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WWI Lecture
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The First World War -emphasis on causes, context

The First World War -emphasis on causes, context

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  • it is good study on this great wars
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  • Find a two great songs about WWI at historyjukebox.org. Song titles are Lafayette We are Here and Gavrilo Princip. Both songs will soon be on iTunes.
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  • 1. World War I. - "The War to End all Wars" Why did The Great War Happen ?
  • 2. 1815- Battle of Waterloo 1914 - W.W.I. The Napoleonic Wars left 3 million dead W.W.I. would kill 8.5 million “ The Long Peace ” 1815-1914 No major European war
  • 3. Causes NATIONALISM Powerful nation-states form in Europe after The French Revolution IMPERIALISM European states engage in a “ scramble for empire” - frequently threaten war MILITARISM Glorification of war and military influence spreads in all countries PROTECTIONISM Tariff wars strangle free trade and threaten global economy
  • 4. Europe 1890 Balance of power prevails Great Britain pleased France fears Germany Russia isolated, seeks allies Germany & Austria fear Russia Italy & Ottoman Empire weak but strategically located
  • 5. The Alliance System The Triple Entente The Triple Alliance The Allies  France Russian Empire Great Britain WAR! German Empire Austria-Hungary Italy German Empire Italy Austria-Hungary France Russian Empire Great Britain Ottoman Empire Bulgaria Serbia Romania
  • 6. All that was needed was a spark... Gavrillo Princip Serbian terrorist of The Black Hand moments after killing Archduke Franz-Ferdinand Princip Archduke Franz-Ferdinand greets the Mayor of Sarajevo
  • 7. Ultimatum Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria Hungary Serbia Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany Gives Austria 100 % support Gives Austria-Hungary “blank check” -100% support Tsar Nicholas II of Russia Supports Serbia, threatens Austria with war France Supports Russia, threatens war with Germany Threatens France & Russia War !
  • 8. Nations greet WWI with joy ! A 25 year old Adolf Hitler cheers the start of war in 1914
  • 9. But Horrors Await