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Business plan

  1. 1. Executive SummaryAs more and more Cebuanos got hooked up with anime, manga, onlinegames, and got enamoured with the highly popular Japanese culture, therise of this what we called cosplayers made an impression in Cebu’s lifestyleand fashion scenes.Cosplay is dressing up as an anime or video game character to participate incontests or simply for fun.Since the cosplay costumes are rare to find here in Cebu City, theresearchers have come up with the idea of creating a business of this type.The name of the business is Cosplay Heaven. It is a shop that providesrental service of cosplay costumes and props for the people whose ageranges from 13 to 29 years old. Pricing is done on combination of food and drink named as snack pack.Price is set at P30 per snack pack of which majority of the respondents iswilling to pay. Snack-To-Go operates through outsourcing snacks with thebest quality but low price from different suppliers. Foods and drinks arerepacked then delivered to respective university. Cosplay Heaven is a partnership business. Since it is a small business,the partners will directly manage the business. Four employees will be hiredto start the operations. The business establishment used will be rentedwithin Metro Cebu. The initial capital needed is P246, 310 which will befinanced with the owner’s personal fund. The financial aspect of the businessshows a strong standing and performance. 1
  2. 2. Vision – Mission Vision Snacks-To-Go envisions hassle-free and fun-filled events that are wellprovided by delectable and hunger-savouring snacks. We aim to: Treat our clients and their guests with respect, that they may have a positive experience. Treat our staff with respect not only in their work but also on their pay scale. Be environmentally conscious, that we may be able to serve future generations to come. Be timely, that we may be lauded by our timeliness. Learn from our mistakes, grow and improve as time goes by. Mission Exhibits, events and gatherings have never been so convenient toorganize as Snacks-To-Go provides affordable and savoury treats. As aservice focused to bring convenience and access to food, it is our passion toprovide food, logistics and satisfaction to event-goers. Our business will offerfun snacks that’s fresh and at a competitive price. We aim not only to meetour client’s expectations, but also to exceed them; to let our clients discovernew fun snacks that they might not have tried before; and to promoteenvironmental awareness during our every excursion. We will respect our 2
  3. 3. clients and staffs so that we may in turn be respected. It is or calling toproduce a happy and satisfied client.Environment/Competitor Analysis Based on observation and analysis made, the researchers did not findout nor identify any of its direct competitors. The researchers only identifyindirect competitors who fill the same needs to the market which is toprovide the snacks on any said event. Based on the data gathered they wereidentified as bakeshops, canteen and fast food chains as shown in Table 1with the corresponding products and prices, based on the respondentssurvey answers. By performing short interviews to the different indirect competitors,with regards to their promotion or sales incentives applied to the market,the result has been tabulated as shown in Table 2. This basically informs the researchers that every establishment hasdifferent edges in terms of the quantity, pricing assumed and otheradditional cost such as delivery charges. Table 1 INDIRECT COMPETITOR’S PRODUCT AND PRICE Indirect Food Price Beverages PriceCompetitors COLONADE Banana Bar P6.00 Zest-O Zest-O (orange) (orange) Puto Cheese P7.00 Zest-O Zest-O Cheese P7.50 (apple) (apple) Dogger Funchum Funchum STEYLER Chocolate P12 Zest-O P8.00 3
  4. 4. Cake P15 Funchum P9.00 Sandwich Mineral Water P13.00 JULIE’S Torta P5.00 Funchum P8.00BAKESHOP Pineapple Pie P5.00 Soft drinks P10.00 Monay P5.00 Mineral Water P15.00 King Roll P5.00 Chocolate P6.00 Cake P6.00 Cupcake P6.00 Puto Cheese P9.00 Choco P10.00 MoistCake Custard CakeDIMSUM Siopao/Mini P12.00 BREAK PaoORANGE Brute Burger P28.00 Soft drinks P22.00 BRUTUS Chicken & P33.00 Egg SandwichJOLLIBEE Yum Burger P62.70 with regular fries and regular soft drinks 4
  5. 5. Table 2 COMPETITOR’S PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Quantity Indirect More than 1000 Competitors Less than 200 200 - 1000 but less than 2000 Colonade No delivery No delivery No delivery Steyler No delivery No delivery No delivery Julies Bakeshop No delivery No delivery No delivery Delivery Charge Dimsum Break Free delivery Free delivery (DC): P50 Orange Brutus No delivery Free delivery Free delivery DC: 10% of the DC: 10% of the Jolibee Free delivery total price total price These bakeshops, canteen and fast food chains, compete to somedegree of prizes and services they offer. Snacks-To-Go provides customers based on the followingcharacteristics. Quality: Snacks-To-Go offers snack with high quality to its food product and service. Added Services: Organizations in school who offer a wide range of activities would prefer to find caterers who can provide for snack. Snacks-To-Go is the best caterers because it does not only offer affordable snacks but also delivers it at exact time and place of the event. Price: Snacks-To-Go offers affordable prizes for snacks. 5
  6. 6. All indirect competitors have their stationary places, where they can bevisited, at the most convenient time, by their market, within Cebu City. Theresearchers could not specify the exact location of the competitor due to therapid growing number of its establishments, wherein they could be foundanyplace.Target Market The Snack Provider Service will serve the different studentorganizations from five selected universities located within Cebu City. Theselected universities include the University of San Carlos (Main Campus andTechnological Center), University of Cebu (Main campus), University of SanJose – Recoletos (Main Campus), Southwestern University and University ofthe Visayas (Main Campus). The list of student organizations is provided inthe appendix. The student organizations hold activities for every semester whereinthey provide snacks for the participants and speakers, as well as thecommittees and organizers of the said activities. The activities mostcommonly held by student organizations wherein snacks are providedinclude acquaintance, general assembly and seminars/symposium. Aside tothe commonly held activities, they also hold extracurricular activities liketree planting, sports festival, Christmas party and other celebrations of eachcollege. Based on the market feasibility study conducted, 86% of the targetmarket is willing to avail the service. In the average, there will be 31 ordersper month; each order has a total amount of 218 snacks.Service Offering 6
  7. 7. Events and gatherings are always a good opportunity to meet newpeople and catch up with friends. These gatherings are designed to expandand strengthen our social bonds. What is the better way to do all this than tohave food prepared for these events? The best way to a person’s heart is through his stomach. This is whatSnack-To-Go offers to its consumer. The ease of coordinating food to serveevent guests could be a hassle to organization’s committee in charge. Ifevent organizers would have the opportunity to focus in preparing events,social gathering could probably be better. Technical and venue preparationswould be the only focus of committees. Specialization or focusing on a single industry can make companiesoperate efficiently and effectively. As a middleman, the only focus of thebusiness is to repack and deliver goods from suppliers to organizations thatneed them. The business offers sets of foods and drinks preferred by thetarget market, as found out in the market feasibility study.Marketing Plan The marketing distribution channel of Snack-To-Go is a two way level,from the suppliers to the caterer (Snack-To-Go) and to the consumers. Thesuppliers are Erwin Hugo, Mega Burger, Muy Bien Panediria, AnadelaSanchez, Yummys pizza, Sure & Safe Drinking Water (Ramon Veloso), LaNueva Super mart. The distribution objective of the team is to produce the 7
  8. 8. right amount of snacks at the right time and place, necessary to cater theneeds of every customer. Below is the diagram showing the proposed marketing distributionchannel. Figure 1 Snacks-to-Go Marketing Distribution Channel Anadela Sanchez Muy Bien Panediria Yummy’s Pizza Mega Burger Sure & Safe Drinking Water Erwin Hugo La Nueva Snacks-To-Go Super Mart CustomersManagementForm of Ownership The business shall be registered as a sole proprietor where the owneris the one who manage the business. The owner will hire only contractualemployees for the business.Manpower Requirements Snacks-To-Go will have employees with different positions anddesignated tasks. Each hired employee will assume two positions. 8
  9. 9. Table 3 QUALIFICATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF EACH POSITION Position Qualifications Responsibilities Driver At least High To deliver the School graduate order at the right Must have a good time and place driving skill To help the Must be of good delivery boy in moral character carrying the Must possess a orders valid professional driver’s license Delivery Boy At least high school In charge of graduate orders and Must have a good collection of moral and working payment attitude Help in packing the orders Operation Personnel At least high school In-charge in order graduate packing Must be flexible, Responsible of hardworking and checking the trustworthy orders; if they are Willing to be complete and trained exact Must be hygienicCompensation 9
  10. 10. One of the major considerations that the business should not overlookis the compensation of their employees. The business should have a bettercompensation package to enable its workers to work harder and to help thebusiness to prosper. The schedule of salary to the employee shall be compensated on amonthly basis; though employees are only required to work when there areorders. The fixed monthly salary of each employee is Php 1500.Hiring RequirementsThe following are the requirements for the hiring of employees: 1. Application letter (including Resume and a copy of 2 x 2 colored ID picture) 2. High school Diploma 3. Barangay and Police clearance; for background and record purposesTraining and Orientation The training and orientation of the employees will be given by theowner itself. It will focus on the packing of the orders, getting and carefulhandling of customer feedbacks and complaints with openness andcontinuing quality of the product and service. Sanitation and safety mustalways be the top priority. The employees must embody the sense of responsibility while in workwith great pride of serving the customers.Operation Plan Snacks-To-Go will provide snacks to student organizations havingevents and gatherings. The business will buy the snacks from its suppliers,repack it and deliver it to the customers. Snacks-To-Go will operate 6 days aweek, from Monday to Saturday. The service will start from 8:00am to7:00pm. Orders are accepted through telephone and email. Its peak seasonsare during June to July including December. 10
  11. 11. In its operations, the business will need a telephone and a completeset of computer. The estimated cost of the landline package is Php 999 permonth; and the investment for computer is Php 17,500. The business willalso need a delivery van with an estimated cost of Php140, 000. The cost ofpacking is estimated at Php 0.23 per piece. The orders should be taken from the customers two (2) weeks beforethe event. From the moment of accepting the order, a 60% down paymentshould be collected from the customer. Table 3 Cost and Selling Price Snacks Cost Selling Price Burger and Juice 18.23 30.00 Sandwich and Juice 14.50 24.00 Cupcake and Juice 6.50 11.00 Siopao 9.50 16.00 The cost mentioned above consists only of the purchase price of thegoods. This amount excludes the salary of the employees, deliveryexpenses, and other expenses directly attributable to the service. The amount used in the financial aspect is the price of the Burger andJuice which is at P30. This amount is used since this combination is highlypreferred and the price is the most tolerable to consumers.Investment/FinancialsInitial Capitalization 11
  12. 12. The initial capital needed is Php 246,310 which are composed of thefollowing:Cash Php 75,309.82Delivery Truck 140,000.00Computer 24,000.00Office Table and Chairs 7,000.00The amount of cash was computed from the expenses necessary tojumpstart the business’ operations.Cost of inventory Php 51,663.82Internet Connection 999Business Registration 664Promotion 741Rental Fees (2 months) 20,000Cost of Hiring 1,242Financing The capital needed will be financed through the personal funds of thesole proprietor.Financial Assumptions 12
  13. 13. 1. Cost of snacks purchased is expected to rise on the average inflation rate. The average inflation rate is base on the inflation rate for the past five years taken from National Statistics Office as shown below. Percentages of Inflation Rate in the Philippines2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 TOTAL AVERAGE7.6 6.2 2.8 9.3 3.2 29.1 5.822. Selling price of each snack pack is also put through to a 5.82 increase every year. There is no available data concerning percentage of enrolment growth of each university wherein growth on receipts of since the universities did not agree to divulge such information. Nonetheless, the universities have Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 30 32 34 36 383. A conservative assumption of patronage of 50% is being applied for the demand of orders for the first year. This assumption will increase by 10% every year. 13
  14. 14. A B C D E Ave. Demand Conservative Final Ave. Total no. no. of of Assumption Ave. no. quantity of order Service on of order of snack quantity per Patronage per pack ordered month month per per order month (A*B*C) (D*E) Year 250 86% 50% 218 2834 1 13 Year 31 86% 60% 218 3488 2 16 Year 31 86% 70% 218 4142 3 19 Year 31 86% 80% 218 4578 4 21 Year 31 86% 90% 218 5232 5 244. Demand for the service will be distributed evenly every year for the next five (5) years.5. Direct labor increases by Php 50.00 every year. Monthly Compensation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 14
  15. 15. 1,500 1,550 1,600 1,650 1,7006. Promotions cost P13 per organization for the pamphlets and incurred twice a year. Miscellaneous expense is composed of office supplies worth P600 and P664 for business registration. Utilities cost P700 in a month for the electricity and monthly rental is P10, 000.7. Office equipment and delivery truck has a uniform useful life of five (5) years and furniture and fixtures has seven (7) years. All of which has a zero salvage value and deprecation is computed on a straight-line basis.8. Down payment is made 60% of the price before the event and 40% after the event. It is assumed that 40% of revenue is receivable at the end of every month.9. It is assumed that 40% of the cost of food is payable at the end of every month.10. Selling price of each snack pack and purchase price are assumed to be inclusive of Value-Added Tax of 12% starting Year 3 to Year 5. Input vat is 12% of Purchases and Gasoline. Percentage Tax from Year 1 to Year 2 is 3% of Gross Sales. Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Output Vat 202,792.32 237,323.52 286,295.04 Less: Input Vat 114,492.47 126,657.99 144,546.24 Vat Payable 88,299.85 110,665.53 144,748.8 15
  16. 16. 11. On Year 5, a new computer and delivery truck would be purchased and an additional two employees will be hired. 12. Promotions, rent, utilities and miscellaneous expense is also expected to rise on an average rate. 13. Fiscal year starts June 1 and ends on May 31. Figure 2 Snack-To-Go Projected Balance Sheet For the Years Ended May 31 from Year 1 to Y Year 1 Year 2 Cash 384,692.56 700,714.41 1,1 Prepaid Rent 20,000.00 20,000.00 Accounts Receivable 34,008.00 44,646.40Total Current Assets 438,700.56 765,360.81 1,2 Furniture and Fixtures 7,000.00 7,000.00 Accumulated Depreciation -Furniture & Fixtures (1,000.00) (2,000.00) 6,000.00 5,000.00 Office Equipment 24,000.00 24,000.00 Accumulated Depreciation - OfficeEquipment (4,800.00) (9,600.00) 19,200.00 14,400.00 Delivery Truck 140,000.00 140,000.00 16
  17. 17. Accumulated Depreciation - DeliveryTruck (28,000.00) (56,000.00) 112,000.00 84,000.00Total Fixed Assets 137,200.00 103,400.00Total Assets 575,900.56 868,760.81 1,3Current Liabilities Accounts Payable 244,857.60 301,363.20Owners Capital 246,310.00 331,042.96Add: Net Income 84,732.96 236,354.65Total Owners Capital 331,042.96 567,397.61Total Liabilities and Owners Capital 575,900.56 868,760.81 1,3 17
  18. 18. Figure 3 Snacks-To-Go Projected Income Statement For the Years Ended May 31 from Year 1 to Year 5 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5Revenue 1,020,240.00 1,339,392.00 1,689,936.00 1,977,696.00 2,385,792Less: Cost of Service 755,965.84 905,629.84 1,058,903.92 1,162,683.28 1,277,862Operating Income 264,274.16 433,762.16 631,032.08 815,012.72 1,107,929Less: OperatingExpense Promotions 1,482.00 1,568.25 1,659.52 1,756.11 1,858 DepreciationExpense - Computer 4,800.00 4,800.00 4,800.00 4,800.00 10,818 Dep. Expense -Furniture and Fixtures 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000 Rent Expense 120,000.00 126,984.00 134,374.47 142,195.06 150,470 UtilitiesExpense 20,388.00 21,574.58 22,830.22 24,158.94 25,564 MiscellaneousExpense 1,264.00 1,298.92 1,335.87 1,375.00 1,416 18
  19. 19. Total 148,934.00 157,225.75 166,000.09 175,285.11 191,128Income before tax 115,340.16 276,536.41 465,031.99 639,727.61 916,800Less: Tax 30,607.20 40,181.76 88,299.85 110,665.53 141,748Net Income 84,732.96 236,354.65 376,732.14 529,062.08 775,052 Component of Cost of Service Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Cost of Food 612,144.00 753,408.00 894,672.00 988,848.00 1,130,112 Packaging 7,821.84 7,821.84 11,431.92 12,635.28 14,440.32 Depreciation -Delivery Trucks 28,000.00 28,000.00 28,000.00 28,000.00 63,109.80 Direct Labor Cost 72,000.00 74,400.00 76,800.00 79,200.00 10,200.00 Gasoline 36,000.00 42,000.00 48,000.00 54,000.00 60,000.00 Total 755,965.84 905,629.84 1,058,903.92 1,162,683.28 1,277,862 19
  20. 20. Figure 4 Snack-To-Go Projected Cash Flow Statement For the Years Ended May 31 from Year 1 to YCash Flows from Operating Activities Year 1 Year 2 Y Net Income 84,732.96 236,354.65 3 Increase in Accounts Receivable (34,008.00) (10,638.40) ( Depreciation - Delivery Truck 28,000.00 28,000.00 Depreciation - Office Equipment 4,800.00 4,800.00 Depreciation - Furniture and Fixtures 1,000.00 1,000.00 Increase in Prepaid Expense (20,000.00) Increase in Accounts Payable 244,857.60 56,505.60 Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities 309,382.56 316,021.85 4Cash Flows from Investing Activities Delivery Truck (140,000.00) Office Equipment (24,000.00) Furniture and Fixtures (7,000.00) Net Cash Used in Investing Activities (171,000.00)Cash Flows from Financing Owners Investment 246,310.00Net Increase in Cash 384,692.56 316,021.85 4Beginning Cash Balance 384,692.56 7 20
  21. 21. Ending Cash Balance 384,692.56 700,714.41 1,1 Figure 5 21
  22. 22. Snack-To-Go Common Size Statement For the Years Ended May 31 from Year 1 to Y Year 1 Year 2Revenue 100% 100%Less: Cost of Service 74.10% 67.61%Operating Income 25.90% 32.39%Less: Operating Expense Promotions 0.15% 0.12% Dep. Expense - Office Equipment 0.47% 0.36% Dep. Expense - Furnitures and Fixtures 0.10% 0.07% Rent Expense 11.76% 9.48% Utilities Expense 2.00% 1.61% Miscellaneous Expense 0.12% 0.10%Total 14.60% 11.74%Income before tax 11.31% 20.65%Less:Tax 3.00% 3.00%Net Income 8.31% 17.65% Above is common size statement showing the financial changes and trends over the projected years. The cost of sales has a decreasing trend from 74.1% to 53.56% and its operating expenses from 14.6% to 8.01%. On the other hand, the net income is taking an increasing trend from 8.31% to 32.49%. Financial Ratios Year Year Year Year Year Liquidity Ratios 1 2 3 4 5 Current Ratio 179% 254% 344% 463% 561% Working Capital to Total Assets Ratio 34% 53% 67% 77% 77% 22
  23. 23. Cash Debt Coverage Ratio (CDCR) 126% 105% 127% 149% 198% The business has the ability to meet currently maturing obligation fromcurrent assets. Its working capital to total assets ratio is increasing per yearwhich means that it has a relative liquidity of total assets and distribution ofresources employed. It also has the capacity to overcome the deficiency ofdebt to equity ratio which does not consider the availability of cash to covervarious level of debt. Year Year Year Year YearSolvency Ratios 1 2 3 4 5Owners’ Equity to Total Assets Ratio orEquity Ratio (ER) 57% 65% 73% 79% 83% The business also has proportion of assets provided by owners whichreflects financial strength. Year Year Year Year YearLEVERAGE OR COVERAGE RATIOS 1 2 3 4 5Debt to Equity Ratio (DTER) 74% 53% 38% 27% 20%Equity to Debt Ratio (ETDR) 135% 188% 264% 372% 497% The business debt to equity ratio is a guarantee to creditors wheneverthe business decides to engage itself into borrowing. A low debt to equityratio is commonly interpreted as having business risk that wouldconsequently lead to a lower interest rate charge by financing institutions. Italso has a greater margin of safety to creditors, which increases from year 1to year 5. 23
  24. 24. Year Year Year Year YearPROFITABILITY RATIO 1 2 3 4 5Gross Profit Ratio (GPR) 26% 32% 37% 41% 46% The gross profit ratio determines the service profitability excluding theexpenses not incidental to its operations. The business’ gross profit isincreasing which indicates that the business has the capacity to absorboperating expenses.Implementation The first phase in implementing this type of service is to have thebusiness registered with competent government authorities. To be a legallyexisting business, it should be duly registered. Business taxes and permitsare to be registered. While in the registration stage, job hiring announcement should bedone. Qualified individuals are informed of this job vacancy throughpamphlets posted in notable areas. The necessary assets that need to be bought also are bought. Theplace where the business is to hold office and operations should beprepared. Delivery vehicles should be purchased and necessary utilities andoffice supplies should be at hand. This stage is done two to three weeks. The business would enter the second phase as there would beavailable assets ready for operations. Information dissemination is key inthis level. Advertising the services of Snacks-to-Go to different schoolorganizations is rampant at this level. Contact information of key decisionmakers of organizations of different universities located within the vicinity ofthe company will be collected. The snacks available with their respective 24
  25. 25. pricing will be advertised to them. Lists of possible events and their dateswill be noted. This is done within two to three weeks. Lastly, as orders are coming in, the company enters its stage ofoperations. Orders are addressed by the company. It should be noted thatorders are to be made at least two weeks before the event within the sametime as the down payment is made. As 60% down payment is received bythe company, suppliers will be contacted. Purchases will be paid in cash. Assupplier’s goods arrive at the office, repacking is done by the employees.This comprises of the company’s regular operations. This takes place fromtwo to three days.Conclusion Today’s lifestyle demands a lot of time availability and convenience.Launching events could be a hassle to organizers. Technical and venuepreparations are one of the things that need to be made ready. If organizerswill personally supply food to events, this would mean doubling their effortsand losing focus. Undoubtedly, food has an effect to the attendants. If food is there,most probably people would flock and enjoy what they came for. Eventorganizers also need to prepare for this as to reassure the event would befilled with people. Suppliers that would want increased sales would find creative ways tofind these opportunities. However, if suppliers would directly supply forevents they would incur additional expenses that otherwise they would nothave should they focus only on their main business. If your business is onfood production, then focusing on food production would be the best thing todo. 25
  26. 26. Seeing the need to meet the needs of suppliers who want to increasetheir sales; and for consumers who want their needs for food in their eventscomes Snacks-to-Go. Snacks-to-Go serves to provide the means where it isgoing to be a win-win situation for both consumers and suppliers. Taking into consideration of the market, an 86% affirmative responsefrom is derived. This is a good response from the potential target market.This shows their willingness to avail of the service and the possible businessopportunity boom. Technically, the business is very helpful as it can address bothconsumer and supplier in their aims and objectives. Its location is within therange of local universities of the city. The business itself is not verycomplicated as it serves merely as a middleman and only needs to repackand deliver the goods. Technically the business is really doable. The management of the business is spearheaded by its owner. Theentity is a sole proprietorship. This makes the business management simple.The employees are also not that plenty so managing them would also not bemuch of a hassle. On the financial aspect, the business shows positive and progressiveresponse. The income it provides is able to cover necessary expenses of thebusiness. Furthermore, patronage of consumers could surely fuel for thecompany’s growth as a leading snack provider for events and gatherings. The social impacts of the business would be for the business to provideease and convenience. Suppliers who are part of the chain could have anincreased sales and market share. Jobs are also created in the company’sexistence. The government is benefitted as tax revenues are increased. Theeconomic repercussions of this would entail growth. 26
  27. 27. Snacks-to-Go is a service entity. Focusing on providing food andconvenience to event organizers is a passion. The opportunity of gainingfinancially has never been much rewarding as food brings people together.Appendices Appendix 1 Name of Universities and Student Organizations Name of University Name of Student Organizations SOUTHWESTERN 1. Adventist Missionary to College and UNIVERSITY (SWU) University Students (AMICUS) 2. Bible Readers Society of the Philippines (BREAD) 3. Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) 4. Christian Brotherhood international (CBI) 5. Competitive Youth Communicators of the Liberated Era (CYCLE) 6. Filipino Association of Majors in English (FAME) 7. Junior Chemical Society (JCS) 8. Junior Finance Executives (J-FINEX) 9. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) 10. Junior Philippine Management Association (JPMA) 11. Junior Philippine Marketing Society (JPMS) 27
  28. 28. Collegiate Councils/SBO’s 1. Scholars’ Society 2. Social Work Society (SWS) 3. Varsity Scholars’ Society (VSS) 4. Veterinary Medicine Clinicians’ Society (VMCS) 5. Youth for Christ (YFC) 6. Young Environmentalists’ Society (YES)UNIVERSITY OF CEBU MAIN CAMPUS (UC) 1. Philippine Society of Customs Administration Students (PSCAS) 2. Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX) 3. Criminal Justice Society (CJS) 4. Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) 5. The New Datatron 6. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) 7. Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (JPSME) 8. Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Students (SONAMES) 9. Institute of Integral Electrical Engineers (IIEE) 10. Educators’ Society 11. UC Computer Engineering Club (UC3) 28
  29. 29. 12. Young Hoteliers’ Circle 13. Bachelor of Arts – Student Body Organization (AB-SBO)UNIVERSITY OF SAN MAIN CAMPUS CARLOS (USC) Co-curricular Organizations 1. Carolinian Library Science Association (CLSA) 2. College of Commerce Collegiate Student Council (COMCON) 3. College of Education Student Organization (COEDSO) 4. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) 5. Organization of Religious Education Majors (OREM) 6. Society of Young Business Executives and Entrepreneurs (SYBEE) 7. Students for Hospitality Organizations and Tourism Services (SHOTS) Extra-curricular Organizations 1. Alliance of Legal Executives (ALEX) 2. Alyansa sa mga Bisaya nga ania sa Sugbo – USC (ABS) 3. Basta Ako Mindanawon (BAM) 29
  30. 30. 4. Carolinian Working Scholars Association (CAWSA)5. Confraternity of Our Lady of Lourdes (COL)6. Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX)7. Movement of United Students Towards a Better Environment (MUST BE)8. Rotaract Club of Cebu Fuente – USC Chapter9. Junior Jaycees Incorporated – USC (JJC)TECHNOLOGICAL CENTERCo-curricular Organizations1. Carolinian Physics Society2. DOST sa USC3. Chemical Engineering Council4. Datalogics Society5. Science Education Student Organization6. Collegiate Engineering Council7. USC-CN Student Body Organization8. Computer Engineering Council9. Computer Engineering Batch 201010. Institute of Electronics Communications Engineers of the Philippines11. Computer Engineering 201112. USC – Mathematics Society 30
  31. 31. 13. Electrical Engineering Council 14. Industrial Engineering Council 15. Civil Engineering Council 16. Mechanical Engineering Council Extra-curricular Organizations 1. Catholic Charismatic Carolinians 2. Student’s Electronic Society 3. USC Mountaineers, INC. 4. Chemical Engineering Society 5. USC Youth For Christ 6. Chemical Engineering Club 7. Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) 8. Amateur Radio Club 9. Institucion Teresiana Youth – USC Chapter 10. Pathways to Higher Education – USC 11. Clun HIMSUG (Health Initiative Movement Among Students Uniting for the Greater Good of Communities) 12. Society of Circuit Researchers 13. Computer Driven Enthusiasts 14. Boholano Carolinian CommunityUNIVERSITY OF SAN JOSE MAIN CAMPUS– RECOLETOS A. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 31
  32. 32. 1. Josenian Educators (JoED)B. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE1. Liacom Circle2. Political Science Society3. Biological Science Society4. Societas Philosophical5. Society of English Communicators6. Josenian Library and Information Science (JLISS)C. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING1. Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of the Phil. (IECEP)2. Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE)3. Josenian Industrial Technocrats Society (JOINTS)4. Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)5. Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers USJ-R Junior Unit (JPSME)6. Computer Engineering Society (COMES)D. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 32
  33. 33. 1. Hospitality Management Society (HM Society)2. Junior Business Executive Association (JBEA)3. Junior Finance Executives Circle (JFINEX)4. Junior Entrepreneur and Marketing Society (JEMS)5. Junior Management Society (JMS)6. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)7. Tourism Circle8. Le Circle CulinaireE. COLLEGE OF INFORMATION,COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTERTECHNOLOGY1. Association Junior Office Administrators (AJOA)2. Information and Computer Technology Organization (ICTO)F. COLLEGE OF NURSING1. Nursing Student Council (NSC)E. COLLEGE OF LAW 33
  34. 34. 1. Lex Augustiniana Sororitas  Lex Cerrus FraternityGRADUATE SCHOOL1. Graduate School Students Organization (GSSO)INTERDEPARTMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS1. Federation of State and Privately Subsidized Scholars (FSPSS)2. Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Students (READS)3. Reaching Out Society (ROS)4. Josenians Mathematics Society (JOMS)/r2A5. English Society6. USJ-R “Jaguar” Junior Jaycess, Inc.7. Buklod Wika8. Josenian Junior Diplomats9. The AngloPhiles Officers10. Economistas Josenians11. Society of English Communicators 34