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student work conservatism

student work conservatism



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Conservatives Conservatives Presentation Transcript

  • Conservatives By : Jack Luce, Pat Heffernan, Matt McGivern, Chris Whitt, and Sam Krawczyk
  • Barry Goldwater
    • Got his start as a Senator representing Arizona
    • Many TV campaigns made Goldwater look unappealing to voters
    • Served 5 terms in office as Senator
    • Ran for president in 1964 but was defeated by Lynden Johnson
    January 2nd, 1909 – May 29th, 1998
  • Ronald Reagan
    • Ceremonial induction taken place on West side of Capitol
    • Held a career in acting before his political ways
    • Ran for governor of California in 1966
    • Became president at the age of 69 in 1980
    • Attempted assassination on March 30th, 1981 by John Hinckley Jr
    February 6th, 1911 – June 5th, 2004
  • The Moral Majority Founded in 1979 by Jerry Falwell [above] and Thomas Rhode
      • Stand for good education for voters
      • Falwell is said to be the father of religious rights
      • Encourage everybody to vote
      • Originally called Christian Voices but followers convinced Falwell to start the Moral Majority
  • Christian Coalition of America
    • One of the largest and most active Conservative grass-root political organizations in America today
    • Offers people of faith a vehicle to be actively involved in their government
    • Committed to representing the “pro-family agenda”
    Founded in 1989
  • Calvin Coolidge
    • 30 th President of the United States
    • 29 th Vice President
    • Wanted to change the size of government
    • 1923-1929 presidency
    • Took over when Harding died
    • Made a treaty with the European countries
    July 4th, 1872 – January 5th, 1933
  • Newt Gingrich
    • Currently running for president
    • Cut taxes and took power out of Washington
    • Published 9 books
    • Well-known Republican public speaker
    • Saved Medicare from bankruptcy
    • Awarded highest non-medical award by American Diabetes Association
    June 17th, 1943 -
  • Henry Cabot Lodge
    • Was a US Senator from March 4, 1893-November 9th, 1924
    • Proposed the bill for banning alcohol use for minors
    • Pushed for a better navy ; believed in a strong environment
    • President pro tempore of US Senate
    May 12th, 1850 – November 9th, 1924
  • Rush Limbaugh
    • Highest paid radio talk show host
    • Put into Radio Hall of Fame in 1993
    • “ Greatest radio talk show host of all time”
    • Arrested for prescription drug fraud
    • Thinks opposers of the Iraq war are “phony soldiers”
    January 12th, 1951 -
  • Alexander Hamilton
    • Leader of the Constitutional Convention in 1787
    • Artillery captain in Revolutionary War
    • Aid for General Washington
    • First Secretary of Treasury
    • One of the creators of the Federalist Party
    January 11th, 1755 – July 12th, 1804
  • Herbert Hoover
    • Son of a blacksmith
    • Abandoned by mother and adopted by uncle
    • Graduated from Stanford in 1895
    • Mining engineer for 22 years
    • Moved to China with wife to be a head engineer
    • Killed by James Monroe in a duel
    August 10th, 1874 – October 20th, 1964
  • Thanks for watching!