallasBuli Café3908 Cedar SpringsDallas, TexasScreamin’ QueenThe 2 to 3 shots of espresso in this iced coffee blend will give you a rush that turns you into ascreamin queen.HoustonEmpire Cafe1732 Wesheimer RoadHouston, TX 77098Java GenieThe Java Genie has granted a thrilling coffee wish with this mix of Kahlua, Christian Brothers Brandyand double espresso finished off with steamed milk and a dollop of whipped cream.MiamiTaste Bakery Café900 Alton RoadMiami Beach, FL 33139
  12. 12. Iced Snicker DoodleAn old fashioned favorite with a new twist…well…blend. This cold treat combines milk, caramel andcocoa poured over ice with whipped cream and finished off with dusted peanuts. It’s just as good asgrandma’s cookies.New YorkCafé Grumpy224 West 20th StreetNew York, NY 10011-3502HeartbreakerMade with Desarrollo Co-Op, Meridiano, El Limonar, Orange marmalade, red plum, creamyvanilla and sweet nougat, your hear will definitely be broken when you get to the end of yourcup.San DiegoRyan Bros. Coffee3343 Adams AvenueSan Diego, CA 92116
  13. 13. Broadway Blues CoffeeEarth tones and full bodied, syrupy elegance dominate this perfectly crafted blend of three OriginArabicas. This bluesy number ends with the dark chocolate notes of a French roast creating anincredible after-dinner delight!San FranciscoPhilz Coffee House201 Berry St.San Francisco, CA 94158Ecstatic Ice CoffeeYour taste buds will be ecstatic when you get a flavor explosion of all the "leftover" drips fromthroughout the day rolled into one delicious iced drink.Washington, DCTryst459 18th Street NWWashington, DC 20009Tiki SpiceAllspice, cinnamon and clove; these three musketeers of spice are carefully blended to create adrink that will win any battle.For more information, please feel free to contact me or DJ Hardy at 646.478.9901 and dhardy@5wpr.comThanks,Lauren
  14. 14. Teen Driving PSAHarrisburg House of Representatives SFX: tires squealing, cars crashingVO #1 It’s a sound no one wants to hear. But for too manyaccident photos teens, it’s the last sound they hear.teen driver b-roll Car accidents are the #1 cause of death for teenagers. The reasons include inexperience, distractions and not wearing a seatbelt. One lawmaker is hoping to reduce the number of accidents through changes to the graduated driver’s license.Rep. Kathy Watson “Our goal....for all passengers.”R – Bucks CountyVO #2 The bill wouldFS GFX -increase behind-the-wheel training to 65 hours, including 10 at night and 5 in bad weather - permit only one passenger under 18, unless they’re family - allow police to pull a teen over for not wearing a seatbeltSOT GENERIC MEMBER COMMENT ON WHY IT’S A GOOD IDEAVO #3 With support from many legislators including Transportation Committee Chairman, Rep, Rick Geist, this bill has a strong chance of being passed and implemented.Rep. Rick Geist “ No law is ever...and do that”VO #4 Not only does lack of education and safety affect the teenager behind the wheel, but it endangers their passengers and other vehicles on the road.Rep. Tom Creighton “I represent... in that accident”VO#5 and map picture of U.S. Pennsylvania is one of only 7 states without an(Blue) improved Graduated Driving License law yet research shows significant reductions in states that have implemented a GDL system.
  15. 15. Teen Driving PSAHarrisburg House of RepresentativesRep. Statistic 39 percent with 1 passenger...VO #6 Picture from the Traffic Most teen crashes are the result of “rookie”crashes pamphlet (girl driving mistakes, not reckless driving indicating the need forand WHY? Underneath it) more practice hoursVO#7 While no law can prevent every crash, other states have proven that these changes work, which makes doing nothing the wrong thing for our teens. Reporting from Harrisburg, I’m Herb Logan.
  16. 16. Did You Know? Video ScriptHarrisburg House of RepresentativesDid you know?... :09:31Since 1905 the State Museum of Pennsylvania has been offering an interactive andeducational experience of the states vast history and heritage.Each year the museum is a “playground” for more than 135,000 schoolchildren and :08:60adults exploring culture and history of their state and country.Memorial Hall features a larger than life... 18 foot high bronze statue of the :13:00Commonwealth’s founder, William Penn, standing right in front of a monumentalmural The Battle of Gettysburg: Picketts Charge.With more visitors than almost any other Pennsylvania museum you’re probably :05:30wondering... what’s so exciting?It may be the four floors of interactive and displayed exhibits ranging from Earth’s :06:10beginning to present dayOr the planetarium where visitors can witness the wonders of galaxies and stars 08:66beyond Earth’s surface during one of the many shows offered throughout the year.Perhaps it’s pretending to put on your lab coat as you view the uncovering of :15:33fossilized bones in the Dino Lab interactive exhibit. It offers a once in a lifetimechance to see millions of years old fossils be prepared for exhibits just like the onesin the State Museum.Or it’s visiting a constant favorite, the mammal hall, with full-scale displays of :08:00Pennsylvania’s wildlife in life like dioramas.But the real reason for the State Museum’s popularity... the many adventures :09:47around every corner and something for all visitors to experience and remember.Now You KnowTotal Estimated Time 1:23:80
  17. 17. Gaming Web Video ScriptHarrisburg House of RepresentativesRepresentative Mike Vereb proposed House Bill 252 which would transfer duties and responsibilities ofthe Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement from the Gaming Control Board to the attorney generalsoffice.House Republicans have been pushing for these reform measures for the past two legislative sessionsand strongly believe this major change to the 2004 law regarding slot casinos in Pennsylvania isnecessary. The issue at hand according to Representative Mike Verebe is the control of the GamingControl Board by a politically appointed board and the need for independent rule by the Office ofAttorney General.:21 Sound Bite: 13:28-13:49Past allegations such as the mob ties to Mount Airy Casino operator Louis DeNaples gives proof of BIEordering PGCB officials to change investigatory reports and illegally obtaining casino licenses. With thechange of hands to the Attorney General’s office citizens will be assured that this type of fraud does nothappen and a more transparent licensing process will occur.:30 Sound Bite: 19:38- 20:08What this new bill will allow for is background reports and access to criminal investigation informationthat has not made it to public record and therefore can’t be seen by the BIE. Representative Verebeexplains that BIE is not recognized by the FBI as a criminal justice agency because they are investigators.The move to the attorney general office will allow the use of civil division and criminal division toconduct these background reports in house.:29 Sound Bite: 16:25-16:54New head of the Gaming Control Board, Executive Director Kevin O’Toole, recently explained thatpowers should not be taken away from them now that leadership positions have changed.Representative Vereb and his colleagues recognize the switch in leaders but fear that there are alwayspossibilities for fraud and improper checks and balances.Now that the Republicans have the chance to make this change they will not sit back. This longstandingissue has been discussed since 2007.:29 Sound Bite: 10:23- 10:42With this information and suggestions at hand Representative Verebe and House Republicans find itcrucial for the power to be transferred from the Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement to theAttorney General’s office.
  18. 18. Reform Bill Video ScriptHarrisburg House of RepresentativesV #1: This week the House of Representatives passed five pivotal bills that will ratify sweeping reformsaimed at bringing about an open government and restoring the faith of Pennsylvania citizens.V#1: Pennsylvanians have said that they are unhappy with the way government is running things inHarrisburg over the past several years and the new leadership in the house is working hard to make longoverdue changes. Representative Rob Kauffman agrees these bills are an important step in makinggovernment more reactive to the people they serve.(Sound Bite): 8:56- 9:21V#1: The five bills will strengthen the regulation of lobbyists, extend whistleblower protection, enhancethe integrity of the government awarded contract process, and prevent state tax dollars funneled tolawmaker-run non- profit organizations. These reforms have been worked on for the past four years andRepresentative Mike Vereb feels allowing the citizens to access government spending is crucial.(Sound Bite) 4:56- 5:19The whistleblower measure will help encourage government and house employees to come forwardwith waste and fraud happening in government. Representative Stan Saylor of York County says this willempower employees to feel safe in reporting the misspending.(Sound Bite): 5:51- 6:19V #1: To bring more thorough examination to no-bid contracts and allow for competitive bidding,Representative Glen Grell of Cumberland County explains the new requirements of the state agencies.(Sound Bite): 9:41- 10:06V #1 Representative Seth Grove clarifies how important these packages of government reform bills areto Republican lawmakers and the people of Pennsylvania.(Sound Bite): 4:13-4:28V #1: These reforms are essential in regaining the trust of Pennsylvanians as well as giving them a loudervoice and allowing for a more transparent and trustworthy government.