Social studies (mar del pata)


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Socail Studies

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Social studies (mar del pata)

  1. 1. Mar del Plata
  2. 2. Population in high season: The population in high season is above 2.000.000
  3. 3. Population in low seasonThe population in low season is above 550.000
  4. 4. It is located in: It is located at the south of the Buenos Aires.
  5. 5. The weather• At winter sometimes it can get bellow 5c. In this part of the year there is no tourism. This happens because all the attractions are prepared for summer. At summer it can reaches the 40c.
  6. 6. Characteristics• It has lots of forests.• There are lots of trees that are near the 100 years• The sea is brown because of the sand• There are lots of private beaches.• There are beautiful landscapes
  7. 7. Mainlandmarks:
  8. 8. The walrus
  9. 9. Walrus statueA big statue located at the beach, next to the Casino.
  10. 10. The duck statue• A big duck statue located at the entrance of Punta Mogotes. Its colour changes every year.
  11. 11. The beach:• beautiful beaches where you can do a lot of activities like playing beach soccer, tennis, surf, windsurf.
  12. 12. The lighthouse It is located a the end of the city
  13. 13. The Casino• A beautiful building located at downtown.
  14. 14. The dock
  15. 15. Nightlife• There are lots of dancing clubs where you can have an excellent night with friends or alone.
  16. 16. Fishing• You can go the dock and spend the day fishing. It’s easier to get a fish than leave without one.
  17. 17. Restaurants• There are beautiful restaurants where you can go and have a nice meal.
  18. 18. Surfing• There are very good teachers that can teach you how to surf or become a better surfer.
  19. 19. Theatres• There are excellent theatres where you can see a good play. Generally, they are comic plays.
  20. 20. Mar del Plata is a specifictourist region. It’s most visited in summer. When it isn’t a touristseason, people get ready to have a better summer next year.They care about maintenance of beaches, streets and other tourist attractions. For example: they change the duck colour every year.
  21. 21. The area is full of beaches. At summer, itgets very warm. The main tourist attraction is the seaside. The weather in high season is very hot all the day except at night.
  22. 22. The typical meal is the seafood.
  23. 23. Advantages of tourism
  24. 24. Seasonal employment• Every summer Mar del Plata receives many foreign people.• Due to this the work and services demand, is higher than in the rest of the year and people can get some money.
  25. 25. Infrastructure development• Every year the infrastructure development increases substantially.• Every new building is designed to accommodate more tourists.
  26. 26. Environmental protection• They protect the environment because if they don’t take care about it, tourism will decrease.
  27. 27. Development of health care services• The advantages that this activity brought to Mar del Plata:• Decrease the mortality index.• Better quality equipments.• Epidemics prevention.• Healthy people
  28. 28. Disadvantages
  29. 29. Environmental destruction• Beaches are full of rubbish. People don’t take care about pollution.
  30. 30. Marginal employment• As there is a lot of employment, there are lots of people that work marginally. This means that they don’t pay taxes for a paid retire. This affects other retire people because part of the money you pay working legally is given to them.
  31. 31. Development of illegal and/or destructive economic activities• Sometimes there places where people sell illegal drugs and where prostitution is develop.