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A quick presentation I put together for "Invest in Games 2011" in Stockholm(Sep 6):
1) Intro to
2) Accidental Gamers & Facebook
3) Mobile & Tablet Gaming
4) Investing in Accidental Gaming

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Accidental Gamers

  1. 1. Accidental Gamers: A Multibillion $ Industry60 slides in 15 minutes. Let’s go.
  2. 2. There are 4 levels in today’s presentation 4 1 2 3
  3. 3. Level 1This is
  4. 4. Founded in 2003 by a bunch of ex-Spray guys Lars Markgren, Sebastian Knutsson, Riccardo Zacconi, Thomas Hartwig & Patrik Stymne
  5. 5. 8 years & 200+ high-quality flash games later30+ million monthly active players 900+ million monthly game plays
  6. 6. These guys invested in 2005….and we’ve been profitable every year since.
  7. 7. The games are made by ~100 superstars in Stockholm + fantastic offices in London, L.A., San Fran, Milan, Malta & Hamburg.
  8. 8. We create & publish casual games
  9. 9. We do casual skill gaming!Collect as many points as possible A game session is between 1-5 minutes long
  10. 10. Our cross-platform strategy Since 2010 Since 2011 Since 2003
  11. 11. Homerun = play everywhere Since 2010 Since 2011 Since 2003
  12. 12. We cracked the Facebook formula in April3 000 000 DAILY FACEBOOK PLAYERS2 500 0002 000 0001 500 0001 000 000 500 000 @ 0 januari februari mars april maj juni juli augusti Monthly: 15 million
  13. 13. Women love casual games 81% female 25-55 years old Spends 20-30+ minutes per visit 49% have children in household 92% shop onlineA very common social gaming profile. 59% are primary household shopper. Comscore
  14. 14. How we monetize our games Tournament fees (optional) In-game purchase Advertising (freemium) (Classic freemium)
  15. 15. Level 2The Accidental Gamers (A typical Launch Party)
  16. 16. If there were a spectrum….GAMER NOT A GAMER Accidental Gamer sweetspot Slide imagery courtesy of Chris Trottier, Zynga,
  17. 17. 10 years ago… HARDCORE GAMERS CASUAL GAMERS GAMERS Opportunistic play of Passionate FIND games they traditional about games enjoy on the web games, consoles …we all made games for people that are INTO games!
  18. 18. Facebook changed the rules of the game…. …people who would never walk into a GameStop store got games right in their face:
  19. 19. “Lars Jörnow played Bubble Saga”
  20. 20. Allowing developers like us to find millions of new players… HARDCORE CASUAL “ACCIDENTAL” GAMERS GAMERS GAMERS GAMERS Don’t seek out games (but will play when prompted) …and these accidental gamers don’t consider themselves “gamers”
  21. 21. Bubble SagaFarmVille Poke friend Status update Source:
  22. 22. Bubble SagaFarmVille Poke friend Status update Source:
  23. 23. How are the Accidental Gamers different? And how does it affect game design?
  24. 24. DOs and DONTs for Accidental Gamers What to consider when designing games
  25. 25. Intuitive gameplay and controls 250+ million downloads Everyone knows how a slingshot works
  26. 26. Difficult controlsUhhh? Errr? What?? Jump, double-tap C while holding down X and L1…
  27. 27. Make it yummy on the eyesOut of the top 20 games on Facebook, only Texas Hold’em doesn’t fit into this profile
  28. 28. 3D navigation / FPS Navigating real-life is not a …but navigating virtually without problem… moving your own body is a big challengeRemember: Accidental Gamers didn’t grow up playing FPS, so it’s completely foreign to them
  29. 29. NO #2: Slow-progress from ultra-easy to deeper mechanics A very easy tutorial is a must!
  30. 30. NO #2: Slow-progress from ultra-easy to deeper mechanics A very easy tutorial is a must!
  31. 31. NO #2: Slow-progress from ultra-easy to deeper mechanics A very easy tutorial is a must!
  32. 32. NO #2: Slow-progress from ultra-easy to deeper mechanics A very easy tutorial is a must!
  33. 33. NO #2: Slow-progress from ultra-easy to deeper mechanics A very easy tutorial is a must!
  34. 34. Sticking pointsChallenging sticking points in games for Accidental Gamers have proven to be very detrimental to retention
  35. 35. In summary, the game should be like.. Yummy on the eyes, easy to understand with a touch of depth
  36. 36. …but not like:
  37. 37. Level 3Mobile & Tablet Looking into the future
  38. 38. 10 years ago… …people actually read newspapers on the subway.
  39. 39. In 2011? Not so much…. (now it’s also completely normal to take pictures of random people in the subway)
  40. 40. The mobile revolution has just begun iPhone Relaxed parent iPad “Passback gaming”
  41. 41. Why mobile is so important 88 downloaded applications iPhone usage: 84 minutes / day.10 minutes every day on games… Source: Appsfire
  42. 42. Mobile Apps passed the Web this summer
  43. 43. Is this only about this guy? No, but with 61% he’s really important
  44. 44. Devices Shipped Q1-2011, Daily Android is catching up quickly, but the iPad is unrivaled so far
  45. 45. May ‘11: 500k apps in the App Store! 500k apps, of which 150k are free = you need to make something exceptional
  46. 46. Freemium is the new Black
  47. 47. The mobile & tablet market is like a… (Young, immature, growing quickly, loved by everyone)
  48. 48. Level 4Investing in Accidental Gaming A $6 billion treasure hunt
  49. 49. Social gaming is HOT!And it’s just getting started.
  50. 50. KPI crash course for social games MAU Monthly active users DAU Daily active users Stickiness DAU / MAU DARPU Daily av. revenue per user These 4 basic metrics work for both Facebook and mobile
  51. 51. KPI crash course for social games MAU 20% stickiness x $0.02 DARPU = Monthly active users DAU Daily active users Stickiness DAU / MAU = high-fiving investors! DARPU Daily av. revenue per user
  52. 52. Social Game Economics 1 Develop a game: 4 months, 7 people (~$200-300k) Currently only 20 games on FB 2 Get 1 million DAU * (~$300-500k) 3 1M DAU x $0.02 DARPU = $20k revenue per day -> $600k / month Breakeven 30-60 days post launch*Assumes that you have: (a) a fantastic game with 20%+ stickiness, (b) a fantasticmarketing guy, (c) a fantastic sys-ops AND (d) an amazing Business Intelligence team
  53. 53. Social Gaming on Facebook is Maturing DAU* 1 $20 billion IPO coming up 47.8 M 2 15.2 M ~$300M ~$750M 3 ($31M raised) 6.4 M 4 ( $761M) 5.5 M YE projection: 3.5 M 5 2.5 M 6 2.0 M 7 1.8 M *DAU numbers from
  54. 54. Valuations can be high(these are all from TechCrunch in the past 6 months)
  55. 55. Mobile: Go Big or Go Home A lot of companies will have to go home…
  56. 56. Investing in Accidental Gaming CompaniesPlease note: this is just my personal advice, and may not reflect the views of Look for Superstars Hit-Driven Stickiness is everything (as always) (find pre-hit?!) (if a game isn’t sticky, kill it) Don’t invest to much in pre-launch development: max 6 months! There’s no better indicator of success than a live game.
  57. 57. What we have talked about today is awesome, and makes outstanding games The typical Accidental Gamer is a 35-45 year-old womanThere are about 300 million players on Facebook every month Think George Clooney when designing games for the Accidental Gamers Mobile & tablet is still just a happy baby When investing, focus on Superstars & stickiness
  58. 58. Thank you for listening! / +46 760 150 219