Management in
                                Non Profit
week led by instructors certified with
                                                       WaterArt International, with...
consultant to conduct a needs survey of the            the need for transformation came forward as a
pools in the area, to...
Obtaining a consultant for the Needs                   Usually Board members eyes tend to glaze
Assessment was a requireme...
organization. To increase her public speaking
                                                       ability, the Chair en...
off brochures to medical offices. This had             the program.        Methods of reaching the
some limited success bu...
With this outreach and networking, two new             When working with volunteer boards,
Board members were obtained.   ...
The best reinforcement however, is the                 Chair are not participants of the program.
testimonials from the pa...
Lorraine has thirty years experience in social services including management roles. Currently she
is the Chair of the Durh...
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Change Management In Non Profit Association.Final.March 20


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An overview of how change managment is a neccesity for non-profits

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Change Management In Non Profit Association.Final.March 20

  1. 1. Change Management in Non Profit Associations- Going from an Idea to a Thriving Organization Aquatic Program By Lorraine Joynt Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  2. 2. week led by instructors certified with WaterArt International, with the assistance of a lifeguard. The instructors are all participants of the program and have physical challenges. The program costs are $40.00 for a ten week session. Executive Overview Durham Region is located in Southern Ontario and has a population of 561,258 with a heavy concentration in the 40-59 age range. There Not for profit organizations undergo changes is a potential for the growth of the program, on a frequent basis. There are board member with a target market of 5000 people. (Durham changes, different requirements for funding Region Planning Report-September 2007) proposals, government regulations, and participants’ satisfaction. Change The Board in 2002 was a small with relatively management is a necessity to grow the little experience in the charitable sector. In organization, but for a small non-profit it is 2006 a grant from the Ontario Trillium extremely imperative for effective change. Foundation, (a provincial grant organization) One wrong move could create a public was obtained to conduct a needs assessment. relations or fundraising disaster. Added The Board was highly motivated and eager to challenges are there is only limited funding grow. There were three setbacks. One was and volunteers to implement the transitions. that the Board members were all part of the Also in new or small non-profits, the Board program, and had various physical challenges. during the growth period can be responsible The next was they were not sure what not only for the overall functioning of the direction to go except that they wanted to organization, but involved in the day to day meet the needs of the community. The final operations. setback was the Chair was suffering from a terminal illness and knew he could not take How then does a group of dedicated people the organization any further. It was clearly a with a great idea of benefit to a community time for change for DWWAP, but the question expand to a dynamic organization able to gain was how to make the changes and insure the recognition from community leaders and growth of the organization. professionals? While some people would like to think growth happens through the sheer The timeline for the initial part of the changes force of will of the volunteers and staff, well was eighteen months; with the understanding organized non for profits are more the result as a growing non-profit, change management of proper planning of the change management would be an on-going process with the goals process. and tasks being updated at strategic points. Areas for change were governance and Durham Warm Water Aquatic Program, strategic planning, networking, marketing (DWWAP) is a warm water exercise program and board development. for people with muscle-skeletal challenges including arthritis, fibromyalgia, soft tissue injuries, Parkinson’s, chronic pain, and joint replacements. DWWAP was incorporated as a Awareness of the Need for Change not for profit organization in November 2002. The program is administered by a Volunteer Working Board and has over 400 participants weekly, which is the maximum capacity. The hour long classes are held at the Whitby DWWAP was faced with the need for change Mental Health Centre and Grandview on several fronts, including introduction of a Children’s Centre, the only two warm water new chair, the need to acquire more board pools in the area. There are nineteen classes a members from outside the program, to hire a Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  3. 3. consultant to conduct a needs survey of the the need for transformation came forward as a pools in the area, to implement all the person committed to change. She knew what governance procedures, and to expand their she wanted, but was unsure of how to obtain networking and marketing programs. What the goals. She proved to be an inspiration and the organization had in its favour was a as she discussed her ambition for expanding committed Board with a sincere desire to the program with the New Chair, it was clear promote warm water aquatics to people the President would be the true champion of requiring the program. The Board also the organization. The next step was how to believed in a collaborative approach, where communicate this change to the Board. everyone’s input was deemed valuable. The first step for the Board and the Chair was to find a new chairperson. A prospective new chair with an administrative and social services background to help make the necessary changes was contacted. Little did we know at the onset what changes would happen and the need to manage the change process. The biggest concern was to insure the Board understood the need for changes in Increasing the Desire for Change order to accomplish the goal of growth. The key to process was transparency and communication. The ADKAR change management system was used as the model to The President was encouraged to share what achieve the results DWWAP required. she envisioned for DWWAP. The Chair then supported the need for growth and introduced To overcome any resistance to the new Chair, the concepts of governance to the Board. This an approach was taken where she did not was done by questioning what the Board automatically assume the role. Several Board thought of DWWAP’s future. meetings were held where the new chair assisted and gradually began to assume the On the Board, some wanted to develop the role, gaining the confidence of everyone. organization and others were more perplexed, Initially there were some challenges, but as but everyone had a strong belief in the the meetings continued and the new chair program. Everyone was aware they had little continued to speak with the various directors experience in operating an effective Board, and executive a connection began. The new how to effect the growth, and become a chair was able to fulfill administrative tasks recognized organization in the community. and answer questions about organizing non- The bonus was they were sincerely committed profit organizations which also cemented to promoting how exercising in warm water relationships. could help people with physical challenges. As the Chair and President continued to process As the New Chair assumed the official role, the need for change with the Board, the the need for the organization to expand simultaneous step of hiring the consultant became apparent. Upon reviewing the also emphasized why DWWAP required an governance of the organization, the only improved management system. documents available were the incorporation documents and bylaws. The grant application was gave the organization’s history. There were not any policy and procedures, mission, Role of the Consultant vision, and value statements. There had been attempts to put the past protocols in place, but this had fallen by the wayside. The President having dreams for DWWAP, and recognizing Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  4. 4. Obtaining a consultant for the Needs Usually Board members eyes tend to glaze Assessment was a requirement of the Ontario over when the word governance is mentioned. Foundation Trillium grant. As this was the With DWWAP, the Board was not really first employee and a major change it was aware of the concepts but knew changes were important to have the Board’s cooperation. required before any progress could begin. It Input was gained from the Board during a became incumbent upon the Chair to brain storming session about what experience introduce the procedure. The first step in the the consultant would require, and how to go procedure was strategic planning. Over a few about hiring a consultant. Steps were then meetings, the Chair talked about the process taken to interview prospective candidates by and asked for input from the Board. It was the President, Chair, and Past Chair. agreed it would be done outside a Board Constant feedback was given to the Board meeting. The outcome of having the Strategic about the hiring process, and their approval Planning meeting reinforced the need for the was obtained at every step along the way. Board to become more proficient with Extra care was taken that they had final governance and to have clear goals. approval of the consultant including meeting Committees were established with the with her. The Funder was informed of the President and Chair as ad hoc members for hiring process and the consultant. the following areas: Participants were updated by newsletter of the development and the aims of the project. 1. Policy and Procedure Manuel They were directed to contact the Chair 2. Instructor’s Manuel regarding any questions. With the consultant 3. Mission and Vision Statements in place, there was a marked difference in the 4. Goals and Tasks attitude of the Board. They were beginning to 5. Marketing Concepts, including a realize they were growing and would have to SWOT analysis make changes in how they operated. During 6. Fundraising Concept her eighteen month period with DWWAP, the 7. Increase the use of the Pool consultant provided a Needs Assessment 8. Instructor’s Manuel which related the requirement for more pools 9. Past Protocol Motions in the area, and determining the target 10. Ensuring the Board communicated population in the Durham area. She was also effectively. responsible for evaluating the current program, including surveying the participants, What resulted were the governance instructors, lifeguards and Board. The requirements being fulfilled. Communication consultant reported to the Chair and was a vital part of the process, with e-mail Treasurer on a regular basis so the daily being the choice method, given everyone’s operation of her work could continue. schedule. The President and the Chair Monthly reports were provided to the Board, established a regular weekly telephone report and quarterly the Consultant attended Board to keep each other updated. Another first was meetings. Progress was related to the regular executive meetings, replacing the ad participants by reports from the Consultant in hoc process to ensure the day-to day the newsletter. Regular information was operations ran smoothly. required by the Funder to continue the grant, on a semi-annual basis. While the Board realized having their own pool would be the ultimate goal, the steps along the way would be to align with different groups to lobby the government and public Introducing Governance Procedures and sector with the aim of opening more warm Strategic Planning water pools in the Durham Region. In the interim, the management of the Whitby Mental Health Centre was contacted and agreement was reached to use the pool on Saturdays adding two more classes. Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  5. 5. organization. To increase her public speaking ability, the Chair encouraged her to speak at Increasing Knowledge functions, for short periods of times. She gradually built up her confidence, and now does dynamic presentations. Along with the Chair, she also attended a course on governance procedures, where she gained The Board needed to obtain information on further knowledge of her role. Along with her non-profit procedures. The Chair was newly acquired knowledge and her amazing instrumental in relaying information on what people skills she shines as a leader. governance procedures were required, but she also emphasized education by outside sources was valuable. The areas of focus were: As the Board members became more proficient at their tasks, this began to reflect in their practices. There was a noted change at the 1. Encouragement from the Board meetings, with professionalism President about the need for becoming a trademark. There was more learning emphasis on wanting to promote the 2. The Chair providing direction for development of the program and the governance procedures including realization of the need to incorporate a strategic planning, policies and business attitude towards the organization. procedures and updating the by- As the President so aptly put it “DWWAP is laws no longer a mom and pop organization.” 3. Obtaining courses for each Board Member’s specialty 4. Acknowledging the success of With the new skills and optimistic attitude, each person’s accomplishments the participants began to notice the change in 5. Having the Board members bring philosophy on the Board. There were regular back what they had learnt to newsletters, contact information if there were Board meetings concerns about the program, and regular 6. The Chair ensuring what the feedback. The new fundraising opportunity at Board Members had learnt was a local dinner theatre allowed the participants put into practice. and Board to meet and greet each other and 7. Advising the participants and the celebrate the successes of DWWAP. Funder of the progress. The funder also commented that DWWAP’s There are two major examples with Board reports came in on time and with everything members where this worked well. completed. A representative from the Trillium Foundation was invited to attend the fundraiser increasing awareness of the The Board member in charge of fundraising, progress. at first glance was a shy women. She thought she did not have the skills. What was apparent that underneath was a dynamic woman, who had the heart and personality for the position. Starting at first with a small Promoting to the Public, Professionals and project, she took some courses, and then went Community Organizations out and found a way to have one major fundraiser per year, thus eliminating the usual t-shirt and water bottle sales that were lackluster at best. As the Board gained more confidence in their abilities, they wanted to share the information The President knew she had to improve her about the program to others in the competence. Her two areas for improvement community. The major form of were public speaking and governance for the communication in the past had been dropping Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  6. 6. off brochures to medical offices. This had the program. Methods of reaching the some limited success but did not gain the audience were accomplished by aligning with organization the deserved attention. seniors committees in the area, having a community forum on fibromyalgia, (females The steps taken to promote the organization over fifty are the most prevalent for this were: condition) and having display booths at tradeshows that aimed at the focus group, 1. To develop promotional materials (i.e., Active Living, Health and Wellbeing). 2. To target the audiences indicated by the Needs Assessment A major benefit of the tradeshow was 3. To be involved in more community gathering information on other organizations, networking opportunities with the aim of promoting DWWAP to their 4. To promote the organization by using clients that could gain from the program. As the media DWWAP became better known, invitations to 5. To join professional organizations that attend networking events started to arrive. At would benefit DWWAP one networking opportunity, an alliance was 6. To make contact with government made with an executive with fundraising officials experience. He began to champion DWWAP 7. To explore any other options available. and offered assistance. 8. Promoting the need for networking throughout the clients, so they could As the profile of the organization increased in alert the Board to any opportunities. the community, so did the media attention. Articles were written by the local media about the program. Two of the Board members developed their skills at writing press releases These steps were in line with the governance and nurturing relationships with reporters. model, and given the devotion of the Board, these options were feasible. To raise awareness with Government officials, meetings were arranged. At the meetings, Before networking and promoting DWWAP to information was shared about the program, the public, the Board collectively decided the and promotional material was left. These time had come to upgrade the marketing contacts improved the recognition of the materials. A marketing and SWOT, (strength, necessity for DWWAP and warm water pools, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), and increased exposure. To reinforce the analysis was completed. The original yellow connection the Chair fostered a relationship brochure was replaced by one with pictures of with the office staff ensuring they had the participants, and information directed at supplies of brochures and assisting with the target audience . Two power points were questions about the value of the program for produced, one for tradeshows, and one for their constituents professional audiences. A table top display was purchased providing the opportunity to For corporate recognition, a membership was create an exhibit for tradeshows. If that were obtained with the local Chamber of not enough a Presentation Binder was Commerce. Board members began attending designed for potential funders, government the “Lunch and Learns,” to gain more officials, and professionals in the community. corporate experience. The Chamber’s Amazingly, this was all done by the dedicated networking events are advantageous for volunteer Board members. promoting DWWAP to the professional community. Information gathered from the needs assessment revealed the target audiences were generally people over the age of fifty. This is when people begin to noticeably have the physical challenges that could benefit from Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  7. 7. With this outreach and networking, two new When working with volunteer boards, Board members were obtained. An compassion fatigue, and general burnout are accountant offered her services as the always an issue. Board members have their Treasurer, and a talented kenisiologist joined own work and personal issues. With the as the Instructor Coordinator. DWWAP Board, a majority of the members have health issues such as fibromyalgia One of the best ways of informing our requiring extra considerations. Limited participants of changes was conducting financial resources prevent any major surveys, which increased their input about recognition. The one sure fire way to reinforce DWWAP’s services. Our rate of return for volunteers and encourage commitment is to surveys for this invaluable feedback was 30 simply say thank you for the hard work that per cent. It has become a useful way to they do. Recognition is also done at Board discover where we need to make changes and Meetings and acknowledged in the minutes. also to gain information when approaching E-mails and cards are also sent for a more funding sources and lobbying for more warm personal touch. When one of the Board water pools. More importantly it gives the members is too ill to attend a meeting or clients a sense of belonging to DWWAP and perform their functions, the President some ownership of the program. contacts them to see if anything is required. Overall in DWWAP, compassion is one of the Another change we implemented to advise our major drivers of the organization. participants of DWWAP’s progress, was to hold an Information Night. This proved to be During National Volunteer Week, a thank-you an excellent way to bring everyone together to ad was placed in the local newspaper. Each discuss concerns and celebrate achievements. volunteer was given a small token of Participants have started to alert Board appreciation such as an angel pin. members to networking opportunities and potential leads for growth of the program. The work of DWWAP is celebrated at every Board Meeting with the President acknowledging everyone’s work and what progress has been made over the past month. Reinforcement Sometimes this may be a simple as producing the newsletter, or as major as revamping a governance procedure, but everything is acknowledged. Saying thanks is not the only reward. There are social gatherings, and an annual appreciation dinner for the instructors and lifeguards. The costs for the rewards are minimal, but the constant encouragement is abundant. This helps to keep the Board members and the volunteers interested in continuing with DWWAP. Reinforcement also comes in acknowledgement from the community. Over the past year, a real estate business wrote about our services in their community newsletter, government officials acknowledged our work at public meetings, we are asked to speak at community forums about our services, and medical professionals in the community refer their clients to DWWAP. Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  8. 8. The best reinforcement however, is the Chair are not participants of the program. testimonials from the participants, and There has been an increase in the numbers encouragement they give the Board . using the program, and the Whitby pool is now used six days a week. As a non-profit, ensuring the administrative issues, and the people side of change management were Volunteers are Only Human crucial in ensuring the successful growth of the organization. The concern about the volunteers and participants is a major accomplishment of the program. Also the ability to work as a team, with open Volunteering is hard work. It requires communication and transparency insured the commitment, passion and the ability to Board’s ability to accomplish DWWAP’s goals. remain organized and flexible. For those with physical challenges, it can prove difficult. As a result, when a board member becomes overwhelmed, there are times when resignations or leaves of absents are the only Future Focus recourse left. As a result DWWAP has changed the process of looking for Board Members and is taking on a more planned approach. We now advertise for board DWWAP needs to expand. As the population members in our newsletter and actively seek ages in the area and people begin to seek out prospective people in the community. As affordable means to overcome their physical a result, our Board has become skilled and challenges, the demand for the program will more diverse. increase. DWWAP needs to concentrate on advocating for more warm water pools in the We have also found during the process of area. Currently the Board is updating the change management, it is important to make Strategic Plan, with this goal in mind. This the process fun. Volunteering for a cause is will require another change management rewarding, but if there are major problems process. Strategically the Board will have to and constant upsets, the desire to continue expand their networking outlets and will need decreases. An effort has been made to use to partner with private corporations and other humour at Board meetings, keep spirits up, nonprofit organizations in the Durham area. and talking if there are any concerns. With DWWAP’s focus and improved systems Communication is vital in this process. due to change management, this task should be accomplished within the next few years. Outcomes References 1. Durham Region Planning Report: DWWAP progressed from a small non-profit to Durham Region-September 2007 a professional organization, with governance procedures, a needs assessment, a successful fundraising and marketing program, a good connection to all levels of the organization and 2. Hiatt, J., ADKAR: A Model for Change improved networking with the community, in Business, Government and Our government officials and corporate levels. Community. Prosci, 2006. The Board worked through having their first employee and how reporting relationships work. Three Board members including the Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida
  9. 9. Lorraine has thirty years experience in social services including management roles. Currently she is the Chair of the Durham Warm Water Aquatic Program on a volunteer basis. Professionally she is an Associate at A Place for Mediation where she mediates estate, civil, employment, and non-profit issues. For the past twelve years she has been a community member adjudicating cases for the Commission of Review Tribunal for the Canada Pension Plan. Educationally Lorraine has certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution from York University. She obtained her Masters in Criminology from the University of Ottawa. She is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario where she co-chairs the employment section and a roster mediator with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program. Lorraine Joynt, DWWAP, Prosci Global Conference, April 6, 2009, Orlando, Florida